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One Response to “Infant Ear Piercing. To Pierce Or Not To Pierce?? Quick Advice Welcome!”


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  1. Amy Swor


    I was searching for my GF’s blog and came across your interesting one about with a great story about whether or not to pierce your twins and ODD. Don’t know whether you’ve had it done or decide to wait so I’ll assume you haven’t done it yet. To pierce or not to pierce? I say yes, if you’re thinking about, then your mommy intuition is telling now is best. As you said, “…I often
    wished my mom had done mine when I was younger, and with my daughter, I guess I just put it off, put it off, put it off.”

    Our ped said it have become more popular to pierce newborns, infants and little girls ears because is safer with the newer ear piercing instruments than the traditional methods of using a
    needle, thread by the mother or grandmother. I asked her advice and she encouraged me to go ahead and pierce all the girls ears. I was surprised at her response and told her I would think about
    it. Her reasoning was when mommy cared for them, there was never any problems during the healing time, but when little girls wanted them, they often failed to care for them properly.She gave me
    some suggestions for moms having their dd’s ears pierced. I put them away and thought it would be years before I needed to read it. Wrong.

    Well, our dd began seeing her peers with pierced ears, I also kept seeing babies and cute little girls with darling earrings. After our oldest, age 4 got hers done, my 2 yr old wanted to have
    “earwigs” like her sister. When I came home with Missy (our 2yr old), dh asked why I didn’t have our 2 mo dd’s ears pierced too! Well, guess what, we all went the next day and had Sandi’s ears
    pierced too! All three girls now have pierced ears and are adorable. There is no problem caring for them.

    Don’t know if you’d considered having your younger girls ears pierced now, but after I did, they all were so proud of their earrings and looked adorable in their pics with little pierced ears.

    I’d say if you’ve thought about it, then I’d go ahead. Write me
    an e-mail for our ped’s tips.


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