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2 Responses to “Getting Infant Twins’ Ears Pierced (The Facts, Our Story & A Poll)”


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  1. Angie

    We faced the dilemma of whether or not to pierce our twin girls. Like Shelly said, “Do twins look cute with their ears pierced? Sure. But twins look adorable without them as well.” Agreed. However, whether to do them as infants or older little girls is always a personal preference based on culture and willingness to care for them at this age.

    We were unsure and thought they would look more and more different as time passed, but the opposite seemed to be happening. One morning they were wearing the same pajamas and Rick and I mixed them up at least 8 times between the two of us. It was a really weird feeling. So we decided to get their ears pierced at 4 months with different earrings to help people (ok, us) tell them apart. Also because we thought they looked pretty cute with different colored earrings, especially in their pictures making it easy to tell them apart.

    Some say to wait at this age to pierce their ears, but our ped encouraged me to do it when mom could care for them. She gave me some ” Tips for Moms Having Their Daughter’s ears Pierced” and since she had so many moms asked her about having their infants and little girls ears pierced. Another reason is all little girls want their ears pierced, but sometimes fail to care for them when they are older or have angst and fear when it is done.

    I know cerebrally, as mothers of girls of all ages, we know it celebrates their femaleness and femininity. After all, they are little girls and earrings look super cute on them at any age. OTOH, there is only one thing cuter than a little baby with pierced ears….i.e., twin baby girls with cute little pierced ears 🙂

    Any moms on the fence or doing research on the topic, drop me an e-mail if you’d like our ped’s tips.


  2. Twinpossible

    AWESOME comment! I am sure that over the years this will help many women in the same boat, in making this choice for their own twin girls. Many thanks for your contribution.

    God bless :).


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