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3 Responses to “Inter-Faith Marriages. Can They Work Out? What Do You Think?”


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  1. Diane

    Catholics are Christians. The Catholic Church was founded by Christ and is the first Christian church. I realize that you have probably been taught something different about this.

  2. Twinpossible

    You likely know more about the origin then do I. We weren’t taught anything about Catholicism of course in Christian school, however, if I talk to my husband about Christianity and he talks about his Catholic faith, they may both have the same underlying belief system. (Jesus, God, heaven, hell, etc.) but are also quite different in many ways. He thinks you can’t be forgiven through prayer alone, and I was raised to believe that you are. There we disagree. I do not believe some person in a suit, in a little elevator like room, can offer me forgiveness. I don’t believe in praying to sanits and all of that stuff, that his mom always speaks of, but I would agree wholeheartedly, that it’s one of the most minimual of differences in a relationship. It’s not like being an Atheist, vs. a Christian. All I know is my mother sees it as more different then they truly are. She at every turn tries to put down his religion to me, after being raised Catholic herself, (ODD), and tries to get me to switch my kids over to Christian. I see it as none of her business, nor do I understand what the big problem is. They are raised in God, and no matter what..they are my children and not hers.

    Thanks for your contribution.

  3. The difference isn’t Catholic vs Christian, it is Catholic vs Protestant. Catholics are Christians just as Protestants are. It is difficult to get a clear picture of a faith when you are raised by someone who is bitter against it. You are in a tough position between mother and husband. I am the only Catholic member of my anti-Catholic family. My family has many misconceptions about the Catholic faith and sacraments. In the sacrament of confession, Christ forgives your sins through the priest. Praying to saints, is asking for their intercession just as you would ask a friend to pray for you.

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