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4 Responses to “Moms-To-Be Of Twins Want To Know: Will My Belly Get Bigger With Twins Than One Baby? Will I Show Sooner? (My 3rd Singleton Compared To Twin Pics Inside.)”


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  1. I actually gained more weight with my singleton (born two years before my twins). He was born full-term at 9 lbs, 8 oz. My twins were tiny, and I was on bedrest. Although I definitely felt bigger sooner, since I wasn’t up and around I didn’t gain as much weight. I also had severe swelling with my son, so I looked 9 mos when I was only 6! I think it depends on your activity level and what kind of shape you’re in to start with. I weighed less when I got pregnant with my twins.

  2. Twinpossible

    I gained the most weight with my 1st child, 2nd child a little less but still too much, and 3rd child the least yet it affected my body I think more so than any other pregnancy, eventhough it was mostly spring and summer and I walked a lot, so idk. I was younger with my boys, so that is what I attributed to coming back after gaining oodles of additional weight there and losing it quickly.

    With the twins I gained about 35 lbs. Much less then the boys, yet 15 lbs more than my 6yo girl. I definitely was hands down largest with my twins. Mother nature is a mad scientist, lol. I don’t know if age has anything to do with it, but then my twins would have destroyed me, lol. I really don’t know, as it was a mostly winter pregnancy which is usually when I gain the most and definitely am not out and about walking etc. I was never on bed rest so I did have some level of activity, but think I started out in a good place, maybe better then I did with my 3rd. Not quite sure..I’d have to check out more pics, lol. I weighed less with my 3rd so I don’t know. All I can do is tell my own experience.

    Who knows? LOL. Bless you and your twinkies. Thanks for writing!!


  3. Im due in july.late june. So that leaves me at what 24 weeks my doctor warned me i would have problem. Sorry im not s great speller but ill say the easiest words to say ok. Well my doctor told me that my hgt levels were very low. I was pregnant with twins and to take care of myself because as long as my hgt levels are low they would just send me home until i can see im pregnant he ordered me to repeat the test every nite until it show the pregnantcy I have beem back at the doctor and they still didn’t have the proof. I am looki.g for a doctor who will find them and willing on helping me and twins.

  4. In live in lafayette louisiana. I had this problem with my second pregnantcy and Dt Virginia alfred came up with me holding my urine for a couple of hour in s bowl until it becambut
    e thick. And sure enough my test read positive. i did the same trick on on this pregnantcy and i came with a positive result very lite. I feel them moving and tumbling every nite my stomach so small. Im not eating very well. And normally i show at the end you csn never tell im pregnant with babies. A very flat stomach. Can someone cal me 3372572142. . I wish i can find my doctor so she can help me but she didnt like the way Lafayette doctors treated patients so she moved and started up her on business.

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