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  1. Sara

    My midwife mentioned the idea of belly binding to me at my last prenatal visit. She could not recommend it highly enough. I am pregnant with my 6th child. My last two pregnancies ended as miscarriages and so my body has definitely been back and forth with growing and shrinking in the last two years. I would absolutely love to try this binder as my post-partum cramping with each pregnancy has increased and I hear belly binding will help with that. I also have three other children to take care of along with the newborn coming, so feeling like I can move around more easily with the support of the belly binder would be wonderful. As I get older, I’m sure the recovery of my abs will take longer and I would love all the help I can get. Thank you for offering this giveaway! It would be a huge blessing to win!

  2. Linda Bradshaw

    I had stomach surgery and they had to cut me from all the way at front. They stitched my stomach muscles and mesh to my ribs. My lower stomach needs help now. This would actually help.

  3. Deanna

    I had my 1st baby 11 years ago. Sadly, he passed away from SIDS at 4 months old. We were and still are devastated. It took me over 3 years to get my weight back and my body back, and I would love to get it back much sooner this time around. I was stress eating, and we tried to get pregnant again sooner, but it just didn’t happen. God gave us a miracle all of these years later.

    I’m 41 now so I am concerned about how I may bounce back at my age. I definitely wanted to buy one of these garments for after delivery. Thanks for this opportunity to win one, but if I don’t I will definitely buy one.

  4. Clara Moody

    would love to win this for after my twins are born. I had a a horrible diastasis after my last baby. I also had a very bad tear and needed surgical intervention, so I’m scared of that to. We didn’t plan this pregnancy. When I found out it was twins I cried and said I couldn’t do this. I happened upon your site when I needed it the most. Thank you for the inspiration and hope you bring to others like me. God bless.

  5. Michelle M

    I have been following you on and off for a couple of years. I used to watch your YouTube videos for closing my diastasis recti. They became a part of my exercise routine. I would love to try the squeem to help with my diastasis. I am glad to see you have maintained your results!

  6. perpetua (from nigeria)






  7. Jessica

    I had just started to lose weight when I got pregnant again. I too have diastis recti from my previous pregnancies, and worry about doing the wrong exercises and making it worse. With 4 kids and 1 on the way, shelling out $60-70 for a tummy wrap, no matter how fantastic it is, just isn’t going to happen. So, this would be the only way for me to get one.

    And, if I could get rid of that pouch that just won’t go away, I’d sure be one happy momma!

  8. Sherry J

    I am a 34 year old mother of three beautiful children with the ages of 14, 9 and 9 months old. As like many other Moms, I feel my mid section is getting bigger with each child I have and just doesn’t match the rest of my body and has really brought down my self esteem. I feel embarrassed to wear t shirts and especially tank tops. I would really love to try this product. I have watched your YouTube videos and they look promising but I will admit I am skeptical on ordering because that is a lot of money. Thank you!

  9. Jaime L

    I have 4 boys that are all 18 months and younger apart in age and it shows. We are finally pregnant with our 1st little princess now, but my poor body has really been through the war from all of my pregnancies. I have extra skin, weight I never could lose, and I used to be in great shape before I had them. I have a mummy tummy I believe you call it. I look pregnant even when I am not. I have cried to my partner before about how people would ask me if I was expecting when I wasn’t expecting at all.

    We can’t afford surgery or even a binder right now with such a large family. I would be very grateful to win this Squeem giveaway. I have heard so many great things about these and have seen your amazing results. I think it would help me a lot after I have my little girl in August. I don’t want to cry anymore. I just want to feel normal again and happy in my own skin.

    This is our last baby so if I could get even just 1/2 of my confidence back again it would be an incredible feeling.

  10. Stephanie Bingham

    I had two c-sections in 2 years. My belly looks awful. I don’t wear a 2 pc. swimsuit any longer beacause of it. I would definetely love to win this. I was looking to buy one but to win one would be great. Thanks!

  11. Twinpossible

    OMG.. there are a few really touching stories here that I am fighting with in my brain here. You all are winners. I wish I could give you each one, but right now I can’t one day that may change (I pray). I love to help others.. it is my passion. I will have my decision by tomorrow morning.. 9am EST. Right now I am really having a time of it and want to give more than one, seriously. UGH! This is hard. There will be another giveaway in a couple of months, just so you know to watch out for it. Right now I am pondering.

    I will return. Thanks for all of the wonderful entries. May life bring you nothing but joy, health and happiness!!

  12. Twinpossible

    OK, my apologies. This is very hard. If things weren’t tight with my husband out of work, I would pick 3 of you because the stories touched me so much. I’m picking one winner (hard as it was to do) and for everybody else who entered I am offering up an unheard of extra 10% discount beneath the low prices allowed for resellers, so you are getting a great deal for an authentic garment. I do this more to help others than to make money, so I haven’t raised any ship costs or anything in order to help people save $$ and still get the chance to look and feel their very best. You can email me for the special coupon codes for you guys only.

    OK.. I was dying about the SIDS, what a story. I pray for a healthy, happy baby for you my dear. You totally deserve it. The story that touched me most about the need for the Squeem in general was from Jaime L. That is exactly what the Squeem is for, to renew confidence, and end the tears of feeling awful from a pregnant-looking mid-section.. I cry to my husband about my own insecurities. He’s such a great man, I’m glad you also have the same. It’s a devestating thing, and I hope you find great success (actually I know you will) with your free, new belly binder.. congrats. Sara was a super close second. I’m dying cause I really want to give one out to you to. I wish I could right now. This is like my worst time of year financially, but please do come back for the next giveaway or take advantage of the discount because you sound amazing and I am soo sorry about your miscarriages :(. I know how awful it is.

    OK Jaime, email me or if I don’t hear from you within 48 hours I will email you myself. I got a crazy day ahead of me, but if you don’t see this, no worries.. I will hunt you down :).

    Thanks so much, and if anybody wants the extra discount just send me a message here or an email.

    Thanks to all. You are ALL beautiful, body, mind & soul.


  13. Jalpa Bagadia

    Hi Shelly,

    I am a mum to a 9 year old and I never lost the horrendous Mum Tum! I tried all possible exercises….in Vain!!

    And today I read an article in the newspaper where I learnt about tupler technique. Started reading and searching on the internet and found your you tube video and that’s how I learnt about Diastasis Recti!! I did the self check and I am 5 fingers in! I would totally be thrilled to win the product, I will be ordering another anyway to wear on alternate days.

    I’ve suffered with back pain, and the ugly tummy pop has affected my sex life too! I am furious at the doctors for not telling people about it. But I’m ever so grateful to you. Thank you!

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