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3 Responses to “How Becoming A Mother Changed My Life! How About You?”


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story. What an incredible journey you have been through, and the strength shown throughout this post is just incredible.
    I had an incident with the R word when I was 17, and I didn’t admit the truth about it until I was 26 or so, but it allowed me to have a lot of closure, considering that the man is still in my life, albeit peripherally. It can be hard, but I’m not that same person that I was ten years ago. Things have changed, I have changed, and while I’ll never forget… I can move forward in a positive way. I can tell you have too.

  2. Ashley R

    Wow, what a journey you have had! Thank you for sharing!

    I found you on the Relax & Surf Sunday Blog Hop. Come check out my blog and follow me!

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    ~The Reynolds Mom~

  3. Your story, while heart breaking, is so similar to my own. I’m sorry for the loss of your son (I know it doesn’t ‘mean’ anything, but nevertheless I need to say it). And thanks for sharing – I’m so glad my post was able to inspire you to write this beautiful post. 🙂

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