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One Response to “Jealousy Among Twins. Handling The Green-Eyed Monster.”


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  1. Ceane

    Hello there. I just got my 2.5 year old fish and chips and we are having a picnic on my bed, in my room, and they are also writing, drawing on paper with pen, and looking at me while I read your article. Yes indeed they wanted to know if there was a picture of twins, and there was one, and they were pretty impressed with the twin that looked angry like a tiger.

    I got to this sight, because yes I know my twin Jannali is jealous of Khya, Khya lets Jannali in to me more, and stands back a bit, and at times I cuddle Khya Jannali screams like there is no tomorrow. Yep like you I feel, same situation exactly.

    Every thing you said I can relate. I have 5 children, 19, 15, 13, and the twins 2.5 years. I tell you what I thought I knew kids, twins you need more than eyes in the back of your head, and its better to stay safe lot s of days in the boundaries of the home cause at times I am exhausted taking them out. I am a single mum.

    I learnt with the twins that jealousy is natural, and not taught. It is indeed a natural expression. I have taught my girls the emotions to express how they feel. They are sad they tell me so, and we talk about why, that s how they recognized that cute little twin with the face, they said angry like a tiger.

    So glad you talked about the twin being jealous of the mum, cause it eats me away sometimes. And when I want to give the twins love, I get screaming noise in the ear. The answer is not not give the love, cuddle, ect, it is to go through with it, either at the same time or they can take it in turns in waiting, and yes a day on there own would be good too. Thank you Ceane.

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