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11 Responses to “WordPress SUCKS!”


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  1. Oh no!!! I am so sorry that happened to you. I have had problems with revisions before too. They are definitely buggy!

  2. Twinpossible

    Thanks. Luckilly the mouse survived the throw, LOL, but I just have had so many problems with it. I mean I’m glad to know I’m not alone, but not happy for others losing hair over it either. Thanks for sharing love. xoxo

  3. that sucks!! I love blogger for the fact that even if a draft wasn’t saved if anything crashes it is just magically still there word for word, at most you’re missing a photo or a sentence. I never warmed to WP.

  4. Just moved from blogger to WP a week back… still getting the hang of it and right now am frustrated too … not exactly in your way , but other small things . i think I need a dummy’s guide to WP right now LOL !! Having a small one on one training this week with a WP expert ( friend ) so hopefuuly will do better after:( Hang in there !!

  5. Jim

    Max Dench at SEO Guru wrote

    If you own and love the Apple iphone then WordPress is your platform. Now for some this statement may take a litte figuring out but it really does provide the answer.

  6. I had used wp and have used it as a personal reference of my stuff, life and work.

    Has been pretty efficient with wp and the postings. All the blogs were set to private meaning no one else could see those stuffs. Nothing illegitimate on the site. Had a lot of posts and writings.

    One fine day, as i tried to log in it says that the account is suspended, refers me to Terms and conditions. I don’t think i ever anything suspended because all the things that i have is strictly official and can be opened to public except that those may be personal and confidential.

    Here it says the account is suspended, no emails and no answers. I don’t think it is secure at all. Its like whatever you post all the blogs that you may have simply go off if they decide to suspend your account and i wonder how they can do it if everything was private and not shown to the public.

    Of course all companies and policies their terms of services would be hanging in their favor to protect themselves from exploits from the public and that i do understand. But this act to suspend my account is very obnorxious, unforgivable and unjustified.

    To think they even ask subscribers to pay a fee for their service.
    2 thumbs down for

  7. Twinpossible

    I agree. And they want payment and no phone number for support even to call when in need???? Anything ODD there? It was very obnoxious of them to do that. Very sorry for what you went through. It’s obviously all about money and not about caring about the customer, and his or her needs! (hugs)

  8. antonmcmurray

    i know there is this guy on my wordpress site keep blablablabbing about my banner having bad graphics and thats the best i can do and he keeps complaining that im copying stuff of his dumb site

  9. uno

    foreign taxi driver in helsinki

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  10. Yeah it sucks when you use cheap detours. Makes you wonder why are there so many morons learning to code from scratch and design for a living.

    Well NOW YOU KNOW.

    Easy ways are never easy and are for losers.

  11. bob

    You are right, it sucks and doesn’t work.

    They don’t even have a proper support.

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