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8 Responses to “Jillian Michael’s Shocking Statement About Pregnancy. ‘I Don’t Want To Ruin My Body.’”


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  1. Midori

    Hi! um i just read through this and i dont think its a bad thing to say, no offence. im not a mom, by the way, and i dont plan to ever be. i guess saying why would make me a selfish person, right? i just dont like that her speaking her opinion about kids is wrong to some. like if someone is like, they hate kids, or dont want to ruin their body, their as free to say it as someone who says they love kids or what ever. mostly because if she makes those comments, its not at anyone specifically, she’s not like “dear moms, blah blah” it wasn’t meant to insult anyone, and wasn’t really a bad comment, and im not too sure why it made you feel insulted, please explain. also i really dont want to argue, sorry if i sound mean and yeah.

  2. Twinpossible

    NO..not at all! Like I always say, you as a person have your right to your opinion, and you stating yours is absolutely fine by me. I don’t get mad lol. I think I would have felt differently to before I had my own kids. I don’t think anybody can fully grasp how nothing else really matters, body wise, etc….NOTHING, after you have that 1st child, even in the delivery room seconds after you never knew what motherhood was all about yet, because it’s such a life changing thing that nobody else can explain unless the person has been there done that. It’d be hard for me to try and explain to you, so I won’t, but one day you will see, or won’t depending on what YOU choose to do.

    Motherhood is certainly not for everybody, and I fully respect that. There are moms who want to be from the get go, moms who had unplanned pregnancies, I understand both, and women who desire different things for their lives. That to me is sooo much better then like my mom and dad tell me…’We had you and your brother because it was the thing to do back then.’ I’m here because it was the thing to do? Geez, thanks! LOL.

    Having had extremel Body Dysmorphic Disorder most of my life, I can understand what she says on a different level. One little mark or flaw used to get enhanced in my mind and send me into panic mode, so who’d have thought me now a mom who has birthed 5 children? I happen to NOT have any battle scars, but I can just say from experience to me, it’d be worth anything, but then again, I also do care about my body, it can seem ‘vain’ at times, but BDD isn’t really vanity, it’s more of an illness, and while my disorder is much better, I’m not 150%, so I know I can understand to some extent what she’s saying, but what I think she should have done, was keep it on the down low. Keep some things in your head. I know I certainly do, many times!

    If she were a mom and got battle scars I highly doubt she’d go and say, ‘Man I wish I never had this child.’ Actually I KNOW she wouldn’t. BUT I can also tell having had kids myself, if she’s soley worried about her body, I don’t think she should be. She’s starting out on a better leg then most any of us, and I think she’d bounce back fine. If she simply wants to help out the world by adopting, then by all means, she should. It’s a beautiful thing. I just found the statement shocking, but would I have before I was a mother? Who knows. Likely not. It just did get a lot of moms up in arms.

    Certain things are out of our control, but I agree with you, she wasn’t talking to me, or my mom, or anybody specifically. I just think a lot of moms as a whole took it personally AS moms. To me, I think it just should have been kept inside, and not verbalized. Of course if not already she will or has risen against it. I see her from time to time on the Doctors show. I don’t know why I thought she did have kids, but when I looked it up, there seemed to be a lot of hoopla and controvery in this.

    I didn’t mean to offend non mothers, I just think I have some wacky things in my head to, but if I said some of them, and sometimes I do and get odd responses lol..I try and watch it, just in case people take offense. It is a woman’s right to choose, but if it was soley because of her bod, I wanted to say, I don’t think she needs to worry, and also..I don’t think that should be the ONLY reason a woman shouldn’t have kids if she does desire to. I’m sorry if it came out as something more. Moms can get moody and insulted easily sometimes. I’m sure she is a great person. We all wish we had those abs who are we kidding:) Take care & God bless.

    xoxo Shelly

    PS- NO, I never thought she hated kids by saying that..AT ALL. In fact I know she must love them because she did say that she wants one. It was just about the ruining the body thing. Again hard to explain w/o being there, but I get what you are saying to. MAYBE some women might have judged it that way, but I didn’t. I think she’d have some darn healthy children!

  3. Sara

    personally, I agree with jillian. I suffered trough depression and eating disorders throughout my college life. I was never fat, but it still haunted me. I could never have kids because I would feel fat being pregnant and it would bring me nothing but misery. while I think kids are wonderful, I don’t think pregnancy is beautiful. I would love to adopt though and help make a child’s life better and give them oppourtunities they wouldn’t normally have. I jut couldn’t handle the changes in my body, and it would probably drive me to suicide.

  4. Sara

    I also wanted to add that I would feel guilty having kids. there is a chance that my mental disorders could be passed on and I wouldn’t want anyone in the world to suffer like I had, and still sometimes do. sure I have learned to manage it, but it never goes away. I would never condemn a child to a life of this.

  5. cici

    Well i think its stupid AND selfish to judge people based on your actions + ideals. I don’t want to have a baby EVER either, because of the harm preganancy does to your body (saggy tits, floppy vag, huge fat wrinkly stomach and stretchmarks.) People say “oh you’re so young u will change your min” (im 16) but no, no i wont. I worked SOOOOO goddamn hard for my body. And I finally love it.And the bggest reason why i dont want kdis cuz i have bigger dreams. To travel the world, to learn about cultures, to go on a vacation one weekend at a whim with my lover and not have to think about kids/babaies schools. yea, i know the “luuuv” of children is so muhc, but since i never experienced it (and NEVER will hopefully) i dont miss it. And im looking forward to adopting in the future, which in my opinion is MUCH more less selfish than bringing a life into this world with already millions of sufferin little children.
    I dunno but I think deep down you are jealous of women who look beautiful that dont have kids. I think its because you cant tell them to “oh wait till your have kids” or something. I want to spend all my time with my future lover, and live my life to the fullest.

  6. Twinpossible

    When I was 16 I was a gymnast, had an AMAZING supermodel yet more muscular type-body, and it was basically all I (felt i had) going for me. I had a very low self esteem otherwise. My body is what always got me recognized. I worked hard for it to, and at 16..I would have NOT wanted to think about becoming a mom at that point either. Normal. Can’t blame you there. To assume you’ll get all flabby and saggy that IS a stupid reason to not have a baby, IF you wanted one. It did NOT happen to me. If it had it would have been worth it, as any mom would say, but would I have been sad at that time…yes. I got in a bikini two weeks later..nothing changed except normal changes over time that you my dear can not prevent as you age. I still get compliments all of the time 5 kids later. So what is your point about ME being jealous of YOU, or people like you?? I have seen many not perfect bodies on non-mothers and many beautiful moms. One does not make for the other, though all women are beautiful mother or not.

    BUT if you never ever want to have kids and you are 16 and you have no idea what you really want yet..(sorry but you’ll learn that this is true), then don’t have any because children should be brought into a home full of love. You are right…there are enough children suffering, so adopt if you get the urge. I used to want to adopt because I feared the pain of childbirth as a kid. Do someone a favor if the mothering bone is in your body..if not, do all means procreate.

    Don’t go Assuming that women turn gross and ugly from having kids. Women are beautiful in any shape or size and just because you seem to think you are better (again because you are a baby yourself), don’t go mocking anybody else. One day I have a very good feeling your mind will drastically change, and if not…save the world another unloved child. A real mom never regrets a child for ANYTHING! You won’t understand that for a long time from now and I for one only pray my 3 daughters think as you do just so I don’t have to ever worry about them having children at far too young of an age.

    Good luck to you in life..wherever it may lead you.

  7. Twinpossible

    PS- I don’t think that my life could ever get any fuller:) You can adopt or give birth…either way, your life will be very, very busy. You won’t be doing anything the rest of us won’t be doing just because they are adopted. Adoption is a very beautiful thing. Don’t expect it to be less hard because you still feel you look good. All the moms I know..look great.

  8. Diane

    I am not a mom and I never want to be.
    What´s all this fuss about Jillian not wanting to get pregnant?? it´s HER CHOICE and HER LIFE! People have different priorities in life and no one should be judged for this.
    Do you think people who have children because they hope these children are going to take care of them when they’ll be old are LESS selfish?!
    I am already a grown-up, have a life of my own, I have tons of beautiful things to do in this life and I am really happy. If I´ll ever want a child, I am going to adopt one.

    If some people do find their purpose or meaning in life by having children, good to them! But people should be able to understand that not all of us are like this.
    And yes, pregnancy changes your body forever. Let´s be honest and admit it.

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