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3 Responses to “Loss Of An Identical Twin During Pregnancy: Odds Of A Happy Outcome?”


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  1. Emily

    My heart goes out to her. I have identical girls and I was very
    lucky to have a good outcome, because it was considered high risk
    and they were born very small. I don’t know how I would have handled a loss of one or both of them. My thoughts and prayers are with her, that her 2nd little boy makes it through ok.

  2. Lorene

    We lost one of our identical twins at 23w 6 days. After bedrest and many scares our healthy “Baby B” twin was born without any deficits at 39 weeks. It is a new definition of the word bittersweet to be missing one so much, but so happy to have the other here. Prayers to your family.

  3. Twinpossible

    Thanks Lorene. The MRI showed nothing negative, so I really pray that means he will be completely healthy and hopefully makes it as close to term as possible. I appreciate the prayers ladies, and I thank you for sharing your story. She’s dealing with the situation so well. I can’t imagine how tough that must be. So far so good. Hopefully he will hang on for a lot longer.

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