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3 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: The Most Beautiful Twins In The World. Touching Video In Jelly The Pug Dresses W/ Memory Clips.”


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  1. Carmen

    Your twinkies are so cute!
    What will they be for Halloween?? Something cute yet scary I hope! 😉
    I really enjoy looking at pictures of your beauties!!
    I’m not a mom, and I am not pregnant, but I’ve been wanting to experience it all for a couple of years (I am now 27!). I can’t wait for my turn, and twins are possible in my family!

    Take care!

  2. Twinpossible

    Thanks so much! You will get your turn I promise. I’m sending you BFP ++++ vibes! (Maybe x’s two:) Do come back and share the news with me! Sadly, I don’t know if we are going to get to have Halloween here if the weather report is correct. I spet alot of money on Disney Store costumes for everybody, and now here the East Coast is bracing for a hurricane 🙁 What luck? I hope it happens before or after, but a nice Halloween isn’t looking promising. There should be a national rain date :(. Anyhow they were to be (maybe will be) Tinker Bell and Snow White, and Mom is Belle, Sister is Rapunzel. A batch of princesses. They are also future teenagers…that is where the scary part lies, lol.



  3. Your girls are beautiful and very fraternal like my youngest 2 who are also twins…the only difference is that mine are boys, in fact I have four boys! The twins are 7 now and my oldest is 18- time flies!

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