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One Response to “Some Hope For Those Fighting To Keep Their Twins Together In School (UPDATE)”


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  1. Rachel

    Oh behalf of twins everywhere, thank you!
    My sister and I are now grown and lead very different lives, but we very much needed eachother at your daughters age. Our parents asked us every year if we wanted to be together/separated. We chose together/apart varying year to year. Looking back, I realize that though the ‘experts’ at the time recommended separation from day one – having the other sister around was great for many things: school work motivation, we helped eachother quite a lot (showing eachother in our twin style way)new concepts/skills, comfort, and had the opportunity to see the other sister try new things which provided more confidence. We had our own core groups of friends, but it was always nice knowing your sister was there. The years we were split up; we looked forward to sharing our day with eachother and had our own persona (not part of a set). I apologize for the lengthy comment, but it’s rather difficult to explain objectively unless ‘you’ are a multiple.

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