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2 Responses to “Stress On A Marriage With Twin Toddlers. Ways To Survive It!”


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  1. My twins are only five months old, but I definitely needed these reminders. My big question in life is how to get more patience!

  2. Twinpossible

    That’s an age old question with very few answers. It kind of has to come from within. Perhaps some yoga or meditation could help? Take a little time out to destress yourself. Buy something for YOU shopping, get your nails done, though I’m a hypocrite because it’s been FOREVER since I had my own done. Go and take a Zumba class. I REALLY enjoy that small amount of time away, plus exercise releases happy hormones and makes you feel better about yourself. I think the little things help you create more balance, so you don’t lose sight of who you were and still are, and bring with it, more happiness and overall patience. It is a virtue!

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