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12 Responses to “Why Having Twins Rocks!”


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  1. Haha – instant celebrity indeed. My hubs, the wallflower, struggled so much with this. He never expected it and I could tell he got squirmy all the time, whenever someone stopped up to gawk.
    Me? I’m an attention whore – didn’t bother me, except if I was having “one of those days”. 😉

  2. beanpod

    Same here!! My hub is a wallflower and I to enjoy standing out..AKA – Atention whore. He’d surely agree with you there. I used to be the opposite, so it’s a refreshing change of pace:)

    My husband thinks people are gwaking NOT because of anything other then them seeing these two babies, and looking at him as if he’s not dad, but grand dad. Somebody has issues? LOL.

    Men don’t get old, they get distinguished. Didn’t he know? lol.

    Much love hun. xoxo Shel

  3. Rachel

    Hi Shelly,
    Thank you so much for this. It is all so true and I love reading your blogs. I am a mom of 17 month old identical twin girls and I am loving every minute of it!

  4. How fun!!! I kind of expected to have twins, but didn’t. My great grandmother was a twin, my grandma wasn’t, my mom was a twin, I wasn’t… it seemed like a natural progression. But, I didn’t have twins… I do have two boys though. Maybe next time! Haha! Stopping by from Friendly Friday! New GFC follower!

  5. Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello.

    Have a great day!
    You can visit me here

  6. Great blog!! Found you through Friendly Friday via Frugal Novice!! Look forward to following! Have a great weekend!

  7. I’ve always wanted twins! New follower from the blog hop!

  8. Twins are just so fascinating – and yours are adorable! You have listed so many positives; the one I like best is always “being there for” each other. Thanks for sharing. I’m your newest follower from Social Parade and would love a follow back – thanks!


  9. Ahhh, I always wanted twins- how fun! Just adorable!

    I am a new follower!

  10. Enjoyed reading your list! The blessing of having a sibling is such a wonderful gift! Having it be your twin is just EXTRA special too! I’m your newest follower from the Social Parade! Hope you can visit soon!

  11. Jessica

    I have a set of identical twins girls who are 3…but I also have two older kids, a son who is almost 10 and a daughter who just turned 5. I will say that I could relate to every single one on your list. I also am lost when we just have one of the girls. It is way too easy. I don’t know what to do with myself! I especially could relate to the fighting over my lap and the instant celebrity. We can’t go anywhere without someone saying “are they twins?” or because my oldest daughter is a peanut, “are they triplets?” It can be annoying at times but my girls are beautiful and I love to show them off 🙂 Twins definitely changed my life!

  12. antolala

    I love love love my twins! One boy, one girl! they are perfect they love eachother so much! Hope it never changes

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