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  1. Twinpossible

    I’d think the XL size would best suit your frame. I hope this helps and congratulations!!

  2. lotus

    Hi I know you usually don’t recommend size XS, but I was wondering if you thought it might be suitable for me or if I should still get S:

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 97lbs 5’3″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. 00-0
    C) How far along are you? 37 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby, 1st pregnancy
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. I think 24 inches
    F ) Clothing size. I’m still wearing mostly pre pregnancy clothes.
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 120lbs, waist is 31in, belly 36 in


  3. Twinpossible

    I think the small would fit you, especially with the second row of adjusters, though you are tiny enough that you likely could fit into the xs at 24 in with your height/weight. But since at 26 I still fit into my small on the furthest row…I think small would be fine in the postpartum period for you where I would expect you to be >26 inches to start, but the decision is up to you. You may be small enough to pull it off. I can’t get it on myself now still though. That is why I warn. Thanks and congrats!

  4. Twinpossible

    PS- If anyone were to fit into the xs it would have to be you though. And being your 1st pregnancy you should go down pretty fast. You are doing awesome with the weight! Thanks and congrats!

  5. Jenn

    Please help me find my size!

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height.
    184 lbs & 5’1.5″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size.
    C) How far along are you?
    39 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you?
    1 baby, 3rd pregnancy
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.
    I do not know for sure but I think 31 inches.
    F ) Clothing size.
    I’m in a L or XL maternity clothing.
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time.
    200 lbs, waist/belly is 46 inch. I have gained 16 lbs thus far in my pregnancy.

  6. Hannah

    Pre-weight/height: 5’4″ 145lbs
    Pre-pregnancy clothes size 8/10
    40 weeks pregnant
    1st pregnancy, 1 baby
    Dont know Pre-pregnancy waist line
    Size medium maternity, top & bottom
    Current weight: 172
    Current waist: 38″ (belly button)
    34″ (high waist)

  7. jackie

    I am looking to get the squeem firm compression vest and not sure what size to purchase. I am thinking a small…? If you could help me find a size that would be wonderful.
    Also, I heard squeem changed their original material that was once used for these garments and ppl are not as satisfied with the product. Have you heard anything about this change?

    I am 35 weeks pregnant
    pre pregnancy waist 26″
    pre pregnancy weight 123lbs,
    Height is 5’5-5’6
    Pre pregnancy size 26/27 (sz 4)
    s/m top. (I have big boobies naturally 34DD)
    1st baby
    current weight 160lbs
    current waist 39 from back to belly button
    Size M maternity legging, and L top
    I would also like to get a compression garment for my hips and thighs. Can you recommend anything that is like the squeem that provides firm compression in those areas?
    Thanks in advance :)

  8. Twinpossible

    Hi Jackie, you sound like a size small, as you are extremely comparable to me. No. I haven’t heard of any change in the materials (and I most definitely would have). I talk to Squeem several times a week. It’s a cotton/rubber blend garment. I’ve had zero complaints in the past or the present with the quality of the garment at all. I have only heard praises, and the only questions I get are about sizing and about binding in general, so I never heard of that at all. Perhaps, they are knock offs being sold by unauthorized resellers that people are complaining about. I can’t say for certain, I just know if you see these cheaper than on good, because it is impossible for them to sell AUTHENTIC Squeem garments any lower. They cannot be authroized resellers, and it may very well not be a legit product.

    And as far as ‘other garments’, I do sell all Squeem garments, even those not yet listed on my page. There was trouble with the HTML aspect, getting them into my store for some reason, and I’m adding a new store next week. It has more items in it (YAY!) They do offer other compression garments as well, if you are looking for thigh and hip compression. If you search online, meanwhile, and see anything from Squeem you like in that arena, I can get you the price for it and you can buy it through me and combine your purchase. Another popular compression brand is Spanx. I have no personal experience with these, but I hear they are great for that to.

    I hope this helps!!!

  9. Pre pregnancy 118lbs
    32/23/35 (measurements before pregnancy)

    Size 4 jeans and XS top usually. In maternity I wear a small.

    I’m all belly and haven’t gained anywhere but my belly.

  10. Twinpossible

    Hi there. Right now I am 118 and 5’6”. I’m a 26 in waist at the moment. My small still fits snug on the looser row of adjuster due to the flex technology (AKA the magical liquid skin like fabric.) It does have two rows of adjusters if you wish to size down to what should be considered more of the XS size. The XS I have here and it is in a word quite freakishly small, even though your size 23” frame screams out for the XS model, being that it just seems so tiny, I would wanna make sure your garment would fit you straight off of the bat after delivery, so I would likely say go with the small, as I have never heard of a garment being too loose only the opposite. The choice would be yours. If the XS were to fit anybody, it should be you, but it’s really hard to tell just based on what I know from the size XS as I have one here and it’s just so tiny. I even tried it on my skinny 8 year old with a slimmer waist then my 4 year old twins. She only had a couple of inches to go and it did stay up. I wear size 1-3 jeans. SOMETIMES 0, but not so much. That can be due to small hips so. So the choice is ultimately yours. I think either way you’d be OK, just right off the bat, especially being all belly, it makes me wonder if it will work ASAP.

    Thanks… I hope this helps!!

  11. Lisa

    Hello, Please help me find my size.
    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 139lbs, 5’4″

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. S/M, Size 4/6

    C) How far along are you? 40 Weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby and 2nd pregnancy. Note* 1st pregnancy was 19 years ago.

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. Unsure, maybe 30″

    F ) Clothing size. Maternity Medium

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 178lbs, 44″

  12. Twinpossible

    Based on the information provided, I would recommend a size medium. Since you are delivering any day you could wait and measure straight after the birth and order, but if you don’t want to, that would be my opinion based on what you have written above.


  13. Megan

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 5’3″ between 125-130(I have a lot of muscle mass, I had a very defined stomach after both of my last prgenancies)

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. Usually a 2 in woman’s- sometimes a 3/4 in juniors.

    C) How far along are you? 39 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby- third pregnancy but got back down to pre-pregnancy size both times in less than 8 weeks.

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. I think a 26?

    F ) Clothing size. Jeans- 2-4 tops- small. Mostly smalls in maternity clothes but a few xs

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. I don’t know my weight, I’s guessing about 155 because last time I went to dr I had gained 26 pounds.

  14. Twinpossible

    I would recommend size small to you. Congrats on your baby to be :) .


  15. Elaine

    I gave birth to my 2nd kid 4 months ago and I have slim down even more than pre-pregnancy weight I now weigh 49kg, chest 34″ and waist around 30″.
    My heaviest weight during preg was 66kg and pre-preg was around 52kg
    what size should I get?

  16. sarah chambers

    Hi, I’m 5’6 135 lbs, natural waist is 29 1/4 in. What would u recommend? I’m also, 5 month post partum :) thank u!
    Sarah chambers.

  17. Maggie

    Pre pregnancy weight : 125 pounds don’t know my pre pregnancy waistline
    Pre pregnancy clothing size : size 4 /5
    I’m in 36 week of pregnancy with my first child
    My current weight is 165 pounds and my waist is measuring at 39 inches.

  18. Twinpossible

    Probably a medium, based on how I still fit in my small. We are the same height, but I am 15 lbs. lighter and was even a couple more lbs. lighter (still fit nice size small) and at a 26 in. natural waist right now. You are close to the border in my mind of a small vs. medium, could you measure around the larger part of the belly, like around the button, and I’ll check mine to. Then I will be able to tell better since you are postpartum by having those two measurements. Plus, what is your clothing size and pant size in letters and numbers. I like to be thorough. You certainly are a small girl, but when in doubt I usually advise to go up because you can’t make these any larger, but the liquid skin fit shrinks down along with you. They are slightly small. Thanks so much.

  19. Twinpossible

    What is your normal body shape? Hourglass, pear, apple, etc.? you normally have a thinner natural waistline since you do not know the measurement, or are more up and down, or apple in shape? Sorry, without a waistline I can only try and get a visual. Also what is your height, as I see your weight. Size in juniors jeans if you know. A 5 I am guessing and a 4 in misses? The 1st pregnancy typically goes in your favor, I gained the most weight with my first, but lost it pretty darn fast. It was surprising. Thanks, any info. you can give helps.

    Also clothing size typically on bottoms most especially in numbers. Are you more of a xs, sm, med, large?? Sometimes 1 size up than your pre-preggo clothing size works well in size judging, but I still like to get the most info., as the smaller sized models are tricky, and you want to fit into it right from the start.


  20. Maggie

    I am more of pear shaped smaller waist than my trunk I am 5’3 before pregnancy I usually size small top size 4 or 5 jeans

  21. Twinpossible

    W/O the waist measurement, I would say you should be a small based on the other info. provided. If your belly protrudes outward like mine did of course after twins, I had to lie down to fasten my Squeem for a short while because of the large bulge. There was zero discomfort when getting up, standing, bending, picking up babies, sleeping, etc. I just needed to do this for a short while in my own small until I was able to stand up and secure it w/o any help. This isn’t abnormal, especially right off the bat and with diastasis recti or a mummy tummy it may be mandatory, but as you shrink down this becomes obsolete and you should never ever feel uncomfortable. That is one of the perks of the Squeem. Comfort, a liquid skin fit that moves along with your body and your curves, and results! You will see them quickly, and it only gets better and better. It conceals as it heals unlike Spanx and other products on the market that cannot be worn seamlessly under clothing and/or just hide the situation. It’s a wonderful garment.

    Thanks so much!

  22. Jessica

    Hello!!!! I am due in three weeks !! and I’m freaking out over how much I have gained! I know I am deff going to have a lot of flab/skin and I was looking to buy this product however everyone seems to have a problem with the sizing so I figured I would ask you!

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 130 lbs 5.1′

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. about a 6

    C) How far along are you? 36 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby, 1st pregnancy

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. 26 / 28 i think

    F ) Clothing size. I’m at about a large mat. clothes – but i outgrew everything so fast I mostly wear XL yoga shorts now with size large mat. shirts

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 200 lbs!! (can you believe it -.- ) not sure about the waist line but man I’m huge !!!

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Twinpossible

    You are particularly tricky due to the large amount of weight and inches gain. I think it would be best to wait until immediately postpartum and measure yourself, send me your stats at that point and then I can have one shipped right to you from the Squeem company. Those few extra days will NOT in any way hinder your process. I mean your waistline (past) is a small, (you don’t seem very certain about it though), but your height/weight/ clothing size would be more like a borderline medium when comparing you to myself, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable to size you up so to speak, based on that and the fact that like you said you gained a lot and are ‘huge’ (at least you feel that way, lol…I’m sure you look great). It’s going to be hard to predict how you will be right off the bat, but I will be here for you when you are ready. I will best be able to help you after delivery in this instance. I would rather not try and take an educated guess on this one, but do write me after the birth, OK?



    PS- Hang in there, and don’t worry too much about the weight right now. I gained the most with my 1st and lost it the fastest… go figure!! It tends to happen that way. Most of my friends gained the most with #1.. even more than twins, which seems crazy, but it happens.

  24. Stephanie

    A) 188 and 5’6″

    B) 12-14

    C) 36 weeks

    D) one baby, first pregnancy

    E) no idea

    F ) maternity M and L, 12-14 pre-pregnancy

    G) 206 (+18 from pre-preg)

  25. Tammy Cho

    Please help me find my size!

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 150lbs and 5’4 and half.

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. Medium, 6-8

    C) How far along are you? 40 weeks and counting!

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? one baby and my second baby ….never returned to my pre pregnancy weight =(

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. I am not sure. I wore size 28-29 jeans and my hip to waist ratio is unfortunately pretty straight. Waist line slightly more in.

    F ) Clothing size. size 4-8 depending but mostly 6-8

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 37 inches at my smallest area at 40 weeks of pregnancy. I am 195lbs.

    And is shipping to Vancouver, Canada V4Y1Y2 still $22?


  26. Twinpossible

    Based on what is written here and your stats vs. my own and clothing sizes weight, etc. and my experience with the small.. A medium should be best for you!! Thanks!

  27. Twinpossible

    Contact me via email!


  28. Stephanie

    Hi Shelly,

    What’s your e-mail address? Having trouble finding it.

    A) 188 and 5’6″

    B) 12-14

    C) 39 weeks

    D) one baby, first pregnancy

    E) no idea

    F ) maternity M and L, 12-14 pre-pregnancy

    G) 206 (+18 from pre-preg)

  29. brittany

    Hi, I am 5’9 and my pre-pregnancy weight is 135. My measurements were 35-23-38 and usually wore a small shirt and size 4 or 6 pant. I am 24 weeks pregnant and so far am all belly. I still fit in mmy prepregnancy jeans.

  30. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    The 4-6 pant is due to your hip size I am sure, not your waist size. That is what matters with the Squeem garments. You have a very tiny waistline (jealous, lol), so you would fit into the XS at such a small waist. I only advise a small for at least 25 in plus. Up till like 29/29.5 TOPS pre-preggo waist, so with 23, the XS should definitely do you right.

    God bless & congrats!

  31. Katie


    I think I would be a medium but I want to double check before purchasing.

    A) 132, 5’5

    B) s/m

    C) 1 week post partum

    D) 1 baby, 2nd pregnancy

    E) not sure

    F ) s/m, 6

    G) 146, 30 inches (delivered 1 week ago)

  32. Twinpossible

    Since you are already postpartum and will be quickly shrinking.. According to what u said.. I would say a small. I usually recommend a small to like 29.5 in waistlines but you will be there very fast and are too close to bother with a medium right now. You are only going to be going in the right direction.. So I would personally purchase a small:).


  33. Twinpossible

    Congratulations by the way!!!

  34. Bria

    I think you have sold me on this one! I’m probably going to go with the perfect waist. Can you help with sizing?
    A)135 lbs, 5’7

    B) Medium, 4

    C) 38.5 weeks! She will arrive via c-section Friday!

    D) She will be my one and only so far

    E) I wanna say about 28 inches

    F ) Currently? I wear a Medium in maternity

    G) 43 inches back to belly button, 184 lbs


  35. Twinpossible

    It’s your 1st, so you definitely have that going for your recovery postpartum (big congratulations BTW!) You definitely seem to fit the bill of the size small in your before baby information. I gained most with my 1st, lost it pretty quickly. The body does have muscle memory and you haven’t been previously pregnant which is on your side. You may have some csection swelling that may make a small hard to fit into the 1st week or so. This is not promised, but csections CAN cause some extra bloat for a short while. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable having you size up for a very short amount of time, when I predict you will start shrinking down quite quickly thereafter. Buying two sizes is of course up to the customer. Some do it on their own, but I try and prevent the need for that. It usually isn’t a necessity, but I think for the long term haul, the small would be your size. I think the medium would work only for a very short time and not be enough compression to give you what you want for the entire duration until you are back to or even under your former waistline measurement, so that is what I would do personally, if I were you myself. Have a wonderful day and enjoy every moment. It goes by far too fast!

  36. jonesie

    Hi, this looks like a great support garment. Can you please help with sizing? thanks for your help with this!

    A) 130lbs, 5’3
    B) Small shirts/dresses, size 4 pant
    C) 38 weeks, 4 days
    D) 2ND baby
    E) 28 jeans, small waist/top with 34 bra
    F) size small pre-pegnancy and during pregnancy
    G) current weight is 160lbs, 42.5 inches from back to belly button

  37. JoJito

    Can you please help me with size? Not sure whether to get S or M.

    A) 5’1″, 113 lbs
    B) Size XS or S, size 1-2 pants
    C) 39 weeks
    D) 1 baby, 1st pregnancy
    E) 27″
    F ) Size XS/S.
    G) current weight is 140 lbs, 40.5 inches from back to belly button

  38. Twinpossible

    Based on what is written here, and 1st baby 1 baby etc. i would get a small personally myself. I think a medium would be too large, especially for the long haul but also possibly right off the bat as well. You have never been previously stretched and are quite tiny. If I worked in a small you surely should to, as per personal experience but in the end the choice is yours but even your weight is doing well. I gained a lot with my first but you do tend to recoup fastest to.. Especially with the Squeem.. You will be rockin those tony jeans again b4 u know it!! Congrats!!


  39. Irene

    Hi can you please help me with the sizing?

    C)26 weeks pregnant
    D)third pregnancy c-section all of them
    E)before about 28in
    G)from back to belly button 37in,current weight 138lbs

    Thank you!!!!

  40. Alie


    I just had my second child 9 days ago and want to purchase the squeem cincher. I’m 5’2″,my pre-pregnancy weight was 111, and I’m down to 117 but have a pouch that needs to be toned. My pre-pregnancy clothes size was 0/2, and my waist now measures 30.5 which puts me just above the small sizing. I’m not sure what my waist used to measure. What size do you recommend?


  41. Bec

    Hi Shelley, can you please help – I’m not sure if I’m a small or medium:
    Height – 6” (181cm)
    Weight – approx 75kg I think (haven’t weighed in ages, pre-pregnancy was approx 70kg)
    Measurements – 32 / 29.5 / 36 (waist was slightly smaller pre-pregnacy, I didn’t have any saggy skin on my belly either!)
    Clothing – US size 6-8 (AUS 10-12)
    I’m 9.5 months pp and just wondering if the small will fit over my hips, cos it would definitely fit my waist.
    Thanks so much :) bec

  42. Twinpossible

    Big congratulations!!! Wow, you are only 9 days in and doing so great. In all honesty, yes your waist is a tad big for the small right this second, however, you are only 9 days in. Your height/ weight and the fact that you will be shrinking more and more makes me kind of hesitatnt to suggest a medium to you. Would the small fit right now, POSSIBLY, but also possibly might not. It may be really close. I know I had to lie down at first to get mine on, but was completely comfortable after it was on. That didn’t last long, I just can’t remember what my waist size was at that time. So it is possible it would almost fit but then a week or two later fit because you are so early into the postpartum period, so I would really not feel entirely comfortable recommending a medium when you are so close to the small size wise, overall. I hope that makes some sense, lol. If it were me and I was still losing and that early on, I’d personally buy a small and know I would very soon fit into it vs. going up in this particular case, but the choice in the end is up to you :) . Thanks!!

  43. Twinpossible

    You are right on the border- waist size wise. My hips right now are about the same as yours. I gain weight, lose weight, lol. I yo yo now at my current age, but my garment fits fine. Don’t take into account your hips, it makes no matter. What is your weight in LBS.? Actually let me go and look it up….OK, about 165 lbs. weigh over 40 lbs more than I do, however, I am 5’6” and you are 6 feet tall. I’m sure that definitely accounts for something. I just like to take everything into account…weight/height, waist, etc. You definitely are a bigger size of clothing than I am, and my small still fits nice and snug, despite losing weight and inches. I wear a size 1-3 right now. Hmmmmmmmmmm… are a tricky one, lol. I think a medium would work for now, but you may well end up in a small. Your waist size should JUST fit into the small. I’m just trying to figure out the weight and clothing size thing because you are so tall it does make things different. Of course you would weight more than say a 5 foot person. Since you are pp already, do you happen to have a picture of yourself (current) you could send to me via email? That might help since you are so tall and on the border. Thanks!!

  44. Bec

    Thanks Shelley, I’ve sent you an email :) bec

  45. Tabitha

    A) 125lbs, 5’3

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. Shirts size small, pant size 4

    C) 40 wks along

    D) 1 baby, 3rd pregnancy

  46. Twinpossible

    Hi there. I don’t know how much weight you have gained to date, or if you know your previous waistline or not, or if you arr planning vaginal/ csection, though not everybody knows that, you may have a history, but just going by what is written here, a small would be the recommendation. Again, based on what is written here. Thanks, Shelly

  47. Kris

    Wavering between a small and medium… what do you recommend?

    A) 120 lbs. @ 5’1″
    B) x-small tops, pants size 2
    C) 31 weeks
    D) 1 babe, 1st babe
    E) 26″ pre-preg waist
    F) maternity size small/med
    G) 150 lbs and 39.5″ waist at the moment

    Thanks a bunch!

  48. Twinpossible

    Based on everything you wrote about your before body and 30 lb. weight gain, I’d say the small should be your friend. I mean the medium would possibly do you right in the very beginning, but for the duration, I think you are too tiny to go with the medium for keeps. You are a first time mom with 1 baby. You have everything in your favor as far as your former body – abs, not being previously stretched. I gained 50 with my 1st and recouped surprisingly well. I can imagine with the help of the Squeem. If you were having twins that might change things, but I think you will start the shrinking process quite quickly. You sound like you were in good shape prior. You can send me a photo at my email addy if still in doubt, but long term…that would be my personal recommendation based on the info. above only.


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