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One Response to “Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests: Brands For Early, Reliable Testing & The Drawbacks Of Some Brands”


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  1. SarahShano

    I really liked your site!! I’m a mommy of 4 & me & my husband have been debating our 5th.

    My baby is 9.5 months & my period has been a regular 30 day cycle since August. With ovulation spotting usually on the 16th-18th, ranging from pink streaks in ewcm, to brown streaks.
    This month I had the ovulation spotting right on target on the 18th. A few days before af was due, I started getting vicious headaches.
    The day before af, I had brown cloudy discharge on the tp.
    Yesterday(day of expected af) at about 3pm I had a LOT of ewcm with a tiny pea size of brown. I called my husband in & he was like o.O

    The ONLY other symptom is sore nipples. Usually my whole boob gets super sore.

    So, I bought a 2 pack of FRER. When could I take it & get an accurate result, in your opinion?? Would tomorow’s fmu be too early??

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