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9 Responses to “Stork Bites, ‘Angel Kisses’, On Babies Face!”


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  1. Nancy


    I have two children, not twins who are now 11 and 9. Both were born with the exact same v shaped stork bites. I was also told that they fade over time and usually within the first year. I was similarly concerned about the effects these marks would have on my children at school, etc.

    I can tell you these red v marks never faded. Nope, not at all. They are very noticeable and tend to get bright under stress – heavy exercise or crying, etc.

    But the children at school never mention them. My kids never really see them when they look in the mirror and are not in the least bit bothered by them. In fact, on the rarest of occasions when my husband or I point them out, they see them as something that they both have as being some sort of a sign that makes them special.

    It is possible that some day in the future when they are more concerned about their looks, this may become something they don’t like, but so far no concerns.

    I expect that if and when that day comes, I will simply tell them to grow their bangs long; or with my daughter, to wear a little powder and it will cover it a little if it really bothers.

  2. Mr. Sandal

    I also have it. I am 23 years old now. I am proud of it. I love it. Never try to make an operation to hide it or delete it( if possible). I think your babies will like these signs too.

    They will make them feel themselves special. 🙂

    Best regards to you and your babies. They are very special babies. Go will bless them during all their life. Let them be open and receive the all beauties of life. And love them too much.

    Much love to you, your husband and your babies.

  3. Ustanak

    I am a father of a 6 year old boy and a 20 month old daughter and they both have that V mark on their forehead and i think it will not fade away, when they are sleeping are barely visible but when they run, play in the sunlight,get mad or angry the marks show up in a matter of seconds. never seen it before in my life and i read that it was probably due to the use of forceps but the boy was born naturally and the girl was a C section so i think it has nothing to do with the forceps or anything like that. they both are very healthy kids, so i dont think parents should worry about it but get used to it and like a read in a prior comment, better teach them its something special so they can put up with the bullying in case it happens, so far nobody has said anything to my son in school, hope it stays that way.

  4. Twinpossible

    Wonderful comment thank you. At 2 and 1/2 now, Allie’s is quite faint, her V now. But I’d actually miss it now if there were no trace of it. I kiss it. She has a lot of hair including bangs, so I have to pull her hair up and smootch, and she gets mad, lol, but it’s ‘Allie.’ Annie’s are all gone. The V on Allie is the only one you can still see. I’m certain she was kissed by angels:). I don’t think it has anything to do with forceps either. I never had them used. God bless:) xoxo.

  5. r*

    Hi to everyone, I just want to let everyone know about that the “V” mark on the forehead will only seem to fade but will never really disappears. In fact, it reappears every time the person becomes deeply infuriated emotionally. I should know because I have it myself and am 34 years old. My mother was told the same thing when I was born that it should disappear like any other birthmark but apparently, it didn’t and I condcluded that it isn’t a birthmark. It is a spiritual marking and a special symbol that some souls bear. So do not fear, it is better to call it an “angel” mark if it should please you as your children are somewhat special beings, have special knowledge, and a special kind of love/devotion as you will see for yourself in the years to come as they age. They have a vast amount of wisdom in them already and are here to share it, guide them but don’t control them, there is a fine line between the two which most people will learn the difference through their personal relationship with the individual who bears the “V” mark and plus some. As parents of these children, you are very blessed to have such a child in your family, and I wish you all love and light.

  6. donna

    I’m going on 30 in a few days and I still have mine. It shows up when I’m mad… Cold… Too hot or sick. It is not as prominent but people occasionally notice it. Nothing embarrassing though. I actually like it, I was the only kid I knew with it 😉

  7. I had “stork bites” when I was born. I am almost 19 now and they still show up when I get angry or really frustrated. It’s nothing to worry about!

  8. Priyanka

    Hi, does still your kid has birthmark. My son is close to one and half and still it is v shape mark there.. Please let me does it faded for urs

  9. Eva

    I have a friend of mine who is in her 40s has a v shape birth mark to. And her dr called it the mark of the gypsies

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