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3 Responses to “Night Time Drive Home. Some Realizations About Being Mom.”


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  1. I often think how tolerant and patient my eldest two (also twins now 9) have had to be since their baby twin sisters arrived (now 4). They were only 5 when our second set of twins arrived and still needed so much yet with another 2 in the equation although there’s enough love to go around there’s just not enough time in the day to always get it right. Time stands still for no-one but I wish at times it would slow down.

  2. What a great piece!! I love this! I have been feeling some of the same feelings. My oldest is 12, my monkey in the middle is 9 and our youngest is 6. I was just relaizing tonight as I moved my “baby” that he was getting so big and the days are numbered as to how much longer I will be able to carry him. Since he is my last one it is very bittersweet!! I’m thrilled he is growing of course, that is my job, but I selfishlessy love the younger ages as well!! I love 6! But, it is true, even though my older guy is getting bigger everyday, he too still needs the “babying” that my younger ones need!! Thanks for the reminder. Great to find you!! I’m visiting from VoiceBoks and members to remember. I’m also now following you. Thanks again for so clearly expressing the same feelings that have been with me!!(I can also enjoy your baby stories with your girls as well!!)Take care!!

  3. I think you have captured what most of us moms feel. My youngest just started kindergarten and knowing the changes that going to school will make in her just about ripped my heart out. My oldest is almost 17 and a typical teenager with attitude galore and stinky feet to boot. I am glad my youngest still sits on my lap and snuggles.

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