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3 Responses to “The Belly Button After Twin Pregnancy.”


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  1. Joe

    quite cute . enjoy the twins ( P.S. Kelly Ripa always had an ‘extreme’ outie… 😀

  2. STeve

    Hi. I see it has been about 6 months since you wrote this article. Thanks for much the time invested. Most interesting!

    I was hoping that by now you had found a “pre” navel picture to compare with your postpartum navel? It would be very nice to be able to see the changes.

    Please post it soon!

    PS You have a very lovely navel. Many belly buttons are no more interesting than an elbow, but yours has real personality! : ) It is a jewel all on its own without need of a belly ring!

  3. Todd

    Shelly,I found your site about a year ago and have been wanting to leave a comment for some time now.I’m hoping that what I want to comment on will not be offensive to you.Well,here goes.I absolutely adore Kelly Ripa!!!However,the above photo of her frustrates me to no end!As crazy as this is going to sound,let me explain it to you anyway because if I don’t I’ll never have a chance to see what it is I so desperately want to see.First off,I love to look at full term pregnant bellies,especially when there’s a jutting bellybutton emerging from them.To me they make a pregnant belly so much more appealing and pleasing to look at!!!Upon seeing the above photo of Kelly in that two piece bikini and that attention getting outie bellybutton of hers,one thought immediately came to mind.How AWESOMELY WONDERFUL it would be to see her pregnant belly at full term.I say that because to me her bod would look much more killer when pregnant.I can only imagine how glorious and majestic her big round protruding belly would look with the addition of her highly conspicuous positively pouting protrusion jutting from it!!!!!!PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE Shelly,see what you can do to get some tight close-up pregnancy pictures from her with her belly fully exposed.You could post them on your site and I would love you for life!!!You have my email address,so could you let me know if you’re going to ask her.PLEASE don’t keep me in suspence too long!THANK YOU SHELLY!!! Sincerely,Todd

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