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2 Responses to “More Dumb Things People Say To A Mother Of Twins (Very Funny)”


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  1. I couldn’t stop laughing while I was reading!

    I have a 5 year old boy and 1 year and 8 months old fraternal twin boys, and people ask me EXACTLY the same questions as you get!

    My twins are also one brunette and one not brunette (I live in Norway, so compared to the locals, he is not blond) as you can see here:

    And when they comment that they have different hair color, I normally answer:

    – No way?! really? because I haven’t noticed!!!

    the blond twin was born first, so sometimes I answer that he came out of the oven too early, and the second one came out later and was a little burned. Or I say that we ordered them in two different colors, just so we could tell the difference.

    Funny thing what you say about your older child! The blond twin, he is a copy of my older at the same age. Now the older has gotten darker hair, so people say that the brunette looks IDENTICAL to him. Yes, he does look like the brother as he is NOW, but is the other one whom you can not tell who is who if you see pictures at the same age!

    Another question my HUSBAND gets is if the delivery was too difficult. Why do they ask HIM???? I went on the whole thing!? I mean, they are asking in front of me like I am the invisible woman! and when my husband tells it went fine and fast (25 hours of pain, delivery with not epidural because they managed to put it wrong, both babies born one buttocks first and the second one feet first (only in Norway! :D)) I have this KILLER look in my eyes and answer: it should went fine for him! he was sleeping most of the time!!!

    Oh gosh, this was just too funny.

    Your girls are ADORABLE!!!

    Thank you for the good laugh 🙂

  2. Courtney L.

    My coffee almost shot out of my nose reading this. I don’t even have twins, but this was super funny. Your twins are adorable by the way.

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