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2 Responses to “Worried About Opthalmologist Appointment Today. Strabismus Mentioned. SUPPORT?”


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  1. I had to have Landon checked when he was a baby for the same reason. One of his eyes appeared to turn in at the corner and I feared it was strabismus. I took him to the eye doctor and he agreed that he had a very mild case but he assured me he would outgrew it. We did a follow up about a year later and it did, in fact, take care of itself with no treatment needed.

    So there is hope….even though, as mothers, we always have to prepared for the worst case scenario.

    Hopefully everything is well with your daughter!

  2. Twinpossible

    Thanks Helene. I was praying hard for better news, and though they said I caught it very quickly and it’s minor, she needs glasses. My heart sank, especially hearing all the time, until maybe age 8 or 10. I can’t process that right now. She thought it was psuedo at first..I was feeling GREAT, and then changed a minute later. I can’t begin to picture glasses on a tiny face of this size, or her ever wearing them AT ALL. I’m very upset. I cried last night and am numb today. I know worse things in the world happen all the time, but I just have had enough and for once wanted some good news.

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