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  1. harley

    Hello! Was looking for help on sizing. I’m 22 with my first baby on the way, 34 weeks today. I’ve gained a bit of weight and had gained a bit before pregnancy. I was 143 when I found out I was pregnant but had worked to get down to 118 6 months before that. I plan to try to get back down to 120-125 after pregnancy.

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height.
    143lbs – 5’4

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size.
    Sm/mediums. Idk the number sizes to be honest.

    C) How far along are you?
    34 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you?
    1 baby, first pregnancy.

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.

    I have an old fitness app and the last recorded waist measurement was 28″ at 130lbs, but I had gotten up to 143 right before pregnancy, I think at 143lbs my waist was around 31″?

    F ) Clothing size.
    Generally a large in everything currently.

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time.
    169lbs and 41″ waistline.

  2. Alexandra Haney

    Hi Shelly!
    I was wondering if you could help me out with sizing? 🙂

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height: 137 lbs, 5’2″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size: S/M in tops, M/L in bottoms. typically a 6-8 US size
    C) How far along are you? 27 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? – 1 baby and my first pregnancy
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline: I have no idea :-/
    F ) Clothing size: S/M in maternity clothes
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time: 156 lbs & 38.75″ (above belly button)

    Thank you so much!

  3. Twinpossible

    Hi there hun. Might I ask you a few more questions, as I am kind of stuck here, but am leaning towards a medium based only on the above information.

    Were you flat in the belly prior to pregnancy? Did you have strong abdominals or were you flat and kind of squishy? Had a small pouch, had a definite pronounced pouch? Do you tend to carry some weight in your abdomen? Really no, a small amount, it tends to go there 1st so yes?

    What would you say your former body shape was like? Straight up and down, hourglass shaped, apple shaped, pear shaped, etc.?

    Are you hoping for a vaginal birth of having a planned csection? I’m guessing with your 1st you would be trying for the 1st, but I have a friend who planned all of hers to be csections, so you just never know :).

    Thanks hun. This should help. You may also email me a before photo of yourself at for a better visual. (Feel free to take your face out if desired. I only use the photos to help with sizing when in doubt, NOT for my website or anything.) If you have a current one to that also may prove helpful, but unless you carry a lot of your weight in the mid-section, I am leaning towards the medium, especially with this being your 1st, even though your waist measurement does sound high for only 27 weeks along, we all have our growth spurts at different times.. I’m just trying to visualize you beforehand since you do not know your waistline measurement. These answers will help, and pics if you choose to send a couple over.

    Would you say you are carrying small for dates, average, large, very large? Thanks so much. Sorry so many questions.


  4. Karen


    To answer your questions:
    -pre-pregnancy weight/height – 145 lbs, 5’8
    -I’m now at 35 weeks and gained 34 lbs so far
    -former clothing size was 4/6 or small
    -wear size 8 in maternity or small
    -baby #1
    -singleton pregnancy
    -not sure my pre pregnancy waistline
    -I’d say I’m carrying pretty average
    -I had a straight up and down body shape before pregnancy but large chest
    -I had a really small pooch before pregnancy – its flat except when i eat eat bloats a bit
    -no diastasis
    -hoping to have a vaginal birth
    -36 inches was around the smallest part of my waist line

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  5. Twinpossible

    I’m stumbling quite hard between the small and the medium for you since there is no former waistline, your other info. is putting me on the fence a bit. If you have a former photo and a more current one to show off your frame (then/ now) it would help. If you only have before that is helpful to so I can kind of compare myself to you with my vast experience with the size small garment, that would help a lot. You have the singleton/ 1st pregnancy advantage on me, but my former weight was quite less (still needing to take your extra 2 inches taller than myself into consideration) and my clothing size was a bit smaller, and I lost weight due to it being twins VERY fast unexpectedly, and started with a totally flat that’s why I am debating here. Just email me at – Karen.


  6. Amy

    Trying to figure out my sizing for the Squeem for postpartum use.

    Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 110 lbs. 5’2″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. Size 2 pants (smalls or mediums for tops)
    C) How far along are you? 34 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? Pregnant with 1 baby. This is pregnancy #2 for me.
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.
    I don’t know the answer to this one.
    F ) Clothing size. Medium
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 140 lbs; 41.5 inches right now for waistline.

  7. Olivia

    I sent an email to provided email address on this website but have not got a response. Does anyone know if that is the correct email address or if this website is still being updated/monitored???

  8. Twinpossible

    Hi there. YES.. I still sell the Squeem and answer questions. I am sorry if I missed your email. I get so many emails and questions, sometimes somebody slips through the cracks – my apologies. Just resend please. If anybody doesn’t get a response from me in 2-3 days’ time, I urge them to resend :). Thanks so much! Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Olivia

    Thank you for responding. I just re-sent my original email. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  10. Kate Hodge

    Hey I was about to order the squeem and I am just confused on the size like everyone else haha.

    1. Pre-pregnancy weight and height: 108 / 5’2″
    2. Pre-pregnancy clothing size: 0-1 jeans/shorts and xs-small in shirts
    3. How far along: 38 weeks
    4. Pregnant with how many: 1
    5. First time mom: yes
    6. Waistline pre-pregnancy: 23-24
    7. Clothing size: small in maternity shirts/small or a two in maternity bottoms
    8. Weight and waistline now: 164 (I am the size of a small hippo) and 41 inches.

    Thank you so much!

  11. Tessa

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height= 200#, 5’11”
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size= Size 13/14, L-XL shirts
    C) How far along are you= Just had him on Wed.
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies?= Was with 1
    What # pregnancy is this for you?= First
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.= 35″ (at smallest part of waist) and 42.5″ (at belly button)
    F ) Clothing size= L-XL maternity clothes (during pregnancy)
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time.= This is post pregnancy now which is 240# and 39.75″ (at smallest part of waist), 46″ (3 fingers above belly button), and 50″ (at belly button)

    Hope to hear back from you soon as I want to order this ASAP!


  12. Twinpossible

    Congrats on your new baby!!! That is awesome :))).

    I just wish to clarify something. Your natural waistline (3 inches above belly button is 46in. correct?) I see you also wrote 39.75” at the smallest part. Usually 3 inches or so above the belly button is the smallest part of the actual waistline. Was the 39.5 inches on top of the rib cage? As far as the natural waistline, I was going to say 3XL, as you are newly postpartum and your uterus will be shrinking down as is, so that was going to be my recommendation for you. The other measurement is very different, so it threw me off a bit.

    Thanks bunches & congrats again!!!


  13. Tessa

    Thanks so much for the congrats, your speedy reply, and advice. I totally misread the 3 in. and thought 3 fingers! Baby brain still I guess! Lol! So yes, the 39.75″ is my waist. Would you still suggest 3XL?

    Thank you,

  14. Twinpossible

    Go for the 2XL instead. The middle part of your abdomen will start sinking in (likely is a bit on an almost daily basis, even if you aren’t noticing it yet), plus you are super busy.. baby brain understood TOTALLY! The shrinking of the uterus will start deflating the belly down as the recoup. process continues, so let’s just say you aren’t going to get any larger, that is for certain. Only one way to go now and that is down, so to help assist that mid-section out, I’d go with the heavy compression for the larger part of the belly that needs to flatten out now, of the 2xl, and if for a very short while you have to lie down to fasten like I did because of my bulging belly, it didn’t hinder anything, and I was totally comfortable upon standing, bending over, etc. etc. and as I shrunk the need to do that became non-existent. Then you will have the extra row of adjusters to go down with to keep your mending process and shrinking process going. If you go up too high you will shrink out too fast I am thinking. I don’t want you to waste $$ if need not be. Let me know what you think. I do like to consider the whole abdomen when the person is postpartum, but since you are postpartum and I know things will be shrinking not swelling, that is why I’d go down…. :). Hope that helps.

  15. Melissa

    Can you help me size??

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height.
    5’6″ and 125lbs pre pregnancy

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size.
    Usually a 4

    C) How far along are you?
    38 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you?
    Pregnant with twins, first pregnancy

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.
    Not sure but probably 29-30

    F ) Clothing size.
    Maternity 4 and mediums

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time.
    Currently weigh 156
    Waist at biggest point is 44-45
    I’m carrying very very low

  16. Twinpossible

    Hi there. CONGRATS ON YOUR TWINS TO BE! I love meeting twin mamas :). It’s a fun ride, God bless! (And to you for making it to 38 weeks. I was 37 on the nose when my girls came. OUCHIE in the pelvis, back and ribs by then. Good job hun!)

    Anyway, since your waistline and stats are on the far edge of the small from my experience and the chart which is pretty darn accurate now, I would recommend, post-twins for you, a medium. The small got me down to 26” which is 2 inches under the low end of where it says it fits (28-30in.), so on the tightest row of adjusters the medium should get you back to where you were before twins also.

    I had to lie down at first to get myself in because of my pooch post babies (I had an abdominal separation, and lying down sunk in the belly more so.) If you need to do this also no worries. It only lasts a short while if you do. As the belly starts going down and you see the results start becoming permanent, this ends, and I had zero discomfort as far as strapping in then bending, taking care of babies, even sleeping, which I did do in mine. I was a woman on a mission :). I wouldn’t want to size you up to a large just because of the twin factor. You vs. me in all of the info. provided, I would say 1 size up is totally sufficient. These are your 1st too, and I suspect you will lose weight pretty fast. You lose it faster with twins for sure. It was surprising to me in all honesty, and you certainly did not over-gain, you have done AWESOME there. I gained over 50 lbs with my 1st and it was one baby.. so I would not go above a medium personally, and that one should no problem be able to get that 29-30 in. waistline back. We will shoot for the 29 :).

    Thanks hun!

    Have a wonderful birth & God bless you all!


  17. Julia

    Hi I sent a comment a few weeks ago and haven’t seen it.

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 147, 5’6

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. 6

    C) How far along are you? 24 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby first pregnancy.

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. 24″

    F ) Clothing size. Varies. Carrying more in my thighs/butt so jeans are 10

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 177, 34″

  18. Twinpossible

    Sorry, I have been getting many, many more questions than usual due to the holidays, and it has been very hard to keep up – my apologies. It sounds like you have a trim, flat tiny waist to start with, with a bottom that carries much of your weight, hence the larger clothing size on bottom and your weight overall, so that isn’t a factor when sizing with the Squeem. I would suggest a small. No woman goes down to an XS right after having a baby. Having experience with both sizes this I am sure of as I did buy that one first (XS) then a small, and now I fit it yeah, but I am far from post baby. that would be what I would get. It’s your 1st which is an advantage too. I think a small will be all you need to get yourself back to where you were prior. I would NOT personally, definitely go any larger.


  19. Twinpossible

    PS- Congrats on your baby to be :).

  20. Julie

    Thank you Shelly!!

  21. Julia

    Thank you Shelly!! My butt and small waist is one of the reasons I was turned off by the Bellefit.

  22. Susan

    Hi Shelly,
    Can you please help me out with sizing?
    A)Pre pregnancy weight and height
    95lbs 5’2
    B)Pre pregnancy clothing size
    Xxs-xs 0-00 23 in jeans
    C)How far along are you?
    35 weeks
    D)Pregnant with 1 or more? # of pregnancy?
    2nd first one was almost 12 years ago
    F)Your pre pregnancy waist line at the smallest part.
    24″ maybe 25″
    G)Clothing size
    H)Weight and waist line at the current moment?
    136lbs 37.5 inches.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  23. Susan

    Sorry I forgot to mention. I’m pregnant with just 1

  24. Kaylee

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 145, 5’6

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. 9 juniors 6/8 womens

    C) How far along are you? 33 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby second pregnancy.

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. 28″

    F ) Clothing size. Varies. Maternity small or medium

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 163, 40″

  25. Twinpossible

    I would buy a medium :).

    Thanks hun.


  26. Twinpossible

    I would go with a small, as nobody gets back down to the 25-27 inch MAX waistline that the XS requires that you have to fit into it, as having personal experience with the size (and the small also.) I don’t recommend it (the XS) for postpartum binding. I more recommend it for waist training for those who wish to go above and beyond, either after already healing from pregnancy and wanting to keep going, or just any woman looking to shrink their waistline down further, but I bet you will bounce back fine enough with the 1 size to get back to your tiny stats, size small. I think you’ll shrink down enough to not need any extra help by the sound of things.

    Big hugs,

  27. Jodie

    Could you please let me know what size to get:
    A) pre pregnancy weight and height: 57kg, 168cm
    B) pre-pregnancy size: 4 us
    C) 33.5 weeks pregnant
    D) pregnant with 1 baby; second baby
    E) 26 inches
    F) current size: 8 us on thighs bum etc, no idea re proper maternity clothes
    G) 74kg, 43 inches


  28. Cathy

    Hi Shelly,
    Can you please help me out with sizing?
    A)Pre pregnancy weight and height
    154; 5’9″
    B)Pre pregnancy clothing size
    Size 10 in pants; M-L shirts; 10 dresses
    C)How far along are you?
    36 weeks
    D)Pregnant with 1 or more? # of pregnancy?
    Pregnant with twins! First pregnancy
    F)Your pre pregnancy waist line at the smallest part.
    This I don’t know for sure–33 or 34?
    G)Clothing size now: Lg
    H)Weight and waist line at the current moment?
    210 lbs 47 inches

    I also have a long torso.

    Thanks in advance!


  29. Twinpossible

    Please email me. I would like some more information to help you out, especially with two in tow :).

    Thanks and a double congrats!!


  30. Twinpossible

    Hi there.

    Sorry for the delay, I had to do the conversions :). Um, you are very comparable to me pre-pregnancy in height/ weight/ waistline, but you sound to be carrying possibly on the larger side, belly wise, for 33 weeks with a 43 inch measurement, based on where you started from. Could you please email me and let me know if you would you say you have an hourglass, straight up and down, pear shaped, apple shape, etc. body shape pre-pregnancy? How did you do with recovery with your 1st? Weight loss, belly bulge. Did you start out in this pregnancy with a flat tummy, a bit of a pooch, a moderate sized pooch, did you carry a good amount of your weight in your abdomen? (From your stats it doesn’t sound so, but gotta ask when in doubt.) Are you planning on a vaginal birth or planned csection? Do you have any diastasis recti present? (separation of the abs.) And if you can add a before and a current (as recent as possible) photo of yourself, the latter most importantly if you do not have both, a visual can really help out when I am on the fence. With your pre-preg. stats I would say a small, but a couple of things are making me think a possible medium in your case, but extra answers and a picture or two would really help verify it, one way or the other.

    Thanks! Congrats :).

  31. Rebecca

    Hi Shelly,

    I’m a Canadian living overseas and I am currently 7 months pregnant with my 6th child. I became aware that I had diastasis recti about 6 months before this current pregnancy. I tried fixing the diastasis recti with special exercises but it did not work so well. I watched your videos and I am quite excited to purchase a Squeem. I realize that part of the reason it has been so hard for me to loose post-partum belly fat is mostly b/c of diastasis recti, not something I am doing wrong with diet or exercise!

    Please could you help me figure out what size to buy:

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height: 190 pounds, 5’10

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size: 14-16

    C) How far along are you?: 32 weeks (7 months)

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you?
    1 baby, 6th pregnancy

    E) Your pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part.: 44 size jeans (or 12/14) I don’t know the exact measurement

    F ) Clothing size: X-Large

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time.:
    240 pounds and 47.5 “ or 121.5 cm

    Thank you,

  32. Rebecca

    Hi Shelly,

    I’m not sure if you have even received this message yet but I am due to give birth in approx. 7 weeks and I would like to order a squeem ASAP. I just need help with the size. I live overseas and so I need to allow time for the squeem to be shipped overseas (however long that will take from the USA). Please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Thank you,

  33. Twinpossible

    Hi Rebecca. Sorry to have missed your former message. I have had QUITE an eventful week over here :). Would you mind emailing me. I can see you have answered some questions below, but I also have a list of pre-written questions I have made that get a little bit more in-depth so I can best assist a customer.

    Thanks so much & huge congrats on your baby-to-be!


  34. Twinpossible

    PS- No worries about Canadian shipping. It doesn’t take that long, though I do understand you feeling the pressures as time goes by :).

  35. Hav

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 130, 5’4

    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. 4

    C) How far along are you? 33 weeks

    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby; second pregnancy- will be having second c section.

    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. not sure

    F ) Clothing size. Varies. medium maternity clothing

    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 173, 38″ (i am carrying this baby much lower than my first.

  36. Twinpossible

    Could you please email me so I can send more questions. I’m kind of on the fence with you, and I have a longer list of questions I can send to best help me to help you decide on the right size :). Thanks!

  37. Ashley

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 115-120, 5’2
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. Small or extra small shirts, some brands I fit size 0, some I needed a 3 pants.
    C) How far along are you? 32 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby, 3rd pregnancy.
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. Not sure

  38. Lucie

    Hi There,

    I have the squeem in small. I am in week 3 and have worn it at least 14 hours per day. Sometimes longer. I have noticed a big effect on how flat my tummy is. I have noticed the diastasis remains though. It has shrunk by about a quarter, but it is not gone. I know it is early days, but i am so fearful and panicky that it will not completely close. It was about 3 fingers wide to start (around belly button and also a little above and below the button). Did you still have a gap by this time when you were squeeming? I very narrow in the waiste area but wide on the hips and lungs, so I imagine I could stand a smaller size around the middle but not on the top and bottom. I guess I just want to know if you think it is a bad idea to get a size smaller or do you think a small can actually close my gap? I also want some confidence that a gap can still close, even if it hasn’t by this stage. How big was your gap at the 3 week mark? did you wear your squeem at night or during the day?do you think the exercises actually help to close the gap or it is mainly the squeem that closes it?

  39. Twinpossible

    Hi there.! Great to hear about your success so far. You are right on track, belly flattening nicely by the 3 week mark and losing 1/4 off of your diastasis gap by the 3rd week makes total sense to me, as I wore my Squeem for 12 weeks in total, so 3 weeks is in fact 1/4 of that. Not saying everybody is the same, but it does add up right from what I remember from my own experience :). I think that if you are still getting really good compression with your small (have you gone to the second row of adjusters or not yet) then you most likely won’t need to go down a size, of course that would be up to you, as i don’t know how it fits on you right now. I got to 26 inches around with the small, although I did buy the XS first there was no way I fit into it, and nobody will fit into it until you are MAX and I do mean MAX 27 inches around the center. (DR or no DR). You can always lay down to sink in a mummy tummy, however, it sounds like the Squeem has been ridding you of that problem and it is healing the DR it just takes time. Everybody is different and some gaps are wider than others, but you are doing about the same amount of time per day as I did to start off, and I did sleep in mine. I had no trouble doing that. Do allow yourself some down time, but it sounds like you are on a great path, and just keep on doing what you are doing, because it is definitely working.

    I know we panic ourselves over diastasis recti because of the mere thought of SURGERY.. EEK. I know, I was there.. I understand, but again, you are only at the 3 week mark and I did 12 wks in total and yup.. it was closed full way by then. I tried to not annoy myself and stress myself checking along the way on a daily basis, but again, from memory… the couple of times I did get curious and did a few weeks apart checking, it sounds like you are destined for the same scenario. Don’t stress yourself and don’t do ANY crazy ab exercises. You can do the ones that are safe for DR. I have some on You Tube and other people may have some others on there as well, but NEVER do plain ol crunches, pilates 100’s, etc. It would be better to do zero exercises than that, and if you are only 3 weeks postpartum (not sure if you are or just 3 weeks into the Squeem) I would give your body a little bit more rest. You aren’t going to harm yourself waiting a little longer before doing exercises, just do some basic walking, overall light toning, just things that do not strain the abs for right now. You have a lifetime for the exercise when your recovery is complete, but do they help? Yes, they can help a bit, but I bound more so than i exercised and attribute the belly binding to my success most absolutely, esp. at the point you are at, but then again, dealing with my kids gave me a lot of natural exercise :).

    There is a new exercise only binder that is less expensive than the Squeem from the Diva-Fit line i carry at Twinpossible’s Closet. (But warning to all who read this)..They run quite small though. An XS is like a snug small, etc. It runs one size small for certain VS. the inaccurate size chart. This i know 1st hand, more so than the Squeem but I am dying to get the right size and give that workout one a real try and do a review on it for my customers :).

    I think you are doing great. Keep it up and don’t stress. I know how you feel I remember it well. Rome wasn’t built in a day but you are for CERTAIN on a wonderful path of healing :).

    Big hugs,

  40. Twinpossible

    Hi there. Sorry we were on a little family vacation. Could you email me. I am on the fence, and when in doubt I like to ask a few extra questions, esp. without the waist measurement. Thanks bunches & congrats on your baby to be! Hugs, Shelly

  41. Jennifer

    Hi Shelly,

    I am happy to answer more questions to get the correct advice on sizing for a squeem order — I just do not know how to email you!!

    Jennifer (from May 13)

  42. Twinpossible

    Hi there. It is :).

    Thanks hun.


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