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6 Responses to “Yes…Men Can Have Diastasis Recti To! Information & Helpful Resources. Plus, You Can Heal Your Separation TO!”


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  1. John

    I am male, 64 yrs old. Thank you for posting this info. Concise and to the point info for men who have this problem “only women can suffer.” My doc was less than sympathetic, not that I wanted him to be, but gave me no help resolving the problem other than getting a tummy tuck, while chuckling of course. No more excuses for not working out – thanks.

  2. beanpod

    Thank you John! You are very welcome. here isn’t enough info. out there, and I can understand your experience at the doctor. I showed my OBGYN the bulge when I strained to get up after I realized via internet what diastasis was, and honestly was praying he’d say that I did not have it though I knew I did. He said, ‘It looks like you have some abdominal separation there, but don’t worry..that is what they have plastic surgeons for. Someone has to keep us doctors in business.’ Laugh, laugh. (I was no the one laughing.) I cried on the way home over this answer. My husband wasn’t thrilled that he got me upset, nor that he put the idea in my head that I had to have expensive surgery so for months I was telling my husband to save up. I drove him batty. My doctor didn’t even use the word diastasis, but then again most doctors don’t realize we are also educated. It’s fun to see you blow their minds once in while:) You are right, there is not much empathy over this very REAL problem that faces both women AND men alike.

    Work out, live well, and know there is much to hope for.


  3. It’s hard to come by educated people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re
    talking about! Thanks

  4. Corey M

    I am a 25 year old male who was born with Diastasis Recti and for the most part it has not bothered me. But I have felt pain form it and it normally hearts to pee after. It has gotten a bit longer also about 2 inches longer past my navel in the last 7 years. I need to know if there is something I can do to rebuild or prevent further damage.

  5. Joe

    Age 74, Was student athlete in hs and college. Paled all sports. Born with diastasis condition. Over the years has extended to navel. Had belly button surgery to correct small hernia. I get pain from direct pressure, too uncomfortable to allow grandchildren to sit on my lap especially if they are moving. I never felt the need to be careful about heavy work or sports. At one point, while in the military, I had to perform 55 sit-ups per min. to qualify physically. I felt no discomfort. College football, line backer, never experienced any discomfort. After the condition was pointed out and Dr told me to avoid sit-ups, I took his advice. In retrospect, should have ignored him. No treatment is prescribed nor devised. The more overweight the less comfortable I have become.
    For young men with this condition, stay in good condition as long as possible. Do sit-ups, squats etc. Not a problem unless you make it one.

  6. Ray

    It was good reading. I have an actomorth body with underdeveloped muscles. I have Diastasis recti , Being knock knee from birth growing out of it giving me another condition chondromalacia patella. Im 60 years old I need help .I cant lived like this any more.

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