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4 Responses to “The After Life & Your Loved Ones. Do You Believe? (OT, But Very Interesting!)”


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  1. I believe too!! I can’t count the amount of times my passed mother has touched my life. I can find myself hopeless and I have found letters from her to me when i was a teen DATED on the day I have it in my hands with a message in it so perfect. Other things have happened too, and I love it every time it does; makes me feel better as i know she can see my children grow up etc..

  2. Twinpossible

    Hey sweetie. Thanks for the reply! Isn’t that amazing. Absolutely nothing, and I mean, NOTHING shocks me…I’m completely bomb proof. That is very touching, and simply beautiful to read. Your mom is definately shining down upon you, sending you her love when you need it, and of course, her many words of wisdom like…’Don’t do anything stupid, I’m still right here, and I’m still your mother, no matter how old ya get:)’ *Smile*.

    Sounds like you had/have a really great mom. I so wish I was able to have a relationship like that, with my own, but she’s not that way, so all I can do, is be that type of mom to my own, is what it boils down to, however, not many a day goes by, that I don’t talk to a lovely grandma at the park, adoring their grandkids, and say jokingly ‘Please, please adopt me. I might be getting a little old, but I’m still cute, lol’ You were and ARE, so very lucky to have her!

    YES, I always think about my Grandma, and how much she loved children, and how I’m glad she didn’t have to see some of the horrible things I went through in life, and hurt for me, (But whose to know what parts of things, they see or don’t see, know or don’t know. Would God allow them to see our bad times?) Hopefully not, but I can’t tell, no proof there, until my own time, but, then I see my kids and wish she had known them, and like you just put into words, you remember, ‘Oh yeah, she still can see and know them’. I believe so.

    I picture heaven as this glorious place, with an area housing a gorgeous bay window, where moms are chatting to one another ‘Oh, and there’s my boy Lester, and his lovely wife, down there’, pointing towards earth, where everything is magnified, lol, and if they are needed, or called upon, they come to you.

    See, when I was a child I had several frightening experiences ‘Seeing things’. My brother joked ‘wake me up, I’ll go get ’em for ya’, but no one else could ever see. I remember my 4th, 5th, and 6th grade journals, were so captivating, full of these ‘Stories’, that the whole class just was fascinated by me, and would fight to read my journal over. It was all real stories, I just always wrote when I had no one to talk to at home, to get my feelings out.

    I went to private school, so naturally the teacher got into it, and he took me aside, and told me I had a very ‘special gift’. I didn’t want this so called gift, I mean it wasn’t as freakish as the movie the Sixth Sense, but it frightened me. He told me I had to make good use of my gift, but if I really felt like it was more bad then good, and it felt like it was, I could call on Jesus, and denounce it, and it would stop. Hard to believe, but I did try it, and I have never seen anything since, I saw my grandma at 11, all other signs have been without a ‘human’ apparition, but I wish I could’ve changed the way I treated poor Grandma. That I will always regret.

    I was not quite as popular after the journals started turning a bit plainer, lol, but oh well. Seein signs, finding things, a gentle breeze. Things that are soothing, not scary, are things that I wanted, nothing more. I wonder if it’s genetic, as my aunt has told me stories of her own, that she could write a book over. I don’t know, but I believe everyone who is open, to accepting signs from their loved ones, can and will get them, especially if your heart and eyes are open, and you are just ‘aware’, or things can be missed, or brushed off. Not everything is a bolt of light into the sky. If you completely close your mind to the after-life, I don’t think much of anything or anyone will penetrate through that barrier.

    Thanks again for sharing, I’m writing my own little novel here!


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