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  1. harley

    Hello! Was looking for help on sizing. I’m 22 with my first baby on the way, 34 weeks today. I’ve gained a bit of weight and had gained a bit before pregnancy. I was 143 when I found out I was pregnant but had worked to get down to 118 6 months before that. I plan to try to get back down to 120-125 after pregnancy.

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height.
    143lbs – 5’4

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size.
    Sm/mediums. Idk the number sizes to be honest.

    C) How far along are you?
    34 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you?
    1 baby, first pregnancy.

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.

    I have an old fitness app and the last recorded waist measurement was 28″ at 130lbs, but I had gotten up to 143 right before pregnancy, I think at 143lbs my waist was around 31″?

    F ) Clothing size.
    Generally a large in everything currently.

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time.
    169lbs and 41″ waistline.

  2. Alexandra Haney

    Hi Shelly!
    I was wondering if you could help me out with sizing? :)

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height: 137 lbs, 5’2″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size: S/M in tops, M/L in bottoms. typically a 6-8 US size
    C) How far along are you? 27 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? – 1 baby and my first pregnancy
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline: I have no idea :-/
    F ) Clothing size: S/M in maternity clothes
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time: 156 lbs & 38.75″ (above belly button)

    Thank you so much!

  3. Twinpossible

    Hi there hun. Might I ask you a few more questions, as I am kind of stuck here, but am leaning towards a medium based only on the above information.

    Were you flat in the belly prior to pregnancy? Did you have strong abdominals or were you flat and kind of squishy? Had a small pouch, had a definite pronounced pouch? Do you tend to carry some weight in your abdomen? Really no, a small amount, it tends to go there 1st so yes?

    What would you say your former body shape was like? Straight up and down, hourglass shaped, apple shaped, pear shaped, etc.?

    Are you hoping for a vaginal birth of having a planned csection? I’m guessing with your 1st you would be trying for the 1st, but I have a friend who planned all of hers to be csections, so you just never know :) .

    Thanks hun. This should help. You may also email me a before photo of yourself at for a better visual. (Feel free to take your face out if desired. I only use the photos to help with sizing when in doubt, NOT for my website or anything.) If you have a current one to that also may prove helpful, but unless you carry a lot of your weight in the mid-section, I am leaning towards the medium, especially with this being your 1st, even though your waist measurement does sound high for only 27 weeks along, we all have our growth spurts at different times.. I’m just trying to visualize you beforehand since you do not know your waistline measurement. These answers will help, and pics if you choose to send a couple over.

    Would you say you are carrying small for dates, average, large, very large? Thanks so much. Sorry so many questions.


  4. Karen


    To answer your questions:
    -pre-pregnancy weight/height – 145 lbs, 5’8
    -I’m now at 35 weeks and gained 34 lbs so far
    -former clothing size was 4/6 or small
    -wear size 8 in maternity or small
    -baby #1
    -singleton pregnancy
    -not sure my pre pregnancy waistline
    -I’d say I’m carrying pretty average
    -I had a straight up and down body shape before pregnancy but large chest
    -I had a really small pooch before pregnancy – its flat except when i eat eat bloats a bit
    -no diastasis
    -hoping to have a vaginal birth
    -36 inches was around the smallest part of my waist line

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  5. Twinpossible

    I’m stumbling quite hard between the small and the medium for you since there is no former waistline, your other info. is putting me on the fence a bit. If you have a former photo and a more current one to show off your frame (then/ now) it would help. If you only have before that is helpful to so I can kind of compare myself to you with my vast experience with the size small garment, that would help a lot. You have the singleton/ 1st pregnancy advantage on me, but my former weight was quite less (still needing to take your extra 2 inches taller than myself into consideration) and my clothing size was a bit smaller, and I lost weight due to it being twins VERY fast unexpectedly, and started with a totally flat that’s why I am debating here. Just email me at – Karen.


  6. Amy

    Trying to figure out my sizing for the Squeem for postpartum use.

    Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 110 lbs. 5’2″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. Size 2 pants (smalls or mediums for tops)
    C) How far along are you? 34 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? Pregnant with 1 baby. This is pregnancy #2 for me.
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.
    I don’t know the answer to this one.
    F ) Clothing size. Medium
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 140 lbs; 41.5 inches right now for waistline.

  7. Olivia

    I sent an email to provided email address on this website but have not got a response. Does anyone know if that is the correct email address or if this website is still being updated/monitored???

  8. Twinpossible

    Hi there. YES.. I still sell the Squeem and answer questions. I am sorry if I missed your email. I get so many emails and questions, sometimes somebody slips through the cracks – my apologies. Just resend please. If anybody doesn’t get a response from me in 2-3 days’ time, I urge them to resend :) . Thanks so much! Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Olivia

    Thank you for responding. I just re-sent my original email. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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