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3 Responses to “The 4 Things That Annoy Me About Having Twins! (NOT The Actual Babies Themselves!)”


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  1. I empathize. Really, I do. We bit the bullet when our third came along and bought a minivan. Seeing the swaggerwagon videos on YouTube helped ease the burn. Check it out if you haven’t already had a good laugh for the day. I like your idea for the car window signs but I think you may need to step it up because let’s face it, most people can be real jerks about parking…especially if they don’t have kids. I would go with a bold, “Got Projectile Vomit?” or “Beware: Flying Matchbox Cars”…I dunno, what do you think?

    following you thanks to today’s blog hop!

  2. Carli

    I have a set of twins, and I hate when people ask if they can touch my kids, like they are dogs or something. I hate that people feel the need to stop me from doing what I need to be doing while dealing with two 4 year old girls throwing tantrums to ask me stupid questions. But on the parking issue, I shop at Harris Teeter where I live. They have parking for mothers with young children.

  3. Twinpossible

    That’s smart. The only decent spaced parking here in NY is at Babies R Us, where they have some ‘expecting mother parking.’ I will admit to have gone into those spaces on occasion, because well..i just have to. I am expecting…I’m expecting a ding on my door when I come out, lol. But I really do think MANY more places should have parking, not just for pregnant moms but for moms with small kids, multiples, etc.

    I have kids come up to the stroller, and I mean since they were only newborns just sticking their hands inside of the stroller going to touch them, grab at their feet, take the nookies out of their mouths. I can’t blame a 2 year old, but there are much older kids who have been doing these things and still do and YES that annoys me, and what annoys me about the 2 year olds, is thet most of the time the parents say and do NOTHING to stop it. HELLO new babies here…get away. Who needs to get sick?

    I don’t know what the fascination is…well I always loved babies, so I guess I get part of it, but I NEVER would have touched any baby w/o permission. The other day some kid around 7 years old, comes and picks up my baby walking along in the store and starts walking with her. I was infuriated…even more so when the mom saw him, smiled at me and said ‘He always wanted a baby sister.’ UM…get your son off my baby!


    Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo Shelly

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