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3 Responses to “Maura Kelly’s Article About ‘Fatties on T.V’, Or So She Calls Them..Makes This Mommy Blogger, Sick!”


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  1. wow i must find this article online though i don’t want to buy the magazine to give them more of a paying audience but now i’m all curious!

  2. Twinpossible

    If you can’t find it, lemme know. I tweeted it this morning, just to express disgust., though I wasn’t sure I should give it any further exposure, but I’m with you..I won’t buy the magazine & get on board with that crap, and give them my money. (Pardon my french), as if it’s ‘Ok’.

    I mean, I’m all for being healthy, and I’m gearing myself towards that path now myself…I have more to live for then ever, but as I saw in a Zumba class I took last week, ( A 1st and WOW, lol), there are ALL ages, and sizes that are ‘fit’. Some of the older women, I mean even one that could have been my grandma, and even the instructor who happened to be heavy, I don’t like the ‘F’ word, it’s NOT nice at all, I won’t use it. They put me to absolute shame. They were by far more fit and conditioned, than I am nowadays. (Maybe ever:)

    It isn’t always the outside that shows how healthy we are, and this woman made it like all heavy people, or as she called them ‘Fatties’, are unhealthy and unfit. I see some bigger sized women, rockin their curves, and fit as ever. Like I said this instructor, just was INSANE. I was almost on the floor after that grueling hour. Fact is, some people just have a harder time burning off fat, and have slower metabolisms, ect. Is that their fault? NO! It doesn’t mean they are lazy or even over eat!

    It’s no more their fault then being born with a big nose, crossed eyes, or a birth defect. We all have our flaws. Ain’t no one on this planet who is perfect, and it’s about time, they show the imperfect people, (non airbrushed, etc.), on television, and in magazines, because it REALLY makes us women, and especially young girls, looking to find their own identity, a false image of what we all should look like, which is unattainable. Perfection does not exist.

    As a former bully victim, as written here, it never leaves you, so I’m sure some of what she said, won’t leave the people affected here either, including myself, just because I hate to see others hurt, and I NEVER hurt others, in any way, shape or form, so for me to think about anyone just being upset over what she’s written, it makes me sad. Really, just very sad! People clearly were upset, and rightfully so.

    You can’t go and take that back, because you see other’s are now mad. She said how she obviously feels…now she’s got to deal with the wrath! I got to say, it’s really hard to make my horns come out to, but she managed to get me there!


  3. two things:
    1. i really like this show
    2. Maura is one mean so & so.

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