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16 Responses to “Moms-To-Be Wanna Know: Will My Pregnancy Test Show Up Positive Sooner With Twins? Higher Beta Numbers? (HCG Level Chart Included.)”


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  1. Lady Estrogen

    I only had the one twin pregnancy and my levels were through the roof very early on, but I had no idea until after what that actually meant.

  2. Danielle

    After I took my pregnancy test and it came out positive we set up the Drs appointment and they did another test to confirm… well the girl who did the test said ” oh you must be like 8 weeks along! I had to explain to her, that isnt possible- I know when this could have happened and she argued with me telling me that the test showed up positive in “x” amount of time which would indicate the levels of HCG were at the 8 week range….

    well, turns out I was correct, it was about 4-5 weeks into the pregnancy… but there were 2 in there 🙂 Double the levels of HCG

  3. Stephanie Cinco

    I didn’t have a beta test. Mine were spontaneous, identical twins. But my test turned up positive the day before my period was due. Same with my 3 year old. I can’t remember from my 9 year old. I didn’t test super early but this is a very interesting subject. If we go for #5 in the future I will have to come back and let you know.

  4. Savannah

    This is all a bit confusing maybe someone can shed some light for me… Ok so i took a home pregnancy test 3 days befor my period was due it showed up possitive real quick then i went to the hospital because i was have pressure down low a achy feeling and still do they did a ultra sound but the ultrasound could see muchthe tech said it may just be to early witch is right i put myself at only 4/3 weeks but then they did blood work and the put me at.14weeks i no its impossible for me to be at 14 they didnt tell me what my hcg level was just they said 14 weeks but the u/s showed different so im assuming its high with them placing me at 14 weeks when i no im only 4 at the most. Twins? Please help

  5. Kelly

    I took a pregnancy test 9 days before my next expected period. I just ” felt” pregnant, sure enough POSITIVE. I have three healthy children, two miscarria. ges in the last two years. One of the losses was twins. Do you think because i tested positive SO early, i have a chance of conceiving twins again?

  6. Twinpossible

    I think there is a good chance…especially with your history of conceiving twins. That makes it all the more possible, even just once. I am very sorry for your losses:( Please do let me know what happens. Congrats on your pregnancy! Wishing you a sticky bean or beans:)


  7. Kelly

    the day before my first doctors appointments i started cramping, then had dark brown discharge. (Scared to death it was the beginnings of a miscarriage again!) My doctor took blood to check my hgc levels to rule out miscarriage, ectopic, ect. She performed a vaginal ultrasound. Two babies! Two sacs! I couldn’t be happier…now all the worries set in, are they going to be healthy, will i have vanishing twin syndrome?

  8. Twinpossible

    Hi there. Cramping and even that brown discharge is quite common in early pregnancy. Brown blood means old blood, and that is OK. Heavy bright red blood would be a miscarriage risk..a reason for alarm and a doctor visit, but not a garauntee of a loss, as I do know some women who thought they were having a period for months into a pregnancy. This has never happened to me personally though. I understand your worry I do, but by what you have described and in having that follow up ultrasound after the cramping etc. you are fine. Try and de-stress yourself. One of my biggest regrets in my twin pregnancy was all the worrying I did waiting for something bad to happen that never did. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. I don’t know how far along you are, but it looks like you have two healthy beans on your hands. In my VTS experience, we didn’t even see a second baby, just a smaller empty sac. The time we did see two babies and heartbeats…well they are sleeping right now. Hang in there, and feel free to ask any questions. My door is always open! CONGRATS!!!

  9. Peregrine

    I hate to be obsessive but I had my levels done only once and it was 8700 at 22 dpo. My family is over run with twins. But at my ultrasound today (at 5 weeks) saw only one sac. Should I stop thinking its twins? I just feel different than my last pregnancy. If it matters I had 1 AF since last pregnancy. My daughter will be 4 months next week!! 🙂 thanks!

  10. amanda

    I started out with very high hcg levels..went in for an ultrasound at what i thot was 5 w 4 d and say a2 gestational sacs an 1 yolk sac. 5 days later supposedly no growth by ultrasound and no fetal pole in either gest sac. Because of my history of 6 other miscarriages we decided to do cytotec to empty the contents of my uterus and just get it over with. 4 days later after the cytotec i was feeling exausted and very dizzy… the next day, monday went to dr..dont yet another us and low and behold there was a heartbeat in one of the sacs but not the other gest sac. Ive been told i have a probable vanishing twin which puts the other baby at higher risk of miscarrying. Im scared and still spotting some and actually just passed some tissue which i know isnt the gest sac but some sort of tissue…. so im really scared and aggravated. Anyone had this happen and still had a successful outcome?

  11. Twinpossible

    NO, NO, NO! You were greatly misinformed. After a twin loss (in the 1st trimester..meaning the vasnishing twin syndrome NOT a later loss) there is NO added risk to your singleton baby. I had talked to several doctors. My own and ones in my extended family, and researched it like crazy when I was in the same boat. My 7 year old daughter is proof of a very healthy and happy outcome. I have since met other women during my trying to conceive journey who went through the same, and the remaining twin was fine.

    Does your history make you more at risk? Unfortunately, yes..but it certainly doesn’t mean you are out. I hope and pray that this time you bean stays sticky, and am so glad you went back to see a heartbeat when all hope was lost. That is a wonderful thing. This may be the one for you. Also, please note that spotting after losing a twin is completely normal. I was told to expect that I might ‘miscarry’ the other twins through bleeding, passing it if you will. Or that my body might absorb it and I would have no signs of miscarriage. Either one could happen and would be considered normal in VTS, so don’t count yourself out. I am rooting for you. I want you to call your doctor this week, get an ultrasound, and hopefully put your mind at ease. It’s terrible to have to sit, wait, and wonder, bugging yourself out. I have been there many times myself…it is awful, and I really want to hear some positive news from you my dear. You have been through so much and truly deserve this child.

    You’ll be in my prayers! Keep me posted.


  12. jessica

    Ok so let me tell u my story, then maybe you could give me some advice I got pregnant in November, positive test on the 23Rd and miscarries two days later. Several weeks later took Pregnancy test to make sure went back negative and they all did. Didn’t get period in December and tested a couple times, negative, them new years days, a few days after last tested, a had a positive result and was dark line, my miscarriage in November the line was really faiint, this line was so dark so quick with this Pregnancy. I was having pain so went to er, was afraid I had ectopic. Turns out be kidney infection and possible kidney stones. They tried vaginal ultrasound but said was too early to see anything. My hormone was 152, they said because miscarriaged in November we early sure how far I was, but she thought was about three weeks along. Went for blood test 2.5 days later and hormone went from 152 too 500 which is way more than doubled. I went dr yesterday she thinks I am about 3-4 weeks along and is going do another vaginal ultrasound next week. She said my numbers really jumped up. I have increased Pregnancy symptoms then with any my other pregnancies, I have a 7 and a 3 yo, and one miscarriage. I never felt symptoms this strong. If dr is right and I am only four weeks along, that means, I had positive Pregnancy test 7 days after conceived, is this possible and because I miscarried in November i read its possible release more than one egg because ur system is out of whack. So with positive test so early and it showing so dark, with my numbers going girl 152 to 500 in 2.5 days, with my symptoms being so strong, and with miscarrying and get pregnant few weeks later.. could this possibly all mean twins?? Any input or thoughts would be great. Also since so early, when go for ultrasound monday, is it possible they will only see a sac right now because I am so early? Thanks for ur help!!

  13. chelsea

    I tested positive 9 days before missed period. I had a miscarriage three months previous and when I took a test (four days after my missed period) it was a very faint line. This time it is very positive! Dr took blood twice to be sure my levels were rising and they were indeed. Took another test five day before my missed period to be sure levels were rising and now my test was showing extremely positive the control line was actually lighter than the hcg line. Then I took another one today at 5 weeks and 3 days and the control line was very faint but the hcg line was highlighter positive! I freaked out thinking maybe the test was a flute so I took three different ones and sure enough they were all very positive with the control line very light. Im so glad my levels are rising could this mean twins?!?! 🙂

  14. Holly Saavedra

    Hi Ladies,

    I just need someone to listen and not tell me this is impossible. I can’t go by my cycle because it’s so crazy. I took 7 tests 3 different brands. I know the dates because I took videos and pictures of each test. On my birthday 10/22/14 first positive test. Took a digital test on 10/23/14 and it said 1-2 pregnant. On 10/26/14 and 10/27/14 I took another and it said 2-3 pregnant. On 10/28/14 it said 3+ pregnant. I was freaking out so I called my OB and set up an US. On 11/27/14 he did a scan and said I must have been mistaken about the dates I got my positive tests because I am only 6w2d. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? Could my HCG levels have been so high that I got very early positive results? If not that’s a lot of false positives, lol. Please tell me this happened to others because I am going crazy.

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  16. JAK

    Hi Ladies, curious to know what you think: I took the fertility drug Gonal and got pregnant right away. Here are my levels:
    LMP 3w 3d (25days) 140
    LMP 3w 5d ( 27 days) 240
    LMP 4w (30 days) 1500
    LMP 4w 5d (35 days) 12,651

    Could these hcg number suggest Twins? The chart above shows I’m in the range for twins. But some DPO charts i’ve seen show different. Anyone else have the same type of numbers?

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