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4 Responses to “Twin Must Have List! Feature Article By Jessica Kiss-VanMarter!”


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  1. I don’t have twins but my son LOVED his swing ( I often wish he still fit in it). I have an Angel Care Monitor also. I really like it, it even tells you the temperature in the baby’s room at all times.

    I’m a new friendly stalker from the Friday Blog Hop. Since I’m here I decided to follow you via GFC, Twitter and Networked Blogs.
    Feel free to stalk me back at

    Thanks! Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Twinpossible

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, these items are great, especially the Angel Care monitor. It’s worth the money for certain. I’ll be over to stalk you back in only seconds. Feel free to roam the site and enjoy my content, friend. Thanks for following. xoxo


  3. Jen

    Hey there! Stopping by from the hop. As a mother of twins, I wish I had a list like this! Bottle Nanny? Plug-in Swing? Dreamy, really… That would’ve been so helpful. 🙂 My boys are 5 now, and it is SOOOO much easier. Time really flies.

  4. Jessica

    Hope the list helps! I keep adding to it and give it out to all pregnant mommies, not just twin moms. But I think it is stuff that you MUST have with twins!

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