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  1. Twinpossible

    I’m so glad the Squeem has been of help already. (I believe we talked via email.) I’m certain I’d still look 6 months pregnant to this day w/o having had my Squeem. All squishy and jiggly when I walk. I still remember that awful feeling. I had a pouch with my others for a bit, but nothing like with the twins. That was something I am certain would have stuck with me. It was impossibly hard for me to look at, so I covered it up stat, lol. Plus, my abs were split for the 1st time to. That wasn’t helping.

    We all make our share of mistakes in life and in purchases lol. I buy things all the time and then one up myself and buy better after learning the hard way. In the end it is worth it when you get your full, final results. I love hearing positive stories, so do keep in touch & let me know how all is going. Enjoy your little one. Time goes by WAY too fast!

    God bless you and yours!


  2. Twinpossible

    PS- Just a note to everybody. From now until Easter day at 11:59 EST. there will be $5 off every Squeem order by using the coupon code EASTER. I just thought I’d spread the word.

    Oh, and please direct sizing questions to contactATtwinpossibleDOTcom, as there may be other questions I wish to ask you that are a bit personal to ensure a proper fit. It’s best to not go back and forth here on a public forum.



  3. Celia

    I got a binder off of eBay that claimed to be a Squeem. They were not an authorized reseller, but I didn’t think to check for that at the time. I just wanted it. It came with to me with a poorly sewn on fake looking Squeem label when I looked it up online and saw they’re real logo. And it only appeared to be cotton. I didn’t see that rubber, but there was no label on material content. I have a feeling I got screwed after reading some other comments. Do you have any offers and where can I order? I want to buy the real thing. I hope it is not to late now. I am nearly 3 months postpartum.

  4. Twinpossible

    Celia, right now we have an easter special. Save $5 off your purchase by typing in the word EASTER in caps at checkout here:

    I am sorry for what you experienced. You can send me a photo, but it sounds like it is likely a fake, especially if you looked up the logo and they don’t match. The logo is unique to Squeem and has never changed to date. The cotton/rubber blend material is essential for it’s stretchy and flexible ‘magical’ liquid skin feel and fit. Those cotton wraps are NOT the same, but I can’t tell you what the content in your product is, but you should be able to tell by tugging on it. The Squeem will have some stretch. Also, the box NEEDS to be addressed FROM SQUEEM! If it is not, you have zero clue what you are actually getting. It could be a well put together faux product, or it could be a used garment.

    It is possible for somebody to buy one and sell it off on eBay because it does not fit and it be authentic. I myself did that a long time ago, BUT if they are selling in bulk and it is coming from them NOT Squeem, and if they do not say AUTHORIZED RESELLER, as Squeem won’t allow their products to be sold less than I sell them, though I still do run a promotion because the base price has remained consistent, and I just take the loss of a few bucks…red flags!

    I appreciate you writing, and using that web address above and using that code, you will have your Squeem before Easter! Oh, and no…3 months PP is not too late. It is never too late. Men have a garment made for them and they’ve never been preggo, lol. It doesn’t matter how far after your baby. It’s just that some of us are dying to get a jump start and hide what we don’t wanna see until it is gone. You will be FINE, I assure you.

    Thanks love. Happy almost Easter to you and yours. Congrats on the new baby as well!

    xoxo Shelly

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