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9 Responses to “How To Conceive Twins (For the Locos Out There HA!)”


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  1. Masooma

    Very informative and an all rounded article

  2. Twinpossible

    Why thank you:) Have a great night! Shelly

  3. susanne ball

    Good article, however feel that it’s a bit narrow minded to state you need a stable ‘marriage’… this should certainly say relationship. I’ve been with my partner for 8 years and we have a daughter out of wedlock, I know people who have got married and divorced since we’ve been together. Marriage is not a necessity for everyone.

  4. Fozia

    It was really a great and complete article. I also wish to have twins but i want to conceive naturally. I get lots of info from your article.

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  6. lea

    Thank you so much for this. I recently miscarried twins and my doctor told me I may be at a higher risk of concieving twins again. I have been searching the risks and so on and came across your article. I must say that I appreciate your honesty in this matter. Twins are not to be taken lightly. I currently have 3 children all singles, and when I found out I was having twins I was very nervous knowing the risks. So many women seek to have twins and though twins would be a blessing it is not something to take lightly. I miscarried our twins at 12 weeks and the doctor said that this is not uncommon. There are just so many risk factors withs twins. My husband and I plan to try to get pregnant again soon. We are not trying for twins but will be ready if that is what His intends for us. For those who are reading this trying for twin please take the advise to heart. You wa.t healthly happy babies. Shelly. Thank you again for a great article.

  7. Twinpossible

    I am so sorry for your loss, and thank you for your input. I think more people need to realize that while having twins is a blessing, it’s nothing to actually TRY and have. I met two young girls (I’d say about 18) in the past week that have no children yet, saw my twins and said, ”I WANT TWINS…I ALWAYS WANTED TWINS!” I laugh inside of my head because they are young and don’t know. Once you have a child you know how hard that is. Then the pregnancy of course, has many more risks. If God means for it to be, as I believe he always has his reasons…it will be. I just don’t condone trying to make it happen. It was the scariest time for me. So afraid something bad was going to happen the whole way through. I had lost a twin with my daughter (vanishing twin syndrome) and was so thankful to just have one baby make it after that. It isn’t uncommon to lose a twin at all. I think it’s less common to KEEP twins and birth them both healthy. A lot of losses are early ones that a lot of mothers would not even know about, but it’s scary statistically. To lose both isn’t very uncommon either. Sorry you had to go through such a tragedy. I just hope your comment will help others open up their eyes. I wish you the best, most healthy pregnancy possible my dear. You are in my thoughts.


  8. Sandra vincent

    How do i conceive twins is it during my ovulation or few days before ovulation

  9. kebafilwe

    we were triplets and i want to have twins or triplets. thank you for your advice and i believe that God is going to bless me with.

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