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  1. Rebecca Hastings

    Hi there,
    Just wondering what size you suggest I order. I would be a med. based on my pre pregnancy size, but with my other 2 pregnancies I gained 40+ lbs and I’m not sure a med would fit right after. I’m hoping to get a cheaper binder for the first couple weeks or so and then go to the squeem. I am 5′ 9″, 136 lbs and 31 inch waist between babies. Should I get the medium or the large? (I’m not a very “hippy” build if that makes a difference.)
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Twinpossible

    Based on your pre-preggo stats, I would be VERY wary of you buying a large. For your height you are quite slim, and though I know you won’t be at a 31 in. waist straight away, I think your idea is a good one. I know you will end up in the medium size for the majority of the duration, and I’d hate to see you buy the large just for possibly a weeks’ time, and maybe you won’t need a large at all, but maybe a cheap one to work for you IF need be, prior to fitting into the medium (should that happen, it may not) is your best bet IN MY opinion. I mean some people buy two to cover themselves, but based on what you wrote, I wouldn’t want you to spend the money for such a short amount of time, and it may work. I had to lie down to get my small on to start with but was 150% comfortable upon standing, bending, picking up babies, sleeping, etc. Mo problems with comfort. The lying down made my spare tire go in, lol, but as I started shrinking, obviously this practice was no longer needed, but I know going to a medium would have not been a smart investment for me, and despite losing inches, I still fit in my small nice and snug to this day. The Squeem has an amazing intelligent fabric that molds like liquid skin to your curves and will shrink down with you. The medium will be your size, though I do understand what you are saying, you wouldn’t get much use from the large in my personal opinion, and I like your plan of action better. You will lose weight and inches in the postpartum period after your baby because that is a natural thing.I just see you getting a large and then needing the medium too soon. A cheapo wrap for at home at 1st may be your best bet, and you don’t HAVE to bind straight away. I wanted to to cover up what I was seeing and feel like I was doing something asap, but it wasn’t a necessity. You will benefit the same regardless, but if you can get a cheapie, which you may or may not need, at least you won’t be kicking yourself for buying the large and spending the extra cash :) . I am honest. I care more about helping then selling :) . So for me, I’d go medium and maybe it will work out to start with :) . (If not it would be soon, but I would certainly try it.)

    I hope this helps. Have a fab day!!!!!!!!!


  3. Janna

    Hi Shelly,

    I am currently 37 weeks preggo with my first baby (singleton). My pre-preg weight was 125lbs and I currently weigh 163 (keep in mind I still have a few weeks to go still). Right now my hip size is 40″ and I can’t exactly remember my pre preggo waist size but I want to say it was close to 30″-size 4-6 jeans. So my binder size should be?? Thanks in advance!

  4. Twinpossible

    Congratulations! Could I ask your height please? Congrats on your very 1st baby!!!! It’s the most exciting time ever..I remember it well. Enjoy every second.


  5. riki

    so im currently 36 weeks pregnant am 5’4 and pre pregnancy I was 132lbs clothing size I was 8-9 or a medium in pants, this is my first pregnancy and its only one child my prepregnancy natural waist was aprox 28inches I am now 189lbs and my natural waist measurements at this time aprox 46-47 inches just above my belly button… looking to order the squeem so I can use it right after birth but not a clue what size to get?!?

  6. Janna

    Yes, I forgot to mention that sorry. I”m 5’6 1/2″

  7. Lauren

    Hi! I’m so happy to have found your page! I was so alarmed when I discovered my diastasis recti but am encouraged by your story! I’d love help knowing what size to order.
    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height: 111 lbs. & 5’6″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size: 0
    C) How far along are you? 29 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby and 1st
    E) Your pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. 25.5″ (hips pre preg: 35″–pear shaped!)
    F ) Clothing size currently: 2 or 4
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time: 139 lbs. and 38″

    Thank you so much!

  8. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    Your petite status sounds like the perfect candidate for the XS model, which is something I never usually say, but you are quite slim and are on your 1st baby, however the diastasis can make things tricky. I am 5’6” and at 5 days postpartum I weighed less than right now, lol. 118 lbs. I don’t know my waistline to start with back then, but I do know that I bought the XS to start and it did NOT fit, and it still does NOT fit, and I am down to a 26 in. waistline right now. It’s fairly close, much closer than it was, but with the DR, even with my size small, I had to lie down at first to fasten myself into it, as the bulge goes in while laying down. That didn’t last forever, and I was completely comfortable upon wearing it, standing, bending over, picking up babies, even sleeping..I mis-bought when I started. Now I am like 122 lbs… almost 40 so it is getting harder to keep those few extra lbs. off, but my small still continues to fit with a very good amount of compression due to the intelligent Squeem fabric technology that hugs your body like liquid skin. Plus, there is a second row of adjusters on the Squeem. That second row would bring it down close to an XS, so for something that you KNOW will fit right from the get-go and likely will be enough to CARRY YOU THROW THE DURATION OF YOUR RECOVERY, YOU MAY WANT TO CONSIDER A SMALL, EVEN THOUGH IF ONE WERE TO BE ABLE TO USE THE THE XS (sorry caps lock) it should be you. I am just concerned about fitting from the very start, and I have shrunk down in inches and like I said the small has fit me as I have tried on over the years and all is well there still on even the 1st row of adjusters. In the end the choice is yours. I know you want really great compression, but you still will get it, and be confident of it fitting straight away and over your DR area, which is a mummy tummy classic, but it won’t be permanent, I promise. This saved me pain and surgery- I could not be happier, hence I had to share my experience with the world.

    BIG congrats on your 1st baby!!!!! That is sooo exciting :) . I know you will be back to your old self before you know it!

    Big hugs,

  9. michelle

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height- 140 lbs – 5’5

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. – med shirts size 4-6 pants

    C) How far along are you? – 35 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? – this is my 2nd pregnancy and its just 1 baby

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. – no idea but i know my bra band size was 38 if that helps? and i wore medium shirts sometimes small.

    F ) Clothing size.- closing size now? is large maternity

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. I weight 170 currently and my waistline line is 40 inches

    should I get size large???

  10. Twinpossible

    I was thinking medium at 1st glance but am not 100% based on this info. alone, so let me ask a few more questions. What shape is your frame, since you don’t have a clue about your pre-oreg. waistline? Hourglass where your waist went in, straight up and down, apple, pear shaped, etc? Did you have a pouch, a small one, medium, large, or were flat in the belly? Any diastasis recti (abdominal separation) you are aware of? Are you planning on a vaginal birth, I know a csection cannot always be avoided, but sometimes they are planned. These cause added, temporary bloat in the postpartum period. How was your recoup. process with your 1st baby? Did you lose weight quickly, get back into your clothing quickly, or was it a long process, never fully got back before becoming preggo again, etc.? You can email me if you wish to answer these questions in private. You can also send a photograph along as well. Some women do that. It helps sometimes.

    Thanks hun! Congrats on your baby-to-be!

  11. michelle

    I am more top heavy (smaller legs with most of my weight in my belly and back so i guess an apple?). I had a bit of diastase recti after giving birth the first time that I didn’t fix. It took me about a year to loose the baby weight the first pregnancy. I am planning a vaginal birth.
    SO all in all since I was younger I’ve had a pooch, not large, sometimes small and sometimes medium and I don’t bounce back super quickly after giving birth.

    Also I am more interested in buying the vest if that makes a difference? Is it still comfortable for breastfeeding?
    Thank you so much!

  12. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    Based on these factors added I would go with the large, which I see was your 1st inclination :) . You’ll get that DR closed up. Do not read much online because I and many people I have now known with the help of the Squeem have to successfully done just that! I so regret over Googling and making myself nuts. I learned the hard way so that others do not have to, I guess you could say, lol.

    I have sold Miracle Vests to many moms who asked about breastfeeding prior, and I have never had a single complaint about the subject, so from all I know about the model itself and the court of public opinion, I would say you can have the Miracle Vest model you seek and still comfortably breastfeed your baby. The support may actually prove helpful and more comfortable for you during nursing.

    Either the perfect waist or MV will do what you are seeking for for your mid-section.

    I hope this helps & big congrats on your blessing to be!


  13. Megan

    Hi I am 30 weeks pregnant. I am measuring at 39 in at my belly button right now. I weigh 157 now and weighed 137ish pre pregnancy. I am right under 5’5. I normally wear small to med shirts and 5-9 sized pants. Depends on the brand lol. My waist at its smallest can be 28inches. I am planning on breast feeding just fyi. Wanting to know what size I should order for post pardom wear?

  14. Megan

    Sorry also I’m not sure what size i am. Wearing large clothing with leggings lol. Also pregnant with just 1 baby.

  15. Megan

    And this is my 2nd pregnancy! Sorry I keep forgetting all my questions!

  16. Twinpossible

    Hi Megan,

    Yes, leggings are a wonderful friend to the pregnant woman (as well I know, lol.) How would you describe your former body shape? Straight up and down, hourglass, apple, pear, etc? Do you tend to carry weight in your mid-section, or are you pretty slim and flat in that area before pregnancy? How was your 1st pregnancy experience? Did you lose weight quickly, did you have extra weight lingering for any long amount of time, mummy tummy and/or diastasis recti issues? Sorry so many questions. Your clothing size between 5-9 is very hard for me to visualize. as there is a difference of 5-7-9 inbetween there. I try and get an overall picture of the person, especially if I can at all compare myself to them, which we are very similar in height. Also, your waist can be 28 inches? Was it 28 inches before the 2nd pregnancy happened, before any pregnancy at all, or you are not sure? I just want a total understanding, since I have much experience with the size small and XS as that one still doesn’t fit me, but my small still does, and these answers will help me determine if a medium would be best in your case. I wear size 1-3 in bottoms, but I have a small booty, lol. I wear xs-small clothing, but then again, some people carry more weight in the boobs and lowr half and are smaller in the middle, hence causing their clothing size to increase. That is why so many questions here. I range between 118-125 lbs. My waist now is at 26 inches, well at last check anyhow, but of course it was larger to start with. Let me know your answers and thanks for writing!!


  17. Megan

    28 to 29 in before I got preg with this preg. I have a short torso and I would say it’s pretty straight. Large DD breast smaller hips and butt and legs. My stomach pretty much went back to the way it was before after my 1st preg, but even at my smallest before and after my stomach was kinda flat with a slight pooch at the bottom and love handles!! And last time I did lose the weight pretty quick but I was also 15 lbs lighter when I got pregnant the first time in comparison to this time around.

  18. Megan

    I’m kinda leaning to a large but don’t want it to be to big. I’m on a budget lol

  19. Twinpossible

    Hi again Megan. I totally understand the budget thing. I got it wrong my 1st time, so I do my best to advise well as to minimize that happening to anybody else. I’m not God, but I try my hardest :) . What is it that is making you lean towards large? I can’t honestly picture you as a large based on all that you are saying here, and with your past recoup, even more so. If you were 28,29 prior with a pouch in size 5-9 jeans and wanted to err on the side of caution, I would say medium, not large, unless there is something else I do not know. A slight pooch I CANNOT SEE bringing your ‘figure size’ to a large. Prior height/weight/current weight gain. I can’t envision it.

    I recently had a woman, and she even emailed me some pics, and I was thinking medium, but she got nervous, went large and then she was like, ”Should have went with what you said, it was my fault” and reordered the medium. I mean yes, there are more cases of too snug than the opposite, but just letting you know, they do happen, and from what you wrote, I am just wondering why you were thinking a large? Based on everything you wrote, I personally again wouldn’t buy passed a medium. That should do you right for the duration, but if you are aware of things I am not aware of, or wish to send pictures for additional help, I’d be more than happy to continue helping you. I can only go by all of the things you have written here. I just am not seeing large in my mind. Write back and we’ll chat more. You can email me also.

  20. Laura

    Pre preg weight: 120 height: 5’5
    pre preg size: 4
    36 weeks pregnant
    Singleton pregnancy. 2nd baby
    Not really sure about pre preg waistline.
    Current size… Not really sure bc I’m still wearing my old clothes but choosing the more blousey tops instead of fitted stuff.
    Current weight: 150
    Current waistline: 38

  21. Laura

    Please help this pregnant lady out, Shelly!! :)

  22. Kay

    I’m very excited to try the squeem but lost as to sizing. I’m pretty short and I want to make sure its as comfortable as possible. Can you help me figure out size?
    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height: 125lb, 5’1
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size: 4
    C) How far along are you: 38 weeks 4 days
    D) Pregnant with # babies? # pregnancies?: one baby, first pregnancy
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part: ~29 inches
    F ) Clothing size: not sure what it is now; i still fit into some of my blousy/loose tops from before.
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time: 155lb, ~36 inches

  23. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    What is your body shape (prior)?

    Hourglass, apple, pear, straight up and down?

    pants and top size in letters. xs, sm, med, lg. etc.?

    Is the 36 inches around the smallest or largest part of your belly?

    Also, would you say you are carrying small, medium/ average, large, or very large?

    Are you hoping for a vaginal birth or planned section? I know not all things can be determined, but just in case you knew. I hope you get your perfect birth plan come true.

    Many thanks,

  24. Twinpossible

    What would you say your figure was like prior? Hourglass, straight up and down, pear shaped, etc.?
    Did you have a flat belly, small pouch, carry extra weight in the abdomen?
    Are you planing for a natural birth or planned csection?
    Clothing size in letters – xs, sm, med, lg. (tops and pants.)

    Is the 38 around the largest part of your belly or at the natural waistline? Also, what was your postpartum experience like before. Did you tend to lose weight quickly, semi-slowly, slowly, etc. Did your belly flatten out fairly quickly, always had a pouch, etc.? And lastly, would you say that you are carrying small, average, large, or extra large with this baby?

    Thanks bunches. Sorry so many questions. I am leaning towards small, but I want to be sure since you don’t have any idea about your past waistline.


  25. Twinpossible

    PS- Any known abdominal separation? (Diastasis recti.)

  26. Kay

    Hi Shelly!!
    Thank you!! Here are the answers to your questions:

    What is your body shape (prior)?
    pear (i have big hips and especially thighs – always had issues buying pants)

    pants and top size in letters. xs, sm, med, lg. etc.?
    top size usually small/medium, pants and bikini bottoms often large; bra size before was 32D, and now its like a 36DD/E

    Is the 36 inches around the smallest or largest part of your belly?
    at the natural waist, so the smallest part – where it was ~29-30 before. the largest part of the waist is ~40.

    Also, would you say you are carrying small, medium/ average, large, or very large?
    carrying average – baby was 7lb 8oz at last measurement which was 2 weeks ago, and i’ve definitely grown since then! they had lots of concerns early about the baby being on the smaller side but she’s grown a lot in the last few weeks.

    Are you hoping for a vaginal birth or planned section?
    hoping for vaginal birth!

    thank you again!!!

  27. Laura

    Hey Shelly! Thanks for responding so quickly!

    Shape: closest to up & down/ slim frame
    Stomach prior to this pregnancy: pretty flat
    Planning on a natural birth
    Typically wear a small/medium in pants and tops
    I am not really sure if I measured at my natural waistline.. I wrapped the measuring tape around where my belly button is.
    I lost the weight pretty quickly with my last pregnancy. My hips and ribs seemed to take the longest to improve. My stomach was not as flat as I would’ve liked postpartum from last pregnancy. I still had a tiny pooch under belly button.
    I think I’m carrying average with this baby.
    I think that I had diastasis recti at first (and very possibly still had it up until this pregnancy but it just improved some)
    I do not mind all of the questions! I’m just thankful for your help :)
    Thanks again,

  28. Twinpossible

    I think a medium might fit you directly postpartum, HOWEVER.. I wouldn’t bother because I feel that a small would be your friend for the duration based on the information I am reading here. So I would lean towards the small and if it didn’t work directly postpartum, it would very shortly thereafter. You could a) wait, as it wouldn’t hurt to wait a few days or a week or two. b) it may fit right off the bat anyhow. Even if you have to lie down, it’s not abnormal. With my postpartum diastasis, lying down put the bulge in so I could secure the garment until I started shrinking down and then I could do it standing, but in NO WAY was I uncomfortable upon standing, bending, picking up babies, sleeping, etc. It just put in what was bulging out, which eventually became unnecessary, and remember I had twins baby #4 and 5, but you and I are very close in pre-pregnancy size (height, weight), hence my recommendation even more so. I think a medium would become loose too quickly based on your past and past experience as well. c) you could buy a cheapo binder just for the early days IF your small didn’t fit directly and it will and so then you wouldn’t be buying two, which one you may not need at all anyway. You are slim and it’s one baby, 2nd pregnancy. I think you’d be alright . Big congrats to you and your baby-to-be!! ((hugs))

  29. Laura

    Thank you SO much for your help!!!!!

  30. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    Being that you are pear-shaped not hourglass shaped, and say you have large hips and breasts, so I have a mental image, and since your torso is likely shorter because of your height, which is not a bad thing, but you may have more of a belly to shrink down afterwards due to that factor, as really tall women with long torsos usually carry smaller and flatten out more quickly, and your weight/ height before pregnancy vs. my own, and the fact that the small definitely is an up to 30in. tops garment. You are starting out on the border of the high end as it was with 29-30 inches and because of all of the elements in your posts combined, I would err on the side of caution, if it were me personally, and go medium. You can always size it down, and at 26 inches my small still fits me, so I would say back at 29,30 inches the medium would still work for you, especially with that second row to play around with, and if you decide to waist train BELOW your previous waistline, like I now just decided to start doing days ago, then you could decide if you needed an even smaller garment, but to get back to where you were, with your body type, that would be what I would say will surely fit you from the get go. I am now just smushing myself into the even smaller size because I had two to start, as my 1st was too small and it’s already getting easier to fasten, though I do need to lay down and pull it closed, I am comfortable when I stand and go about my day, and I never thought I’d get into that one, so it’s already working. I’d like to go beyond and get back to my high school waistline :) .

    I hope this helps. In the end it is your choice, that is just my thoughts with my experience with the size small and the info. provided, eventhough one day I feel you could get into the small and go down to an even lower waistline, if desired. It is already working for me, so I see now that that to is possible. I just don’t want to say small and have it not work out for you when it is most needed. You certainly are not a large woman, and you definitely have some great curves. LUCKY!!!!! God bless & congrats on your beautiful baby-to-be!!

    Best wishes,

  31. Dana

    Help on postpartum sizing please!

    A) 5’9, 119
    B) Size 2 or 4
    C) 36 weeks
    D) Pregnancy number 3, singleton
    E) Not sure? I probably wore a 27 or 28 in jeans
    F) XS top, usually S or M bottoms (or size 2 or 4)
    G) Current weight 142

  32. Dana

    Hi, just checking on the question above. I’ll be full term this week so I’d like to order soon.


  33. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    I would say the small would be your best bet based on the information provided.

    Thanks bunches and congrats on your baby-to-be!


  34. Heather

    Help with postpartum sizing please!
    A) 135 lbs, 5’6
    B) Jeans size 6
    C) 38 months
    D) 1st pregnancy, 1 baby
    E) Not sure.
    F ) Medium
    G) 162 lbs currently

    Thanks for your help!

  35. Hi! Totally lost on the sizing.
    Pre pregnancy I was 168, 5’5″ hips 44 waist 37 (aprox) pants were usually a 12 med or large depending this is baby 3 I did already have the Dr previous pregnancy I am 30 weeks size large maternity bottoms med/large in tops. Last weight was 171 I lost about 15 lbs in the beginning I expect to be 180 by delivery at the rate I am going now. I am considered hourglass and I do have a short torso if that matters. Pre pregnancy bra size is 34/36 e/f (brand matters). I do want to start as soon as possible because I already have been dealing with the back pain for years and I would love to close that DR gap

  36. Dana

    Thank you!

  37. Aluri

    Hello Shelly,

    I am currently 35 weeks 4 days pregnant. I am looking for a post-partum belly binder. Please help me with the sizing.
    A) Pre-pregnancy weight 161 lbs, Height 5’2″
    B) Jeans size 10/12 depending on brand
    C) 35 weeks 4 days pregnant
    D) First pregnancy, 1 baby
    E) not sure
    F) Pre pregnancy clothing size varied between M/L and now its between L/XL
    G) Currently at 184lbs

  38. Kay

    Hi Shelly! I just wanted to give you follow up and say thank you – your recommendations were absolutely spot on! Unfortunately I ended up having an urgent c section 2 weeks ago, but I started to wear the squeem not long afterwards (about 4 days later). The medium fit perfectly on the first set of hooks; then about 4 days ago I was able to tighten it. Waist is now at 29.5 inches (was 34 at the end of the pregnancy and 29 pre-pregnancy!) at the narrowest part, but still have a loose pooch above c section scar and below belly button, which I assume will just take time to go away. I appreciate all the inspirational blog posts on that front – it sucks to have ended up with an unplanned c section and then to not have restricted activity when you are feeling bad about a tummy pooch). I hope to get the smaller squeem in the coming weeks. Certainly not ideal to have to get two but hard to argue with results! So thank you!

  39. Laura

    Hello! I would also like to get some insight into the best size squeem to order… my pre-pregnancy weight was 118 pounds 5’7′ and I wore a size xs (0-2). I am not certain what my waist size was but i had an hour glass figure so my waist line was pretty petite. I am currently 39 weeks along and my natural waist (3 fingers above my belly button) is 39 inches, I have put on 31 pounds so far so im sitting at 149 pounds, I wear about an xs – s in maternity size clothing. I am only pregnant with one baby and this is my first :)

    Would you be able to advise me as to which would be the best post partum size? I would love to wear one as soon as I deliver if i can!.

    Thank you!

  40. Sara

    Hi Shelly,

    Thanks for all the useful info! I am also wanting to buy a Squeem and looking for help with sizing. Below are my measurements / info:

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 123lb 5’5″

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. size 2 (or XS/S) tops, size 4 (or med) pants

    C) How far along are you? 41 + 3 days

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1st pregnancy, singleton

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. probably around 30″. My bra size is 32″

    F ) Clothing size. Current clothing size is hard to say – I wear maternity clothes in around a small or med, but they all stretch.

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 156lb, 45 inches (largest part of the belly)

    Extra info: Planning for natural birth, tend to lose weight quickly, had sort of an hour glass shape before with bigger hips, and I would say I am carrying large in the sense of my belly seems really big proportionate to my body, as I haven’t put on much weight elsewhere.



  41. Twinpossible

    Hi there, and BIG congrats on your baby-to-be!!! You are a small woman, and it is your 1st pregnancy- definite figure pluses for a faster recovery. Right now I am waist training in the XS garment myself. I’m at just under 26 inches now, and it’s still tight on the 1st row of adjusters, but after a week of hours a day of training, I am able to get it on w/o lying down any longer, and it has gotten less snug, but still lots of nice compression going on. (I never thought I’d get into this size, lol.) I’m losing pretty fast, though not wearing as many hours by far as I did post babies, and plan on getting down to 25 (maybe less) within a couple more weeks. However, I will say now that I have experience with the size XS AND SMALL that if you were to give birth and have a belly that is beyond 26.5-27 in MAX and I do mean MAX at that 27…and that is with a flat belly, as my postpartum binding days are over. If my belly had a pouch I would not fit into this even now. The XS will NOT be able to close at anything greater than max 27 in. with a flattened tummy.

    The small I have here.. it WILL still fit at a 26 in. waist on the second row of adjusters, and will help women get down to that size w/o needing any other garment. The thing is, no woman is going to be immediately flat in the belly, even though some lose weight and inches quicker than others, hence why I continue my recommendation of going into a small when in doubt between sizes because I now have used them both and I DO see people ordering an XS and then afterwards quickly re-ordering with a size small like I did myself, so now that I have the experience with the two sizes.. I verify what I originally thought about the sizes, though the size chart is definitely more spot on than I knew, again, we are talking a with flat belly, which is not normal straight after borth, and the waistline will be enlarged from carrying that baby for 9 months. The size small gives you wiggle room in that arena, and I have yet to hear the small recommendation postpartum being a mistake by anybody that was in doubt about it. I’d hate to say XS, even though you may be in it and able to waist train down further in the long-run IF you chose to go above and beyond, because I do not know your former waistline.. the small is a safe bet for your postpartum useage, based on what I feel and am reading here :) .

    I hope that helps and again.. BIG congrats!!

  42. Twinpossible

    Hi there. You can read over the information that I just mentioned below in my previous comment about the xs and small sizes. You started out small as far as weight/ height and your clothing size is mostly small also, however, the 30 in. at the natural waistline pre-preg. throws me a bit, and also the fact that you are carrying large, despite it being your 1st baby. Not sure I would recommend a small for you based on the fact that 30 inches is listed as the max for the small garment. I mean you want great compression, but you need to be able to wear it right off the bat and be able to close it up, and I believe with a former waistline of 30 inches and a 45 inch belly right now that a much safer bet would be to size up to a medium (31-33”) garment that will give you great compression, and would DEFINITELY have no problem getting you down back to your 30 inch waistline or less if you wanted to, as I spoke of I am waist training now myself. Based on that info. that would be my recommendation via this read :) . You do have it on your side of it being your 1st baby and tending to lose weight quickly, and so I would not worry about carrying large.. everybody carries differently, and I still think you will mend very well with your Squeem and shrink down quickly, as you have never been previously stretched before, but I am one that can say with total honesty that the Squeem works wonders for even old farts like me (ha ha, just joking) and those who have had numerous children, also like me, but it is an overall advantage :) .

    God bless. 1st babies are sooo special. Enjoy every second of motherhood!!!!

  43. Twinpossible

    God bless going overdue! My 1st came on his due date, but I was like so done, lol. You are a total trooper!!!!

    Best of luck in everything, and write back anytime!


  44. Sara

    Thanks, Shelly. I was also thinking the medium. I was probably wrong about the 30″ – now that I think about it, pre-preg I wore jeans with a waist size around 27-28″, but not sure if that refers to true waist. And, yes – I am ready for this baby to come out! The wait is difficult when you’re planning to do natural birth. Luckily, I had a pretty easy pregnancy and have stayed fit, which has helped. Still have a big belly, though! I’ve always had a little bit of a pooch, so maybe that’s why. Thanks for your help!

  45. Janine

    Hi Shelly, I’m contacting you from Spain but I’m actually English and have an English PayPal, would you be able to ship to either location?
    If you can here are my stats:
    Pre preg weight and height: 136lbs 5’7
    Pre preg clothing size: UK size 10 /US 6?
    28 weeks pregnant, 3rd singleton pregnancy, 3rd c section due, currently 158lbs
    I’m unsure of my waist measurement before pregnancy but I’m a straight down shape and suffered from a wrinkly jelly belly and bad muffin top after both previous pregnancies which I couldn’t shift – I’m wondering if the squeem will improve this or if the damage is done?!
    Thanks in advance!! Xx

  46. Twinpossible

    Hi hun. As long as the address is confirmed in Paypal (in another country if shipped to another country) it is OK to ship there, but it is far less costly to ship to the USA of course, but that goes with everything in the USA coming from here. The muffin top can be TOTALLY axed. I developed one myself and I had gained some lbs. not much but at my age now it all goes to the belly and thighs sadly, and so with a little belly binding POW…it did slim out that whole area and give me back a nice waist and smoother lines. I don’t know what happens near 40, but I haven’t been liking it, but am fighting back :) .

    Even if you aren’t postpartum this can help you. In fact now I talk about waist training. My waistline is back to the smallest I remember ever having it (being checked) since I had kids which is awesome in and of itself, but I know it was a little bit smaller when I was like a teen (ahh..remember the days, lol) and my butt was a tad bigger (a good thing for me) and thighs a lot smaller, but not much I can do about that, but making the waistline a little smaller does help me feel better, and so I have been doing that with great results and I see it working easily.

    (As far as post baby)- The skin is what takes the most time to recover…you have to be patient with that but yes the Squeem will help. Get yourself some Palmer’s Tummy Butter. Some pals of mine also love their bio oil, but I have never personally tried it. I lubed up, let sink in, bound up and I know it helped my skin recover, but it does take longer than the love handles, mummy tummy, waistline etc. You can’t get dismayed postpartum. You have to give it time and it’s been 3 after this one so be patient, but yes you will see results.

    You lubrciate and then support the lax skin. I have a friend who had multiple c-sections who had this same issue. Her skin flapped over the incision, even though she was a small girl as long as I have known her, that has nothing to do with it honestly. It happens sometimes no matter your size. I never had a c-section, but I have been stretched to my limits with 5 babies and my skin felt some effects no doubt, but it is back, but I know the recovery is longer for a section, but there are SO many women who love the Squeem for c-section recovery postpartum in general. It helps aid in healing and it does NOT annoy the incision area. No itching, pinching like other binders. It supports the muscles and the skin around it and fits like liquid skin to, so it’s like skin on skin essentially. But I gave her one as a gift and her skin after 4 sections (1 unplanned little man) she now looks way better than after her 1st section. (She was talking about getting surgery to tighten things up, but now has since recanted. She says she is taking me out for a girls night out as thanks. Hopefully, we can do that soon, lol.) I have seen her and trust me, I see how it definitely did help her skin and flattened her out completely. She is a hot mama no doubt. Her scar shrank down to hardly nothing, and she is 5 years younger than me, so um…always jealous of her, lol. (Sorry, womanhood mid-life crisis, lol.) OK, just an excuse. We can be hot at any age, but yes…it does help because I was more concerned with my diastasis recti getting healed 1st, looking flat to 2nd, waistline 3rd and skin 4th.. but I did always take notice and tell people it DOES take longest postpartum binding or not to see the skin get more taut, but it definitely helps speed up the process and I think enhances it all around. I have had many wonderful stories sent to me and pictures via email. It makes me feel really good inside.

    About size I have many more questions. I wrote down a whole slew of them for me to get the best impression for a customer and pal, so please do write me via email so we can get those answers since there isn’t quite enough info. here.

    Thanks love. God bless!!

  47. Nicole

    Hi Shelly,
    Im planning on using my birthday money for my purchase and just want to get it right. I am 2 years out from having my 3rd child. I have a diastasis between 3 and 4 fingers right above my navel as well as a 2 a bit higher and lower.
    Currently, my waist measures for the medium size which I am happy to get but want to make sure it is truly the right size for me. Can you help me out?

    I was in a 4 , weighing 125, 32DD pre 1st pregnancy. Gained 50lbs, but I got back down to that size after 9 months. After 2nd child, I now realize, I was still recovering from a diastasis that I didn’t know about and got pregnant with 3rd at 8 months postpartum, gaining 40 lbs. At 8 months though, I was down to a 6 and 135lbs. With 3rd child, I gained 55 lbs.
    Currently, I’m more like a 8 to 10 depending on bloating. Im hovering between 135 and 140 depending on the day, and I’m 5’5. My goal is to lose 10-15 lbs to get back where I was after my first child and return to my size 4. I think its possible, but i’m limiting my more intense workouts bc Im scared to make the diastasis gap larger.
    Do you think medium is the way to go?

    Thanks so much?

  48. Twinpossible

    I understand the fear of intense working out with the diastasis. I would definitely say curb certain things, like heavy ab exercises TOTALLY, they can and will make it worse until you are fully and completely healed and even then I still waited a bit longer out of fear and just have a new appreciation for my ab muscles over something I never even heard of prior to that last pregnancy of mine, which is crazy, but it is better to know.. absolutely. I’m glad that you do to now. Certain things like twisting motions, backwards bending, crunches (crunching of the abs in various ways), just avoid those things and focus on getting the abs back where they need to be, then learn to strengthen them from the inside out. the transverse abs are VERY important, and nothing I had even heard of before I learned about my DR. You can still be active just play things safer than what you are used to. You will get it back. You aren’t in a really bad place at all. Hang tough mama! You got this.

    Anyway, based on this information alone I would also say the medium, but since you have a great advantage of being postpartum, could you take a measurement of your waistline now at the smallest part and also at the belly button just for my own benefit to confirm or perhaps change my recommendation here? You aren’t a big girl by far and I know you will shrink down to where you want to be again, I just think since you aren’t pregnant the info. might be beneficial, eventhough I think it likely will confirm what we are both leaning towards, it would be good to have if possible.
    Thanks hun!


  49. Karen

    Hi wondering if you can help me with sizing (I’m thinking a small or medium?):

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & heigh 5’8 and 145 pads
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size – size 4 or 6 depending on brand
    C) How far along are you? – I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? – I’m pregnant with 1 baby and its my first baby
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline – not sure! but I used to wear size 26 jeans
    F ) Clothing size – I’m wearing an 8 right now
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time – weigh 180 lbs and 36″

  50. Twinpossible

    I’d like to ask you some more questions if you don’t mind. Axe out whatever ones you have already answered :) .

    Pre-pregnancy height/weight?

    Amount of weight gained to date or weight now?

    Former clothing size in numeric and letter sizes? xs, s, m, l, xl etc. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 etc.?

    Clothing size now in maternity and/or clothing you wear just sized up some?

    # of weeks pregnant?

    Baby #1, 2, 3, 4 etc.?

    Singleton pregnancy or multiples?

    Former pre-pregnancy waistline in inches if known?

    How would you say you are carrying? Small, average, large, very large, etc.

    What body shape would you say you had prior to pregnancy? Apple shape, pear shape, hourglass shape, straight up and down, etc.?

    What was your tummy like prior to pregnancy? Flat, mostly flat/ super small pooch, a mummy tummy – average size pooch, I carry some extra weight in my abdomen, I carried a lot of extra weight in the abdominal area/ large pooch?

    IF you have had prior pregnancies, what was your recovery period like thereafter as far as weight loss and belly shrinking?
    Any known diastasis? (Abdominal separation)? N/A

    Are you hoping for a vaginal birth or planned c-section?

    Thanks love. Also is 36 inches around the small or largest part of the waistline?

    Big hugs,

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