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  1. Twinpossible

    I’d think the XL size would best suit your frame. I hope this helps and congratulations!!

  2. lotus

    Hi I know you usually don’t recommend size XS, but I was wondering if you thought it might be suitable for me or if I should still get S:

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height. 97lbs 5’3″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size. 00-0
    C) How far along are you? 37 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you? 1 baby, 1st pregnancy
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline. I think 24 inches
    F ) Clothing size. I’m still wearing mostly pre pregnancy clothes.
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time. 120lbs, waist is 31in, belly 36 in


  3. Twinpossible

    I think the small would fit you, especially with the second row of adjusters, though you are tiny enough that you likely could fit into the xs at 24 in with your height/weight. But since at 26 I still fit into my small on the furthest row…I think small would be fine in the postpartum period for you where I would expect you to be >26 inches to start, but the decision is up to you. You may be small enough to pull it off. I can’t get it on myself now still though. That is why I warn. Thanks and congrats!

  4. Twinpossible

    PS- If anyone were to fit into the xs it would have to be you though. And being your 1st pregnancy you should go down pretty fast. You are doing awesome with the weight! Thanks and congrats!

  5. Jenn

    Please help me find my size!

    A) Pre-pregnancy weight & height.
    184 lbs & 5’1.5″
    B) Pre-pregnancy clothing size.
    C) How far along are you?
    39 weeks
    D) Pregnant with 1 or more babies? What # pregnancy is this for you?
    1 baby, 3rd pregnancy
    E) You pre-pregnancy waistline at it’s smallest part. The natural waistline.
    I do not know for sure but I think 31 inches.
    F ) Clothing size.
    I’m in a L or XL maternity clothing.
    G) Weight and waistline measurement at the current time.
    200 lbs, waist/belly is 46 inch. I have gained 16 lbs thus far in my pregnancy.

  6. Hannah

    Pre-weight/height: 5’4″ 145lbs
    Pre-pregnancy clothes size 8/10
    40 weeks pregnant
    1st pregnancy, 1 baby
    Dont know Pre-pregnancy waist line
    Size medium maternity, top & bottom
    Current weight: 172
    Current waist: 38″ (belly button)
    34″ (high waist)

  7. jackie

    I am looking to get the squeem firm compression vest and not sure what size to purchase. I am thinking a small…? If you could help me find a size that would be wonderful.
    Also, I heard squeem changed their original material that was once used for these garments and ppl are not as satisfied with the product. Have you heard anything about this change?

    I am 35 weeks pregnant
    pre pregnancy waist 26″
    pre pregnancy weight 123lbs,
    Height is 5’5-5’6
    Pre pregnancy size 26/27 (sz 4)
    s/m top. (I have big boobies naturally 34DD)
    1st baby
    current weight 160lbs
    current waist 39 from back to belly button
    Size M maternity legging, and L top
    I would also like to get a compression garment for my hips and thighs. Can you recommend anything that is like the squeem that provides firm compression in those areas?
    Thanks in advance :)

  8. Twinpossible

    Hi Jackie, you sound like a size small, as you are extremely comparable to me. No. I haven’t heard of any change in the materials (and I most definitely would have). I talk to Squeem several times a week. It’s a cotton/rubber blend garment. I’ve had zero complaints in the past or the present with the quality of the garment at all. I have only heard praises, and the only questions I get are about sizing and about binding in general, so I never heard of that at all. Perhaps, they are knock offs being sold by unauthorized resellers that people are complaining about. I can’t say for certain, I just know if you see these cheaper than on good, because it is impossible for them to sell AUTHENTIC Squeem garments any lower. They cannot be authroized resellers, and it may very well not be a legit product.

    And as far as ‘other garments’, I do sell all Squeem garments, even those not yet listed on my page. There was trouble with the HTML aspect, getting them into my store for some reason, and I’m adding a new store next week. It has more items in it (YAY!) They do offer other compression garments as well, if you are looking for thigh and hip compression. If you search online, meanwhile, and see anything from Squeem you like in that arena, I can get you the price for it and you can buy it through me and combine your purchase. Another popular compression brand is Spanx. I have no personal experience with these, but I hear they are great for that to.

    I hope this helps!!!

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