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3 Responses to “Ok…I’m Telling The Entire World NOW!! This Is Truly My Only Secret, So Listen Up!”


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  1. Darby

    Hi Shellly,
    I am 35 years old. I am 4.5 months pregnant for the first time with twins. I am 5’6 beginning weight was 110 lbs. and now 117 lbs. I work out everyday and do not over eat. I viewed your video on YouTube going through the entire progression with both singleton and twins and I am shocked at how AMAAAZING you look throughout both pregnancies.

    Please tell me what you did DURING pregnancy (specific diet, exercise, coco butter, etc.) to look SO small and sexy WHILE carrying twins.

    I am definitely getting the Squeem postpartum but want to look good while I am pregnant too.


  2. Twinpossible

    Hi Darby! BIG congratulations on your babies to be. I know it can be scary and exciting all at the same time for many reasons. You are doing super well with your weight gain. I gained most of my weight during the 1st trimester. That scared me at first, lol, but it all evened out in the end. I gained about 35 lbs I’d say. I didn’t ever diet while pregnant. I did indulge on some stuff. I think I just cut out a little but of excess in that I ate light ice cream as I saw I was craving it A LOT. Breyers and Edys (sp?) is quite good in the light variations. I didn’t drink sodas or high cal juices. Only light juices..minute maid, Tropicana, V3 Fusion light.

    I had mostly a winter pregnancy so I was worried about that. With my 1st which was mostly a winter pregnacy I was less active and gained the most. (50 lbs.) So, I didn’t get to walk a lot past September, but I did buy the 10 minute pregnancy pilates solutions. (something like that. It would show up in a search.) That wasreally the extent of my pregnancy exercise. I loved that DVD.

    I used Palmer’s Belly Butter on a daily basis, and later on I added their soothing oil to. I always smelt good and felt nicely lubricated:). I used the butter postpartum also. I didn’t use any real soap on my body except in certain areas. Only moisturizing body washes to not dry out the skin. I also drank A LOT of water. More than I usually did. Did it help prevent stretchmarks? Maybe.

    I hope this helps. You sound like you started out in a really good place. That will definitely help you out a long the way. Take lots of belly pics and feel free to send me some to show me your progression or share on the website. I love twin bellies and twin mamas. I miss those early days. I was 34.5 years old when I delivered. I am now 37, so we were close.

    Good luck!


  3. Darby

    Hi Shelly,
    Thanks so much for responding so quickly. I am definitely going to follow these healthy tips, knock off the excess sugary drinks, slather on the Palmers, and get the Squeem. I was depressed after googling all the twin belly pics and Pp twin belly pics out there, but was glad when I came across yours. This is my first pregnancy but after seeing your pics I cannot help but believe that eating healthy and continuing to stay fit WHILE you are pregnant has something to do with avoiding the stretch marks and twin skin. It sounds like Gizele and Brook Burke are following similar healthy tips because they also looked incredible pregnant and bounced back so quickly, and maybe anyone else can too.
    Thanks for giving us twin moms to be hope! I will try to send weekly pics of my twin belly and Pp (if I have the courage to continue taking them lol).
    Thanks, Darby : )

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