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  1. Angelica gomez

    Hi,so i tested this morning with a first response test, when urine was passing
    The test seemed to be negative, so after 5min since i saw
    It was negative i cracked it open and left it there,when i go to the bathroom
    To per again i saw a second line,it was NOT gray or with no color it was pinkish.
    I did one last night same brand but not first morning urine and i did the same thing
    But my results stayed negative. So i want to know if your pregnancy test results change when u open the test?

  2. I have tried to reuse a test more than once but i am still not pregnant. It adds on to the stress coz i want to see a positive on an old test and its not happening ahhhh. So ended up buying new ones just to make sure

  3. joyous

    Becca, I just can’t stop laughing. Lol…. gollam, my precious. God will s us through

  4. Twinpossible

    Well first off, I hope this is it for you. Second off, they say not to crack the test open as you are more likely to see an evap line. Evaporation lines are not usually pink, but I have been fooled before, but who knows if I had a chemical those times or not? We’ll never know, however, even the same brand of test can have different sensitivity levels, so it is humanly possible yes, despite that they say all $ store tests (as an example) have a sensitive level of say 25, one test might be a tad more, one a tad less sensitive just based on the amount of dye used, etc. It can vary, I have heard it before, so take another test today. I hope you get that pink line, even if faint, that grows and grows! I know how crazy it is. There’s not a test I have NOT cracked open. Best of luck to you.

  5. Brilliant!
    Awesome read! I will try my hardest to stop staring at my negative tests willing them to turn positive, looking at them 100 times a day (im sure my husband thinks im turning into Gollam from lord of the rings (my precious)
    Thank you again this post grounded me in what felt like a never ending test and waiting game!

  6. I am guilty of all these things! I am glad I am not alone. I am two days shy of my period and the anxiety is killing me.. I just want to know an answer if any! Good luck to everyone who comes across this read, it was wonderful!

  7. Deanna

    I had a VERY VERY faint line show up after 3 hrs it looked light pink so I took it apart its a thin pink line on test area…I was told by a friend you can “was” a test. I used the $1 test that takes 3 drops so I used 3 drops of water no the line is GONE…she said is was evap then an the water washes the urine away…is this true or can water fade a true positive test.

  8. Sandy

    Hi. Earlier this month my period arrived 6 days late for the first time I’m only usually 2-3 days late. So I started June 1 ended June 5. Anyhow, I took a test before said period was negative. Yesterday night I took a $1 test and said negative but this morning there is a very faint thick pink line to where it would mean positive. I just want to know what that means. I already have a 2 year old and I am not planning another baby just yet so I just want to know what that test meant.

  9. Tara

    Hello I am five days late and having pregnancy symptoms for the past week…tender breasts, bloated, burning crampy off and on, headache but not often. Diarrhea today….BLAH:( I have a four year old and two year old…both surprises but always tested positive. Could I still be pregnant when getting a negative test today?

  10. Savy

    Hi, I took a pregnancy test on the 1st and it was positive, but.. When I did 3 drops.. nothing happened, nothing moved across the screen.. 6 dots.. nothing. So I took the strip out of the cassette and dipped it in the urine in the cup. I got a positive. I took another test (same brand, both with fmu, both bought on different days) 2 days later and I did 3 drops like the test told me to but I got a clear negative then a clear evap line a few hours later (although the evap line part doesn’t matter)

    Did I cause a false positive?

    My period isn’t until the 10th (I was 11DPO on the 1st – I ovulate early in my cycle)

  11. nai

    I am late on my period by 12 days and took many pregnancy tests during this period. All the tests were negative and yesterday my periods started. Though its not vey light but it’s not as usual as well. So I feel that it may be implantation bleeding. I saw my yesterday’s pregnancy strips and both of them are now having
    Two lines. Totly confused. I feel like I am pregnant but all the testing result and setuatuons are against me. Do help.

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