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6 Responses to “Stressed Out Mom? You Are Human..Congratulations!”


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  1. Nice list. And so true. I enjoyed being a mom… I just prayed myself through all the stresses. Yep, it was hard, especially since I was divorced and doing it all as a single mom. But my reward is that they are throwing their socks elsewhere and picking them up themselves now. And now I get to be gramma without all the extra work. LOL!

    Visiting via Wednesday’s Walk. Thank you for sharing with us! ♥

  2. Yes, being a mom is a stressful job!!

  3. Shelly

    Thank you sweetie!

    Oh my…I was there once myself (Being a single mom), though I was quite young, and had A LOT more patience and energy, though I still keep up fairly well, lol, but seriously, right now, I can’t begin to imagine going back to that, and now with 3 more in tow. I don’t think I could do it, but I have a friend who does it with 3 kids, and manages somehow…God bless her, I always tell her, and you included in this, and ALL single mommies, are the most admirable of all moms. It’s TOUGH!!! Hard enough WITH a partner, but ya know, I always say, better to be in no relationship, then in an unhappy one.

    I don’t believe in ‘Staying together for the kids’, because my parents say that is what they did for 15 years of my life, for US, and it was by a country mile, more damaging to us, then them splitting up, 15 years earlier (If they had). Alone, they are much better people. Not perfect by far, but MUCH better! *Smile*.

    Their anger, fighting, and head games, were far worse, so I’m a big believer, in be happy, or go, no matter how much money you fear you may lose, the any internal fears of being on your own, that you may have. You are stronger then you know, and I think you know that now, don’t you? This is coming from someone who spent 6 years in an abusive relationship, that nearly killed me.

    THAT was the only 6 years of life, and that was too long in my opinion. That time, I’ll NEVER waste on a man, being miserable and unhappy, in ANY relationship, ever again. I hate myself for that time wasted, I can’t imagine my parents who wasted over 20 yrs, and those who waste even more, unhappy. No real physical abuse, but still, it doesn’t have to involve fists to still be, in some ways abusive.

    I believe in BEING HAPPY, and the things I used to tolerate, cheating, hitting, etc. etc…I wouldn’t put up with ANY OF IT!!! Hub knows it. I was unhappy for too long, and would walk away, if he made me unhappy and not for any huge reason like that, just for any reason, like we just start growing apart, or I caught him with porn or something, etc etc…lol (Though for the record I don’t believe would ever happen, w/ this man!) BTDT though w/ another loser. Sorry TMI.

    Anyhow…just BE yourself, respect yourself and love your kids enough to choose your future, and if that means being alone for awhile, then you do just that. You deserve nothing but the very best and so do they, but it seems they already have the best:)

    I can’t WAIT to be grandma…unfortunately, aside from my son, I’m gonna be an old grandma…well, older then I would like to be, but hey…it goes fast, doesn’t it?? God bless you honey!

    Sorry so long, I’m a big lover of the keyboard!!


  4. Hi there,
    I was searching for google images of stressed out moms for nanowrimo novel writing book and what an awesome picture! Funny part is when i went to the site you are a twin mom TOO. How applicable! Hope all is wellll….


  5. Twinpossible

    How cool, and very ironic. If you have a web site to, I’d love to know about it. Us multiple mommies need to stick together!! Holiday blessings right back at ya:)

    Hugs, Shelly

  6. Bridget

    It’s a tough morning with my almost three year old twins. God help me!I know this too shall pass. Time to go to the Children’s Museum!That will help.

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