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8 Responses to “Poem To A Lost Son From His Grieving Mother. (Losing A Child…Missing Your Child.)”


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  1. Stephanie Cinco

    I never lost a child. I can’t begin to imagine. The poem you wrote was so beautiful that I cried. You are one very strong woman.

  2. rita

    i know how you feel been almost 3 yrs for my son be gone at 10 yrs old

  3. wanda cobbins

    I lost my son in 2000 And it was so hurting never found out who the gummed were but Through GOD He is my Healer I think about him all the time Tears I miss him so much his name cornelius

  4. Anne Jolley

    I lost my only son from cancer 4/20/2013. I am 85 yrs old and I can’t seem to accept that he has passed. I have a daughter, & I know she will be fine, she is in good health. She is 65 ys old, my son was 60 yrs. old when he passed. I think of him when I awake in the morning, and most of the day until I fall to sleep.
    I really know he is a better place, I know he is with his father & daughter, but it is so hard with out him. I thank Heavenly Father, for helping me. If I wasn’t a Christian, I don’t think I would have made this far. I am blessed.
    God Bless all of you and I do pray you find peace, & it was good to make this comment, I feel so much better. Thank all of you,
    Anne Jolley…..Peoria, aRIZONA

  5. Twinpossible

    God bless you Anne. It doesn’t get easier to lose a child at any stage or age in life. I know you miss your son greatly. He is watching you from above and sending his love to you and your daughter who is still here on earth. May you both thrive for many years to come.

    And I don’t think we ever truly accept that our child is gone. We ‘deal with it as best we can to make it through the day, week, etc.’ is the best way I can put it. My mother once told me it was several years now, ‘get over it.’ I could not believe her words. Apparently, I wass born with a heart much bigger than either of my parents. You don’t get over it. I find celebrating his life, knowing that that is what he would wish for me to do, is very therapeutic. Do allow yourself to cry when you need to though. It’s not good to hold your feelings back. I have done that and you blow up like an A bomb in the end. It isn’t healthy- body or mind.

    We will see our angels in heaven again soon enough. If you ever need a friend… I’m here.


  6. maria penaloza

    I lost my son on October 19,2013 he was shot an killed he left behind 3 boys his daughter was a 1 1\2 when he was taken my son was 27 years old he had a life ahead of him with his family I miss him so much we had a good relationship me an him he would visit me every weekend I miss that till this day I keep thinking he’ll be knocking on my door saying mom what you doing but I know it won’t happen because I won’t see him anymore in 6 years in 2009 I lost my husband their dad of 27 years of marriage father of 9 two after his death in August 23,2011 lost one son then I lost my other son 2 years later it’s been a rough 6 years for me an my family I know people have lost many but as a wife an mother I’ve lost but gained because only god knows why he does things so love wat you have an don’t be selfish embrace your love ones cuz once their gone you wish you would have told them when they were around I always told my husband an kids I love them even the ones that were taken from me they knew I loved them with my heart an soul always n they will always be in my heart,soul,an mind

  7. Barbara

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts through this beautiful poem ,, I lost my only child , my son 9-18-13 … I’ve never been the same . My ache is so deep , so wide , so endless. I lost him on his birthday . Am completely lost and very angry ,, I feel so sad that I make people around me sad ,, I hate it . I pray that one day God willing I’ll learn to live with the pain because you never get over loosing a child but I learnt that you just ,warn how to live with the pain . Life can be so UN fair . This September 18th my son will make 3years since he went to be with the Lord ,,,my heart is hurting and I feel my soul bleeding . I just hate this month ,,,yet I used to treasure it . I’ll continue to pray for strength and comfort. .. I’ll put you in my prayers . May God bless you too .

  8. What heart I have left is with all of you that have lost a child. You NEVER get over it and as of yet I haven’t been able to accept it. I would NEVER have believed that grief could be this painful. I lost my precious Son 2 years ago. NO one can even begin to understand until they have lost a child. The pure pain is unbearable.

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