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2 Responses to “Questions Mother’s Ask, During Baby’s 1st Year..ANSWERED!”


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  1. really good list, i wish i’d known some of these things 14 years ago.
    following you back and going to tweet your list!

  2. Twinpossible

    Thanks sweetness! You’re a doll. I’m glad I came across your blog today! Thanks for the follow. AHH yes, if only we had known A LOT of things 14 years ago. We only get wiser with age and experience, don’t we? But I figured, new parents do get curious about certain things during that first glorious, insane year, with baby or babies, in my case…(This time around, my last time round, lol). Figured someone might find it interesting.

    I’m still in awe at how my 5 yo’s eyes turned from the brightest blue to deep green, nearly hazel after almost 2.5 yrs. THAT is crazy! The doctor told me at 6 months they’d stay blue. That is just 1 example, of how Dr’s don’t know everything!

    Thanks for reading, and for the comment:) NIGHTY NIGHT! Only 8:43 here, but I’m a ready! *Smile*

    xoxo Shelly

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