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2 Responses to “Losing A Twin: When One Twin Lives And One Twin Dies. Surviving The Loss Of A 2nd Half.”


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  1. lisa

    Its been 20 yrs for me since I lost my twin daughter Kelli. Her and Jennifer were born 15 weeks premature and weighed 1lb 12 ozs Kelli lived for 7 weeks and still 20 years later(they were born 1-15-93) I just cant believe it happened to us… Jennifer was in NICU for 3 months and now she is a thriving sophomore in college and I had 2 other kids induced at 38wks and both weighed over 9lbs, I had another girl in feb 95 and a boy in nov of 96. I just wonder y this happpend to us and still ache formy first born every single day, is there anyone else who can feel me on this?

  2. Charlette Thompson

    On December 1st 2013 my twin died of colon cancer what a shock to me and the family nobody expected it not even she did. How am I going to make it without her it’s a part of me that’s gone. I had the same thing but I survived how does that happen? I miss our conversations that we have and our 2:00am calls that we have in the morning and our laughter I’m going to miss that. I love you so much Charlene so very much and I miss you dearly. Love your twin Charlette.

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