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25 Responses to “LifeProof Multi-Product Review & iPhone 4 or 5 Case Giveaway (Your Choice)”


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  1. Ashley C

    For my iphone! I’m on my second otterbox case because my kids are great at destroying the cases (thankfully my phone has stayed protected)


  2. Marco

    Awesome review and giveaway

  3. Cathy C

    I have been wanting one for so long for my son’s iphone 5 Love to win. Too expensive a phone not to protect

  4. I bought one of this for my son, and now I want one to go in the water. Summer is here!

  5. Pierce Huls

    I’ve had my lifeproof case since the day I boughten iPhone! Over the last 4 1/2 months there has never been a single issue with my case. Even when my phone case broke, I immediately contacted lifeproof, and I was able to get my replacement case In 9days!!!! I used lifeproof everywhere, and with any other case I have aside from my lifeproof makes my phone feel vulnerable and weak! I already use it in the shower all the time and can’t wait for summer to come when I can use it in the pool!

  6. Celeste

    I won’t need to worry about possibly shattering my phone screen anymore!

  7. Steph Couponsx

    I need a great phone case for my new iphone!!

  8. Avinash kumar

    Perfect case & an awesome review.. 🙂

  9. Avinash kumar

    I would like to give it to my wife so that she can use her iphone without worrying to break it

  10. Dee

    This is so awesome! I really want to take pictures underwater this summer with my friends. But my waterproof camera just broke and to buy another one and ship out $300 for a GoPro? No thanks. I’d rather have the lifeproof case – I mean, I’m going to take my iPhone everywhere I go anyways!!

  11. Desiree

    I am known for dropping my iPhones in water, would love the pink Lifeproof case

  12. Angela

    If I’m going to have a device worth hundreds of dollars, I think a good case is worth the investment. 🙂

  13. Lots of good information to assist with making a decision on a protective iPhone 5 case!

  14. Byron

    TomTom isn’t going to make a car mount for the iPhone 5 and LifeProof not only makes one but lets me keep my case on when using it. Can’t use the mount if I don’t have the case! 🙂

  15. Maria Malaveci

    I would love to win because I need a great case for my new Iphone 5, and I am worried about my kids dropping it. I wouldn’t want that to happen. This case looks great!

  16. Steve B

    My wife, who is a pediatrician, depends on her iPhone 4s for all of her day to day electronic activities. Winning a LifeProof case to protect it would be fantastic, as she could really use the extra security and assurance that comes with protecting the phone with this great product!

  17. I bought the iPhone 5 case and armband: i use them in my boat while i’m sailing.. Awesome product!

  18. Chris

    Looks like a great alternative to an Otterbox case.

  19. Ana

    I recently bought the iphone 5 … I chose to leave my adroid phone because of all the accessories available for iphones in comparison to any other phone. This waterproof one was definitely the deal breaker. However it is kinda pricey and for the time being I have to settle with the cheaper cases. It would be a blessing to win this case that’ll allow me to enjoy more of the summer activities.

  20. Bayley

    Would love to win a lifeproof case! Going to Hawaii in two weeks and would love to be able to take my phone to the beach and snorkeling to get some great pictures without having to worry about protection!

  21. Ben hanover

    Best review by a country mile and I have seen many. You and your girls are gorgeous by the way.

    We love LifeProof here in our home as well. You’d have sold us if we didn’t though.

  22. William Patterson

    Because my kids won’t be able to destroy my iphone.

  23. Hey,
    Well i would really like one as i volunteer for a turtle research program called AUSTURTLE and we head out soon to a remote island of the coast of australia, and help the baby hatchlings get safely to the water and take them under observation. i would really love to have a lifeproof case as it would be a great use for a camera as it is very dusty and surrounded by sand and water. the images used will help with the research i am doing as i can follow the turtles under the water and capture great moments. if you would like to help support me and this wonderful group AusTurtle, please choose me. i would highly appreciate it and so would the turtles.

    Please Feel Free To Contact Me with my provided email address for any other further details

    Kindest Regards,
    Jessica Lim

  24. Bridget Patterson

    I want a life proof case because it is durable and spill proof.

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