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4 Responses to “Weirder Then Weird Baby Names: The Top Ten Most Bizarre Ones, Real Moms Name Their Babies. (Funny.)”


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  1. Camry

    Camry is my name actually, kinda funny to see my name on here

  2. Twinpossible’s a damn fine car :). My parents have bought Camry after Camry for many years. If people can name their child Lexus, Camry is just fine to me:) It must be nice having a unique name though. I always hated mine. BORNING! That is why I picked something a bit more original for my own kids, but it seems like back in 95 and 96 what was unusual, actually has come around now, so you just never know. We may see many Camrys in the future:) Thanks for stopping by!

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