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3 Responses to “Toddler Temper Tantrums! Is This the Way It’s Always Going to Be? My Story + Some Help for Sufferers! (Painful Video To.)”


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  1. Kim

    Tantrums are the pits. I really feel for you. My peanut is only 6 months and is already a serious hair puller! It’s rough but I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it.

  2. danielle morales

    Boy, I have 19 month old twins, and I know what you are going through. Only one of mine has thrown tantrums, I let her go. I wont console her, I wont even give her the time of day. It has helped us get through them. I hope this stage ends early for you!!

  3. Heidi

    My identical girls turned 2 last week, and boy howdy are we going through it! I am like you and can’t handle the CIO thing- but it seems no matter what I do,they still cry- it absolutely breaks my heart, and makes me consider buying stock in earplugs :/ We definitely have a dominant twin and a “cling peach”. They feed off each other’s energy, especially if the dominant one gets worked up first, then hell’s out for recess! My husband works odd hours, so I am alone with them A LOT, so most advice I find on how to deal with the tantrums by separating them and giving them undivided attention just doesn’t work. I was just wondering how things are going for you?

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