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3 Responses to “The Postpartum Belly: What To Expect After Giving Birth & How To Help Speed Up Your Post Baby Body Recovery”


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  1. Ashley Campbell

    Thank you for my new found hope

  2. SpyderCanopus

    My fiance is going to be hideous after this… Twins are a curse!!!!!

  3. Twinpossible

    I am glad she has such a supportive partner (yes, sarcasm). 1st off, she didn’t make twins on her own. Your ever eager sperm likely did that. 2nd, who the heck said she’d be hideous? I got back to exactly where I was with binding, no surgery, so why could she not do the same as me and many others have? And how could the woman that you love EVER be referred to as hideous? THAT makes you hideous! I hope she reads this and comes to her senses. 3) Twins are NOT a curse. I may have felt not-so-happy and petrified myself when pregnant, but I feel horribly guilty for that now. 6 years later I will say that twins are an absolute blessing. I hope you come to realize that sooner before later too, so you can be a good support for your almost wife and children to be.

    There is nothing worse than a woman who is pregnant, more especially with multiples, to feel like she doesn’t have support and compassion and a listening ear that she needs and deserves to get during this delicate time in her life. Please have a heart and be a better person about this.

    Just my 2 cents, sorry.

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