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32 Responses to “Shark Tank’s Daymond John’s Free Workshop = Massive Disappointment”


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  1. Shelly,
    You don’t know me. I don’t know you. That said, you couldn’t be more wrong! I went to the same “free” seminar you did, but in my city. (Indianapolis.) It was NOT “all about the money.” Your presenters did a terrible job, or you apparently didn’t listen!
    The “free seminar” is just that . . . FREE! In ours, they shared at least 3 techniques that would help your business at the free seminar, so you got MUCH MORE than you PAID FOR! Yes, they discussed the 3-day and what would be included in that seminar . . . That IS, after all, how they pay for the advertising, location, and the printed materials you received for FREE!
    Our company is in the “same boat as you.” We didn’t have $1500 to spend on a 3-day seminar. It took us 30 days to raise the money, and another 30 days before we could actually go (Because we had to raise more money for hotels, food, gas, etc.) but we managed to do it and go.
    I was EXTREMEMLY skeptical about going, but within 1-hour of being there, they had already taught us more about moving our business forward than I had learned in MANY of these types of “business seminars” from the past! Over the entire 3-day weekend, we were filled with practical, useful knowledge on how to progress our business!! Yes, there is a coaching program that you can move into after the 3-day – It can actually cost upwards of $40,000! BUT, over the 3-day weekend, they spent LESS THAN 45 MINUTES discussing these plans and even gave us the opportunity to leave if we did not want to listen to that information!!!
    I believe that your “review” of the Daymond John Academy is not only short sighted and unfair, but is blatantly wrong! I have been in business for myself for more than 25 years. I have owned more then 5 businesses and this FREE & 3-Day seminar from The Daymond John Academy was some of the BEST training I have ever received!

  2. Twinpossible

    Sorry sir, but his sounds like a total plug for the company by the company itself. I know what I heard and heard it from tons of other people after the fact, it was not just personal experience. However, my husband can vouche that we were both quite lucid at the conference. I would not spend a dime on such a scam, and I encourage others to not do the same. If you had the kind of money it takes to persue things via that route, you really wouldn’t need Daymond’s advice so badly. You could hire personal help and lawyers for patents etc. This definitely is coming from Daymond’s own camp. This I am certain of. I’ll allow the comment for others to add to and/or draw their own conclusions from.

    For us, it just goes to show that you really don’t get anything in life for free. There is always a selling point, and he is cleaning up on this one. (Like he didn’t have enough money to start with.) It clouded my personal opinion of him, but I am glad you are happy in the .0000001% chance that you are a truthful, average person such as myself. Notice the odds there.

    Best wishes though!

  3. john

    To Mark Norton, you are totally incorrect. this is a scam by the Damon John Academy. they are good talkers, good scam artists with suites, they do take the money and act like they are doing you a favor. they did this to me personally. I did go to the academy, and paid 1500 dollars, they promised the world, I also paid 25000 dollars to take my business to the next level. Never happened. I am out 25000 dollars that I have to pay back as a loan to a bank. they procrastinate, make up excuses, push you around, don’t return phone calls, and make up connections that don’t even exist. this is a warning to everyone, shark tank and damon john academy is a scam. dont fall for any information that they give you. No I did not learn anything from their academy, but they promised to take my business to another level which it never happened. NEVER. don’t feed these people, they are scam artists.

  4. David

    I sent my daughter to this Dayond John’s Launch Academy in Austin Tx. It’s all branded as if Daymond would be presenting…..He never showed! It was another guest speaker no one have ever heard of. This is a scam!!! Yes it was free to get in but we would like 2.5 hours that Daymond John robbed from my family. You get what you pay for and it WASNT Daymond John

    Beware: Do not attend!

  5. May

    In my area they are promising lunch, a free MP3 player and entry to win an iPad if u at one of the first few to sign up.

    How long ago did u go? How was the lunch? How many people showed up at your session? Did you receive functioning items/promised freebie? I almost want to go to get an MP3 player so I can learn how to use one.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences – I was registered for Monday February 8 at 6 pm for the free seminar in Temecula California at the Wilson Winery – needless to say I have decided not to attend. If they had been more upfront with us and told us it was a promo for further services I may have still attended. I truly appreciate the honest reviews.

  7. Female Entrepreneur

    Please be truthful, that’s all I ask. I am successful, without the expense of other people and that is why I never stop educating myself. I came to this FREE workshop, RSVP and when I arrived, it was chaotic and extremely disorganized. Sure, long line to sign in yet no one monitors whether you rsvp or not. 2nd strike- not enough seats and you know why. 3rd Strike- where is Damon? Speaking from a pre-recorded Video, followed by Chloe Kardashin, and their team will do the presentation. 4th- slide presentation about the workshop. Check this out, this is an on and off slide presentation literally. Present or reads and blank the screen. So if your trying to write notes or ideas to take with you to make an intellectual decision if this is for you or not, sorry. I have never seen a presentation like this in my lifetime. They would pause and keep screen up, but not on this one.5th- no substance, no tenacity, no excitement and nothing learned. It’s alright to listen to a few testimonials, normal; but for the presentor to tell me his life and call people BROKE, made me so furious. I was hoping for presentor to talk about me, and the audience ready to change mindset and realize how this program can be a stepping stone. Anyway, it was a humiliating experience as I keep on hearing presentor say that it’s time to buy their 3 day coaching and stop attending a FREE seat. I observed from start to finish and I was devastated on how they prey on people who probably don’t even have a clue on what their game plan is all about. All they hear is their $4k to turn into a million. A lot of people left and presentor started calling out interested people who does not have the money to sign up for their 3 day workshop. He said that he’ll give them Five days to come up with the money. I thought he will give these people a break or terms, nope. After witnessing all these unbelievable …., I went to the 3 day sign up and pay desk and ask if it will be Damon to conduct the workshop? He said NO. I left and I’ve seen enough. It hurts but this is business for them and their show must go on. Sometimes emotion comes first before realizing what makes sense. My 2 cents

  8. Twinpossible

    AMEN!! That is a great comment. I thank you for sharing your personal experience. Sorry you had to go and waste your time, but glad they did not reel you in!!!! xoxo

  9. Rajkumar

    Waste of time. Don’t go!
    Watch Shark tank instead 😉

  10. Twinpossible

    I agree. I do still enjoy the show, no lies there. I just wish rich people like Damon HONESTLY not falsely had big enough hearts to really want to help those who started where they (he) did. I really thought because of his past he would really care about us ‘little guys’. But it’s all about making more and more of the almighty dollar, even to him. It’s sad how money changes people so much. I wouldn’t want to have that much money if that is what it would do to me, but I doubt that it would. I would be helping others all of the time.

    But yeah, I can’t knock the show. It is a good one, and you can learn something from it. Just bypass the free meetings. Glad others here chimed in to help people save their time and gas as well.

  11. Jake

    I haven’t been to this one but went to the flipping formula free seminar and same mumbo jumbo was their game. Offering a 3 day seminar after the free 1 for 1997.00 mind you the free seminar offered the same free MP player and a sign up for an IPAD! Lmao lol hahahaha. Sorry but I had to laugh because it’s quite ironic that my wife and I attended the 3 day “workshop” and began to get skeptical after the first couple hours. They also used TV stars in the marketing approach only it was the Flipping Boston guys instead . Well we weren’t silly enough to believe the next 20 to 40k would get us anymore knowledge on the game they were running on us. But I only started checking on Mr. Johns seminar because the staff at the flipping formula seminar had mentioned him as being one of their close friends who would be talking to us at on of the other workshops on a later date. Well I was so convinced that they were taking advantage of the less knowledgeable people in the room that I wanted to see if Daymond John was indeed doing the same thing and what do you know he is implementing the same game! Wow what a convenience to be doing the exact same thing offering the same courses for the same money on different ways to go about getting rich quick lmao these guys are excellent speakers but this is for sure a real deal hustle! I’ve done some homework and found out that these guys are a corporation called Premier Mentoring Inc. I willing to believe the guys at the launch Academy operate under some sort of the same umbrella since they are using the same tactics and pricing! I mean our speakers even used Daymond as leverage for the next level of the workshops

  12. Murial Moore

    I attended the DJ Launch Academy free Orientation in Jan., followed by the 3-day Workshop costing $997., complete with pre-workshop books and homework for attendees. I, like most people attending the Workshop, did not do diligence of checking DJ’s Launch Academy for reviews from past participants.

    Day 1, we were asked to call our credit card companies (with a prepared script) and ask for credit increases and/or lower interest rates. I got it then, a lot of rah, rah cumba-yah for the rest of the session. Not surprising when day-3 the next monetary bombshell drops about ‘bootcamp’ and one-on-one mentorship with another business person (not Damien John),and a trip to Vegas to showcase your product/service to investors for a mere $23K. To bad my product is not the light bulb, cause most attendees got it, FRAUD/SCAM. Some people continued on, and wish them well. We need to rely more on those tools (internet) to do diligence and research free on line courses, look at local grant monies available to help complete that vision.

    Not 1 time during the 3-day workshop did we open the thick work books with our homework assignment. Not 1 time were the books even referred to, filled with hopes dreams, goals needing direction to get to the next level. Shame off me; I got TRUMP-ed

  13. horatio fisk

    And people thought Trump University was a scam… LOL.

  14. Twinpossible

    LOL. True, true.

  15. Lar

    Come on folks, give me a break. How would you not realize up front that no one does these free seminars, which obviously cost them money to give, without selling a follow-up weekend course or more, which always is for at least thousands? If you didn’t learn anything useful during the free session, then that’s OK, just say thanks, enjoy the free coffee or water most give out, and that’s that. If you did learn something and wanted more, then fine, ask about a guarantee before you fork over any bucks, and most will offer something or a free trial half day. I’ve been invited over the years to many, many, such things, and the few I attended always had some value to me, although I typically didn’t spend more than possibly buying the presenter’s book in a book store afterwards. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but I’ve gone to such things for real estate, health insurance, investment courses or newsletters, website development, software, etc., etc., etc. If you’re a gambler type, and have the money, then go ahead and sign up, but understand t hat nothing is guaranteed, you may or may not get your money’s worth. I’d assume that most people alive would have learned by now how such free intro sessions work. And sadly, not everyone will get the same value from any such things, be they Trump U., or now apparently Daymond U, or anything else. Oh well, at least the others reading this learned the basic lesson of business, caveat emptor, let the buyer beware.

  16. Wow

    This is one of the saddest scams out there. While sitting in on the free seminar, I was looking at the other attendees and they were really hooked. I felt horrible that these naive people were buying into to the program. Our speaker was a professional speaker and not a businessman. When our speaker stated that $4,000 was not a lot of money, we started to laugh because we knew that was going to be the price for the next step. Then, when he stated 20% interest rate was not that bad, we realized that he wasn’t going after people that had the cash but instead he was targeting the people that had to put it on their credit card. This seminar should be considered a crime. To top it all off, they “planted” people in the audience, typically in the first 4-6 rows, to race to the back of the room to sign up to make you feel that it must be a wise investment if so many people are signing up. Daymond John should cut ties with this business because it prays on the people that are already in a poor financial situation.

  17. Feel cheated

    I attended today in Worcestet, MA and was expecting ore. They are correct that a team is needed but a team should not cost $20,000. I had a question after the seminar. I asked one of the guys helping if I get more mo n ey in the future can I call and get in on the 3 day semijer. He didn’t look me on the eye. He just said call the number in the brochure. Then he looked at a potentially recruit in the distance and just walked away. I felt humiliated. If you dob’t have the money, they won’t give you the time of day. It’s basically a sales pitch. I can’t believe after 90 minutes that people would just write their credit card info down and give away $2,000. They are the ones running a successful business. My library has a lot of free resources on starting a business. I’ll start there. Their brochure said refreshments would be served. It’s just water. And who used MP3 players anymore. Smart phones do the same or even better job. I still like Damon, but not this business he’s promoting.

  18. I just attended the free workshop yesterday. This is the first time the Launch Academy is coming into Canada.
    Much of what I’ve read so far posted here sounds accurate. It was 2 hours of hype, no content at all and promises of what the real workshop can give you. Then the bomb $4000 for 3 days but they’d discount it to $1997. What!?!
    I ended up signing up to see what the weekend actually provided. I got the booklet with the homework and vague statements about how I would learn to increase my brand etc. Nothing about the workshop agenda. I mean nothing except the start time on the first day. When dis it end? Do they provide lunch? What topics are covered?
    I’m getting my money back today. I don’t want any part of this.

  19. I wanted to add one more thing. Two of the “workshop staff” told me that they owned their own businesses. One was a woman in her 20s who is launching a product line. I spoke to her before the event. After I got home, I wondered why she was working for DJ Launch Academy when she had her own business to run. Seems like they recruit from the attendees of their paid workshops because several of the other workshop staff also mentioned they had businesses. Begs the question–then why are you working for DJ instead of for yourself?

  20. Ron

    Wow thanks for internet and doing my dd I went to the free seminar and was about to sign up for the training camp thanks everyone for your post.
    Yes it’s a shame DJ would put his name on this is their any real people out there willing to
    Help hard working people like us without trying to scam us….
    I had made thousands of dollars and lost it all to scams like this.
    I am happy for taking my time to do my research……

  21. Cassie

    In most cases people pay money to use the name. So this course is offered by Kevin Harrington a business expert. He probably paid to have the rights to use Shark tank’s name. Just remember the cost of these hotels are not free so they gotta make money somehow. So when you are invited to a FREE WORKSHOP just know they are selling something. Google what they are selling and decide in ADVANCE if you want to attend. I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the advertisement and saw “these events are not sponsored or affiliated with the network” “Sharkbusiness workshop cannot verify the validity of the students in marketing materials statements” that they do not guarantee that the

  22. Natalie

    I went to the seminar in Nashville, TN with my own personal understanding that there would be other fees that would come along with this *FREE* academy. The speaker was great, very personable and at NO time crammed selling the three day academy down our throats. He offered very good practical advice from changing my mindset about how to market my business to how to redo my business cards (as well as offering a simple quick role play of HOW to successfully give out my business card to get actual customers to get in touch with me). Afterwards I had a very good one-on-one conversation with another of the academy staff who asked about my business and shared with me his business success. I was unable to purchase the $1995.00 deal and NOT at any time felt pressured to do so or belittled because I could not. I garnered a lot of quick and easy tips that I can immediately put in place to give some traction to my business. I canNOT speak to others’ bad experiences with DJ Academy, all I can so is testify with my own. I would have felt very comfortable in purchasing the next level for the academy, and within the next year, I will be able to for my business. I guess my experience is an anomaly (based on the other posts), but I can ONLY speak to my truth. I went in expecting the “Truth” for me and my business and the DJ FREE Academy did deliver!

  23. Glenn Ralph

    I attended the seminar today. 90 minutes of a “hard sell” from some pushy salesman trying to get $4,000 from people. The material I read before I signed up stated they will teach you all kinds of things. Well, they taught NOTHING. It was all one big sales pitch to scam people out of money. Daymond should be ashamed of himself. He’s worth $250 MILLION. He’s a greedy scumbag as far as I’m concerned. I’m glad I didn’t give them a penny.

  24. I was at the Nashville event as well. Did a review on my podcast, which is at if you’re interested.

    Interesting to read the comments here. I am going to do a followup and will mention this page.

  25. Richard Gordon

    I received 2 tickets in the mail to attend the event in Sacramento Ca Aug 27, 2016. Ticket “value” $147, cost free. Thanks everyone for the input. Saved my loosing a weekend with my wife. I think we will drive to Tahoe instead.

  26. Michael

    I wish you the best in your business. Having worked as an assistant business coach to a person who charged $20,000 to $40,000 to small businesses, I learned a lot. I also have owned and operated small businesses which I have sold and then coached the new owners to success. There are many business coaches out there who run legitimate businesses and some are only in it for the big bucks. That’s why I developed a program for small businesses. I charge $500 for a 5 week session – sure I could charge $10,000 but why? The small business owner needs help – they don’t have money to spend on high dollar sessions. I developed my on-call coaching system to provide help when you need it not tie you down to some long term high dollar commitment.

  27. Twinpossible

    GOOD FOR YOU! The ‘little guys’ just starting out simply cannot afford those crazy prices with Daymond John. And besides that, it isn’t even WITH Daymond, as people are meant to believe, so the fancy prices are absolutely a ploy to suck innocent people’s wallets dry. I thank you for showing concern and honesty to the potential business men and women of the world!!

  28. Dave CZ

    I too was planning to attend the Sacramento “free” seminar. I didn’t see any mention in the literature that Daymond would not be present. And then it dawned on me that this is most likely a way to get our money. I went to the Internet to read for myself. So glad I found this link. I will not be attending the Sacramento seminar this month. The BBB even had dirt on this group. Thanks for all the good info here.

  29. judy barry

    I also am out out $2,000
    anyone interested in filing a class act law suit please contact me 781 385 1463

  30. Badger Fan

    I attended this event in Madison WI yesterday. I’ve never had anyone insult me as much as “Steve Payne” did. If I had a dollar for every time he called me BROKE I could hire a real professional to run my business. Or every time he said “If you don’t like what I’m saying, get the hell out. I don’t care”. It’s funny to me that he spent 90 minutes talking about how to get away with not paying taxes, and “I don’t own anything, I don’t do anything. Try to sue me, you’ll never find me”. But then promised your money back if they didn’t help you make $8K in sales. I doubt Steve was even his real name.

    After thinking about this last night, I believe the people in the room that rushed to the back to supposedly sign contracts were part of the scam. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t go back for the evening session, as I’m reasonably certain I would have seen the same people there.

    It’s interesting to me though…there were no promised freebies. No iPads, MP3 plays etc…but the price to join in Madison was closer the $3K. Funny how the price pays. I’d love to know who this guy really was, and I’m glad he didn’t get a dime of my money.

  31. Cindy Fredrickson

    I signed up for a DJ launch seminar in hopes it would at least deliver inspiration to a young entrepreneur. I guessed that the great DJ would not actually be there, and was well aware that free seminars are usually teasers for selling something.
    So, I finally googled this, on the day before the one hour drive downtown for the seminar, “Damond John Academy what is it about?” Found this blog, and similar post on reddit.
    We’ll pass. That’s one spiel we will not miss.

  32. Twinpossible

    I am really glad that this helped you save time, money and frustration :). God bless. You can do it without spending an arm and a leg on an obvious scam!! Good luck to you! XOXO Shelly

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