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  1. Twinpossible

    I’m so glad the Squeem has been of help already. (I believe we talked via email.) I’m certain I’d still look 6 months pregnant to this day w/o having had my Squeem. All squishy and jiggly when I walk. I still remember that awful feeling. I had a pouch with my others for a bit, but nothing like with the twins. That was something I am certain would have stuck with me. It was impossibly hard for me to look at, so I covered it up stat, lol. Plus, my abs were split for the 1st time to. That wasn’t helping.

    We all make our share of mistakes in life and in purchases lol. I buy things all the time and then one up myself and buy better after learning the hard way. In the end it is worth it when you get your full, final results. I love hearing positive stories, so do keep in touch & let me know how all is going. Enjoy your little one. Time goes by WAY too fast!

    God bless you and yours!


  2. Twinpossible

    PS- Just a note to everybody. From now until Easter day at 11:59 EST. there will be $5 off every Squeem order by using the coupon code EASTER. I just thought I’d spread the word.

    Oh, and please direct sizing questions to contactATtwinpossibleDOTcom, as there may be other questions I wish to ask you that are a bit personal to ensure a proper fit. It’s best to not go back and forth here on a public forum.



  3. Celia

    I got a binder off of eBay that claimed to be a Squeem. They were not an authorized reseller, but I didn’t think to check for that at the time. I just wanted it. It came with to me with a poorly sewn on fake looking Squeem label when I looked it up online and saw they’re real logo. And it only appeared to be cotton. I didn’t see that rubber, but there was no label on material content. I have a feeling I got screwed after reading some other comments. Do you have any offers and where can I order? I want to buy the real thing. I hope it is not to late now. I am nearly 3 months postpartum.

  4. Twinpossible

    Celia, right now we have an easter special. Save $5 off your purchase by typing in the word EASTER in caps at checkout here:

    I am sorry for what you experienced. You can send me a photo, but it sounds like it is likely a fake, especially if you looked up the logo and they don’t match. The logo is unique to Squeem and has never changed to date. The cotton/rubber blend material is essential for it’s stretchy and flexible ‘magical’ liquid skin feel and fit. Those cotton wraps are NOT the same, but I can’t tell you what the content in your product is, but you should be able to tell by tugging on it. The Squeem will have some stretch. Also, the box NEEDS to be addressed FROM SQUEEM! If it is not, you have zero clue what you are actually getting. It could be a well put together faux product, or it could be a used garment.

    It is possible for somebody to buy one and sell it off on eBay because it does not fit and it be authentic. I myself did that a long time ago, BUT if they are selling in bulk and it is coming from them NOT Squeem, and if they do not say AUTHORIZED RESELLER, as Squeem won’t allow their products to be sold less than I sell them, though I still do run a promotion because the base price has remained consistent, and I just take the loss of a few bucks…red flags!

    I appreciate you writing, and using that web address above and using that code, you will have your Squeem before Easter! Oh, and no…3 months PP is not too late. It is never too late. Men have a garment made for them and they’ve never been preggo, lol. It doesn’t matter how far after your baby. It’s just that some of us are dying to get a jump start and hide what we don’t wanna see until it is gone. You will be FINE, I assure you.

    Thanks love. Happy almost Easter to you and yours. Congrats on the new baby as well!

    xoxo Shelly

  5. manoj

    I need a sergery abdominal belt. Pls suggest for this.

  6. Twinpossible

    The special Squeem intelligent technology fabric you need for compression and healing can be found in any one of 3 garments by Squeem. The choice is yours, but these 3 of them possess this technology – Perfect Waist, Miracle Vest & the fashion cincher, which is a PW but with a sexier, lingerie style look to it. These will work for the intended purpose you are seeking help with. Thanks :) .

  7. Lina

    Squeem seems not a maternity belly binder. Which size do I buy?
    It looks like I’ll need Large right after the birth? My original size would be Small…
    How flexible is it?

  8. Brandy

    I am 6 months postpartum and do have diastasis recti. Is it too late to start with the cincher?

  9. Twinpossible

    No, it is never too late. There are models for men who obviously never have babies. There is nothing about being immediately postpartum or 3 years down the line that makes the garment work any better or worse. Most women just choose to get one straight away because they wish to get a jump on things, and cover up the area and feel like they are doing something for themselves like NOW. It would be no less effective for you, so no worries there. It will still heal up your DR problem. Congrats on your new bundle of love :) .

  10. Kesia

    Hi, I’m 33 weeks pregnant and im interested in purchasing the ‘miracle vest’ it seems to have more support to my back as well, but I have some doubts; how do I choose my size? Dont know what my ” natural waistline” Is but before my pregnancy I was a size small/ xs .thanks
    Kesia :)

  11. Twinpossible

    The natural waistline is the smallest part of your waist when measured with a tape measure. I would need more information. Email me and I will send you questions to answer. Contact @

    Thanks :) . Shelly

  12. Tatyana Haddock

    I just had a mommy makeover (tummy tuck and breast lift) and want a nicer binder to wear for support for the next 3 months. You convinced me how comfortable the Squeem is so I want one! Do you ship to Canada? My province/postal code is Ontario/K8P 5M1 if you could get an accurate shipping rate for me. Also, which model would I order? I think it’s the waist cincher that I want? And what would be my total cost? Thanks for your reply!

  13. Twinpossible

    Good for you!!!! I hope you are thrilled with your surgery results. Every woman deserves to feel her best, so I commend you and I think the Squeem would be perfect in aiding in your recovery and enhancing your surgical results as well.

    Squeem has 3 models with the intelligent fabric technology to suit your needs. The Perfect Waist model, the Miracle Vest & the Fashion Cincher. The PW is solely for the abdominals, the fashion model with like the PW except that it has a sexier more edgy look if you wish to say wear it to feel sexy in the bedroom as well while healing, and the vest model has breast support which in turn offers some extra back support. It just depends on if that is something you are looking for. Some women love that one and others go for the PW or cincher, but the basic benefits of the vest are the bust and added back support, and the fact that it comes up higher on the back up by where the straps are which in turn helps hide bat wings if that is a problem area in back for a woman. Aside from that the materials are all the same, and all 3 will do the job you are looking for, it just depends on which suits your fancy.

    Yes, there is shipping to Canada. I get orders from there all the time. The cost varies by location ($20-$26) so I basically just set the flat rate cost at $22 for all Canadian orders, despite one item or 4 items, to $22. I lose a few dollars most usually, but it makes life easier to just put a flat rate in then to call Squeem and get a quote on every Canadian order. They suggested that would be best as well.

    Right now we have a 10% off coupon on the order page here

    I sell the Squeem already at the absolute lowest base cost it can be sold at by an authorized reseller allowed by the Squeem company, so the 10% off makes it even lower, but is only for a short time longer, so you can click on the above link, grab the code and grab the savings :) . This binder is worth its weight in gold. I, and countless others, could not be happier with it. The cost is nothing compared to what it does, but it certainly is not the most expensive garment out there, just the most effective and comfortable. Also, the best under clothing, as I have put this and other binders to the test on numerous occasions.

    I hope this helps, and I hope you are feeling wonderful very soon, and beautiful with your mommy makeover!


  14. Christina

    Hi Shelly, I’m pregnant with twins. I’m planning on following all your tips. Please can you kindly advise me on the following: 1. Which Squeem style did you wear after your twin pregnancy? 2. What lotions and potions did you use during your pregnancy to prevent stretch marks (I’m a petite gal)? 3. Any other tips e.g. diet for preventing stretch marks? 4. Can the Squeem (the style you used) be worn after C-section? 5. Can you deliver to the UK?

  15. silvym

    Hello! I’m loving your advise! I’m currently 36wks pregnant and I’m interested in purchading the Squeem. I’ve read some of the comments and so far I’ve determined that the PW is what im looking for. The only thing I’m having trouble with is determining what size. Does the squeem run as described, smaller, larger? Your help is much appreciated. :) I believe my waist was 36 inches (size 8) prior to pregnancy…maybe that helps idk. This is my first child so I dont know what to expect with postpartum puffiness.


  16. Josina John

    Hi, I would like to buy a belly binder. I tried 2 belly binders but one was very uncomfortable and itchy and the other one’s material caused me skin irritation.
    So I would like to try one from you. how do I buy it? what is the cost?

  17. Twinpossible is where you can order. These are totally comfortable & non-itchy. Huge perks with something you will wear for awhile :) . I loved mine & never will get rid of it, just in case!! I hope that helps.

  18. Helen Cochems

    I will have surgery to remove and/or close a large inguinal hernia, left side, on this Thursday. I want something I can wrap around my hips while my groin and stomach muscles heal and strengthen, and to keep a new tear/hole from forming. The wraps I’ve seen on line so far appear to be too high, mostly above my hernia area. Can you recommend something for this?

    Thank you.

  19. Mama

    I want to order a belly binder and take advantage of the 10% discount in November, but i can’t seem to find your email address anywhere. can you provide it to me so i can place my order? Thanks!!!

  20. Isabel

    Hi.. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!.. I want to get the squeem .. How do I order to receive the 10%? Also, what size should I order.. Based on current waist measurement or on target measurement?
    Thanks again!!

  21. Twinpossible

    Please contact me via email tomorrow. The code expired but I will start a new sale. I just have to be at the hospital today for a very complex emergency open heart surgery for my husband’s brother (my brother in law), and I plan on being there in a little while through the night, so I’m very stressed, we are all very worried and stressed, so contact me tomorrow at I will hook you up.


  22. Twinpossible

    Please contact me via email tomorrow. The code expired but I will start a new sale. I just have to be at the hospital today for a very complex emergency open heart surgery for my husband’s brother (my brother in law), and I plan on being there in a little while through the night, so I’m very stressed, we are all very worried and stressed, so contact me tomorrow at I will hook you up.


  23. Twinpossible

    thanks (no caps) is the new code at Twinpossible’s Closet for Squeem orders. Use and get the discount.


  24. Skye

    Hi there, I’m an international customer and want to order in advance to ensure I have the Squeem ready for my birth. In your experience, is there a way to “guesstimate” what size will be needed? Pre-pregnancy I was a 26 inch waist and haven’t put much weight on in the belly other than my 27 wk bump. I would even be willing to buy two sizes, one for immediately after pregnancy and one for when I get closer to my original size. Any recommendations? E.g. M + SM? Or SM + XS?

  25. Twinpossible

    Hi there. I would need to have more information to tell you for certain, and also your full address to send to Squeem tomorrow to get the cost of shipping to your exact location, as they send out the garments, so email me and we will figure it out for you today, sizes, and ship costs when Squeem reopens tomorrow :) .


  26. Twinpossible



  27. omy

    Hi,I’ve been going through your reviews and I’m wondering if I can still use it and what to use.
    I’m 3yrs post partum and still have a pouch,can this be of help to me and which model is best to buy?

    Also do u ship to d UK and how long would it take?


  28. Tracy

    Was wondering if this would work on me after 6 years? I still look 5 months pregnant. I have been trying everything and nothing seems to help.

  29. Twinpossible

    Yes Tracy. It makes NO MATTER how far postpartum you are. Women and men have benefited from using the Squeem who have never been pregnant at all (of course, no men have been preggo, you know what i mean.) There is a Squeem line for them also. There is nothing about being immediately post baby that makes it more or less effective, it is just that most moms want to conceal and try and heal the area right from the start so, like me, they didn’t have to stare and be upset with their bodies and can spend more time njoying their new baby or babies. It makes them feel like they are taking charge of things and getting a good start right from the start, but again… you will reap the same results I assure you.

    There is no need to look pregnant any longer. I empathize, and think this would totally do the trick for you. You may have an abdominal separation, a common cause of a mummy tummy that most moms aren’t aware of, but we should be taught about more. Whether you do or do not though, this will definitely help you slim down. Religious binding will help you look slim while you are wearing it under your clothing, and cause the results to become permanent over time, which is the best part, because it isn’t just a cover up – it is a solution to the problem.

    I hope this helps!


  30. Carolyn

    I jusr wanted to thank you for everything. I am 4 months postpartum and i used the squeem for at least 3 months maybe more than that. My waistline is an inch smaller than it was before I even became pregnant. I had a 3 finger separation and now I don’t feel any gap at all. I thought I needed surgery like you said you were afraid of. I can’t thank you enough. Try the Squeem ladies. It really works miracles. I told my pregnant friend and she is placing an order soon.

  31. heather

    Would the product work on non pregnant women? Basically I am not pregnant or never have been pregnant. I just wondered whether non pregnant women could wear these to get rid of excess belly fat? My weight has always been up and down through my adult life and I am now 32 years old and although I am healthy and exercise 5 days a week my stomach area has always been an issue. I am a slim size 8 to 10 and I am thin everywhere apart from my lower belly area. I do not fancy going through surgery to remove the fat, I just wondered if this would work on all different stomach fat whether women are pregnant or not?

  32. Twinpossible

    Absolutely. Plenty of women who buy these have not been or are not currently pregnant/ postpartum. Squeem makes garments for men who have very obviously never been pregnant before, and so to answer the question completely.. YES! It will help you with your waistline and use while exercising during cardio, and/or power walking, walking the dog etc. will help burn extra calories and fat around the mid section and slim down even faster. Even without exercise you will see changes in the abdominals, but for those looking to lose extra fat stores combined with any activity this helps in that respect as well. Amd you will do so comfortably :) . It is a stubborn area I know, but there is absolute hope for you, and yes without surgery. Your waistline will thin down to, and that pouch will start shrinking away with dedicated wear. You obviously are very dedicated to fitness, so I have no doubt you can accomplish this goal without question.

    Best of luck to you!!! If you need anything else let me know.


  33. Billie Jean Grace

    I am a heart transplant patient and I have gained a lot of weight due to the steroids and meds. I was just diagnosis with rectis diastis. I looked at the sqeems, but I can’t figure out with one I should get. I have a very bad case and I need the most support I can get. Can you recommend the best one for me dear? I would really appreciate it. Thank you and God Bless!

    Billie Jean

  34. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    Oh, you have gone through a lot. God bless you my friend! My brother-in-law (now living with us) had a quadruple bypass and only has 25% heart muscle (I guess healthy heart muscle, or hasn’t improved over the past months since surgery, sadly) because of an undetected previous heart attack and the time elapsed inbetween. They didn’t have any place to bypass to, so we thought things were done, and he died once on the table but they found a very gifted surgeon and by the grace of God he is here, but soo much damage though, sadly :( . I can only imagine what you have been through yourself. You are one very strong woman!

    ANYWAY, about the Squeem, I wouldn’t auggest any pressure in the chest area, eventhough the vest doesn’t actually put pressure on your chest, it does have straps that go around and in turn offer greater back support, help with posture and breast support, but I don’t know how far along you are in the healing process, and the rest of the garment is the same as the perfect waist without ‘going there’ and me worrying about that aspect of things with you, but in the end the choice is yours. I wouldn’t go for the vest model (personally). I would go with the Perfect Waist model, which is what I wore. That would be your best and most safe bet in my personal opinion (post op), and I used it with wonderful results on my diastasis now gone without surgery (YAY), but it definitely does help those abs in wonderful ways. It will have you feeling less back pain and looking trimmer and leaner in no time. It is very effective.

    I wish you all of the best. NO MORE TROUBLES FOR YOU!!!! That is my wish for you.

    Good luck and happy Squeeming my friend.


  35. Twinpossible

    PS- And to clarify – the vest and PW model both will equally help your mid-section, and are the best sellers above anything else. The vest covers bat wings best if there is an issue there, but if you are wearing it just for healing only, it doesn’t really matter, I just don’t know about your condition as of now, (time & healing wise) but both garments contain the magical Squeem materials, so no better or worse on this one. It is always a personal preference on this one :) . GOOD LUCK!!! XOXO

  36. MartiMama1995

    I just wanted to write to say thank you. I read this article 8 months ago before my twins were born. Now they are 6 months old. I bought the Miracle Vest and then also a Perfect Waist, and I have loved them both so much. They exceeeded my expectations. Like you said you were headed towards surgery in your articles and videos I felt the same way. I had an almost 6 finger separation I was told. I tried to feel it but could feel a gap not how many figers, but it was a big gap, and I had a c-section to so I was thankful that the Squeem was so good for me with that. I believe I healed up so quickly because of it. I don’t have that gap anymore. Before I started belly binding the spearation made my abs look really swollen. I still looked pregnant, and my rib cage was expanded from my little boy and girl. Well, they were over 6 pounds a piece so not that little. I really didn’t expect as much as what I got from your Squeem. I normally don’t do reviews, but I had to commend this product. My belly is most days all flat and I have a waistline back that disappeared for so long. It looks more curvy than before I had my twins. My fiancee said so to. I have been taking your advice on helping with loose skin, and I have seen a difference with the binding and other tips. It is not perfect yet, but it is awfully close. Nothing is hanging or drooping anymore.

    Sorry for the book. I am elated with the Squeem. I’m sure now that it is the best belly binder for postpartum women like me. I tell everybody I meet where to come to get one to.


    - Marti, James & Tiffani

  37. Valentina D'Marco

    I bought my perfect waist about a month ago. I want to say I am so happy with my results. I am only 2 weeks and 4 days in, and I am already back in my before baby clothes again! I wasn’t close when I got home from the hospital.

    I read your posts about the Squeem and thought maybe you were one of the very lucky ones, but then I saw other great reviews about this binder to and thought that it was worth a try. I’m so thrilled I did not buy a Belly Bandit. I was kind of on the fence at first, but I made the right choice. This is comfortable, and I wear this out in public and nobody knows. A nice bonus!

    I even swear that my moderately loose skin even looks better and definitely more tone, and my waistline is only a 1/4 of an inch away from before the baby. Jaxon was not tiny either. He was 8 pounds 14 ounces.

    Thanks for the kind words and sizing help to. You totally inspired me!

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  39. sarah

    What is the difference between miracle vest and perfect waist squeem? I am trying to decide which is best postpartum

  40. Twinpossible

    The Perfect Wasit is the #1 best seller, followed by the Miracle Vest model. Both will shrink the waistline, draw the overly expended rib cage back in, but comfortably. It will get rid of the mummy tummy with it’s liquid skin fit, comfortability, but terrific compression on the sides and in the mid-section. They will both close a diastasis recti and aid in postpartum healing for women who have had c-sections. It also helps shrink down the uterus faster for quicker recouperation.

    The differences are these.

    The vest model offers breast support that does NOT hinder breastfeeding, as I get asked that quite a bit, but I have had ZERO complaints about that. In turn you get a bit more back support due to the busom support, and it helps improve posture while wearing. I have a natural hunch so I like that aspect. I love the PW to because without the straps I was always able to wear any kinds of tops I wanted, like strapless shirts and spagetti strap tops and dresses w/o worry of anything showing. You can’t do that with the vest model, however, some women also like the vest if they have a lot of back fat that rises up in the upper bra area in back and/or in front also. The vest completely conceals all of that for a semaless (no fat) appearance, but if this isn’t an issue for you it is not a necessary bonus. I never had the problem, and I never hear of complains there either, as the liquid skin fit really does mold to your body so wonderfully, but for someone with a bad problem area there, it is a benefit.

    Those are the only differences between the two. They both possess the interlligent Squeem technology material that is patented by Squeem only, and are very comfortable for extended wear. They are made in Columbia and are of the highest of quality.

    I hope this helps and thanks for coming by :) .

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