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  1. Chasity colon

    Hello! I just came across your YouTube post about myths/truths of DR. I have spent the last 10 years of my life caring for my 10 yr old, my 6 yr old, and my 3 ye old. I was pregnant once before my 10 yr old, but lost her at 5 months pregnant bc my cervix was too weak to support the weight. Not only did my doctor tell me my bulge that I had while pregnant with my 3 yr old was “considered cosmetic but will only heal with surgery,” but I also had another condition that not many doctors care to educate/check/have experience with which is my incompetent cervix. With each pregnancy after my first, I’ve had to have surgery during pregnancy to ensure my cervix could hold the weight of the babies. I was 20 when I had my 10 yr old, stayed at home bc my husband is military, and I went to school. Enter baby number 2, same story. Stayed home taking care of him, finished school. Enter baby number 3, complete shock, and just when I thought I was in the clear to start doing something for myself as far as a career, paying to go to the gym/trainer, saving for breast augmentation/tummy tuck, I’m back at home caring for him. However this time, he came with the bulge and many other problems. After pregnancy, my ab muscles were so weak, I had back pains, hip pains, groin pains, pelvic floor pains- you name it! But no doctor would listen 🙁 There was no way I could afford surgery now after 3 kids and no second income, so I’ve had to suck it up and try to work out on my own. However, I didn’t realize I was doing more harm than good. I thought I was being a baby bc exercises were too hard or painful, I thought I was weak bc I would see other new moms do more 🙁 But i am a lot more educated now, just still not able to afford much more than research at the moment! I just turned 30 and would love to use this time to get my body back! I would love the feeling of being able to walk around and not look pregnant all the time 🙁 I am blessed that I was able to at least afford to raise my babies myself regardless of all the other sacrifices that came with it. But thank you for this opportunity!!

  2. Hey there! You look amazing! I’ve been trying to work on my diastasis healing now for about a year. I’ve had my third baby boy July of last year. The oldest is nine, then an almost 3-year old, and the 1-year old. I was told by my ob/gyn that only surgery can heal a DR. I’m frustrated by that advise because of the opposite of what I read online. I’ve been doing the different ab exercises that are supposed to be safe (but clearly that’s not enough or I wouldn’t be here), and I’ve read about the different waist cinchers that can help. But I just haven’t had the “guts” to fork the money over for it. I don’t know if it’s guilt because it’s a cosmetic flaw now. But I think just because we are mommies doesn’t mean we don’t want to look and feel the best we can. And I certainly can’t afford the surgery – financially or the downtime with three boys and a hubby to take care of. I hope to have a belly like yours again one day! Thank you!!

  3. Aimee

    I’d love to try the Perfect Waist for myself. I love looking at your results. I want to look like that again to. It’s so nice to know that it can be as useful for me even after 3 c-sections and very close pregnancies. I have faith that this would help me so much.

  4. Valerie Sully

    This would be such a great garment for me. I have been pregnant 8 times over the past 12 years. I only have one child, my miracle baby boy. 4 losses were earlier on in the first and early 2nd trimester. 2 were in the middle of the second trimester (16 & 19 weeks.) 1 loss was a still birth at 37 weeks along. We thought we would never become parents.

    I feel guilty for worrying about my body after what God has given us, but all of the pregnancies have taken a toll on my body. I have gained over 50 pounds over the years. I went through depression and comfort-eating periods, and looking at my belly growing but not being pregnant didn’t help things. Other people complain when they get their child, and I was going through body changes and not having any baby to hold until February 1, 2013. The best day ever for us. It was such a long road. The doctor told us to stop trying, but we tried one last time. I know it was meant to be.

    I am 40 now and so it isn’t so easy to just lose the weight, lose the belly, flatten things out. I would really love to. Our Cody is certainly worth it, but I would like some more confidence in my life. I am not doing well in that department, and I think it shows to everybody, including my husband. I am hoping a Squeem could change things for me.

    I have seen your videos and your story. You definitely are inspiring. I appreciate the giveaway alot.

  5. Cece

    I need a Squeem badly. I have been thinking about buying one for too long. I battle with mummy tummy problems. I look 5 months pregnant, but my youngest is 8 years old. I think I have the abdominal separation that you speak of. I need to close that I guess to make my belly look like yours, or at least almost like that.

    There’s is so much negative information on the internet. Finding you was a total blessing. You made me believe that there is hope for this ugly problem. Thanks!

  6. Anna

    I would love to win a squeem binder. i’m 36, had 5 kids and have a jelly belly because of it. it still sticks out after 4 years now. The squeem looks magical. i’d love to try one.

  7. Michelle Thomas

    I have been needing something like this for years now. I had two children, both very large babies due to gestational diabetes in my early 20’s. That took quite a toll on my body. I also suffered a diastasis but the doctors never told me I had it so I just went around with people thinking I was pregnant when I really wasn’t.

    I tried losing weight and did pilates and abdominal crunches never knowing I was harming myself further. The rest of my body started looking toned while my belly was even more swollen looking. It’s bad enough I have silvery zebra stripes everywhere but to always wear swing tops trying to hide your gut and pray the wind doesn’t blow your top to your stomach is really hard to deal with. I get asked all of the time if I am pregnant no matter how hard I tru to conceal it.

    I was referred by my gynecologist to a physical therapist who told me that I have an 8 finger separation. Since they are saying that diastasis repair isn’t a necessity the insurance companies act like it is a cosmetic procedure and won’t pay. I have read on here that you can get hernias with a separation so how is it not a medical problem? Mine is really bad to. I guess they wait for something bad to happen before they will help you.

    Me and my 1st husband separated back in 2009 and I am with someone new now. My self esteem was very low from my body after the kids but my husband also was fooling around with other women which made things much worse. He didn’t like the way I looked anymore and he let me know it.

    I have a much better man now but he’s currently out of work and I make things on Etsy for a living and business has been very slow. We definitely can’t afford surgery or much of anything right now. This would be such an incredible gift.

    I have seen so many positive Squeem stories. My physical therapist is actually the one who told me about twinpossible. Word really gets around. Maybe she bought a binder from you I don’t know. I’m very glad that she did tell me because I am sick of crying when I look in the mirror and covering up. All I hear is surgery and more surgery and the pain and expense. I just want to feel normal again. You have given me hope that that may happen.

    I’m only 31 but I’m not living life to the fullest like I would like to. My kids suffer and its not fair to them either. Sometimes I feel like a bad mom because I limit myself so much in the places I will go and things I will do. Thanks for giving me and other women something to hope for.

    If I could email you my photo and get your opinion let me know please? I saw the exercises on your You Tube channel and already have started them.

  8. wendy

    Hi, am interested in ordering the squeem.
    have questions, can you help?

  9. Twinpossible

    Yes, please send me an email so I can send you the questions I ask to help out with sizing.


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