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9 Responses to “Freaking Out Over The Twins’ 1st Birthday! Twin Moms Please Chime In!”


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  1. We opted to wait for second birthday for big themes and fun. I want the girls to have some input on party stuff, and at 1 they just don’t care. We did have a super fun birthday for the girls, but it was fairly low key. I wrote about it here:

  2. Twinpossible

    I’m afraid come next year the hub will be talking about lack of funds even more so, so I’m taking the bull by the horns while I can, just in case, lol. His job already cut him over $12k a year, and he’s close to the cut off senority wise now, of the workers they have been/are firing, so this mama, is VERY scared, especially with new twins! *Gulp*.

    I also like that they are still not running around, creating too much chaos, so photo taking, and behavior in such a public place will likely be better. (Well, if you compare them to my other kids come age 2.) That will be tougher, and more child, rather then parents oriented. I just want it to be memorable. For them until like age 4, they won’t remember birthdays, but at least, unlike my family, they will have a ton of pics and videos to smaile at down the road. I think that is why I’m so pic heavy. I don’t have hardly any of my own youth.

    Thanks sweetie. I will check that link out now. I know come next year, I’ll be wanting ‘special’ as well:) I know one goofy couple who had a petting farm in the back yard, bouncey houses, and clowns, at a 1st birthday. Imagine THAT? That is totally wasted, unless you got a ton of small kids, and they won’t be the twin’s friends, so what is the point? I guess if you got it, but I find it all CRAZY!

    XOXO Shelly

  3. Hi I saw your blog link on Adventures in Abbyland & decided to check it out. I have always been curious about families with twins or more, so I plan to follow your blog. I am not sure about your area, but in my area some of the grocery stores do free first birthday cakes. It may be worth checking out. Also the new rage is cupcakes instead of a whole cake. They put them in tiers or designs & its less mess & clean up. As for places to host the party, again I don’t know your area, but in my neck of the woods you can rent a room at local fire houses, community centers, municipal buildings, churches, etc…most times for less than $100, but you are responsible for clean up, etc..
    Good Luck on the party & your blog is so creative I bet you could create your own twin theme party,no sweat. I look forward to your pictures of the big event! Michele

  4. Ok, don’t start off by hating me…but keep it small. The kids are going to be one. This party is for YOU. Not them. Too much and the possibility of one of them getting overwhelmed and you being over whelmed…keep it easy, keep it simple, and keep a change of clothes. You’ll be happier.

    Each birthday gets more elaborate as time goes, each year more work, each snuggle, fewer and farther between. Don’t rush it. 🙂

    Stopped by from one of the hops, I can’t remember which one, now, but if you like, give me a follow back.!


  6. my twin boys are turining one in 9 days. I am not freaking out and not worried. I am thinking about the people coming to the party to see the babies but really it is a party for me for making it through the first year and still being able to breathe. I love my children and their party is going to be a hit no matter what !!!! Good Luck finding your way through!!!

  7. Twinpossible

    I’m done now by a few months, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet baby boys! It feels like only yesterday mine were born, and then turned one, and now are 15 almost 16 months. CRAZY! Yeah, it is really a celebration for the parents. You did survive the 1st year and deserve that happiness, family, bonding time with friends and such. They may get a messy face and some gifts they won’t remember, but no matter what the party is, big or small..YOU will always remember. Be sure to take lots of pics, and good luck mama!


    PS- Don’t mind me I worry and freak out over everything. It was terrific:)

  8. Jen

    Our girls are turning 1 in 11 days, party is in 10! I plan to have a HUGE party! As this was a HUGE year! And it should be celebrated as such! We rented a building from our parks dept. We ordered a sheet cake and it came with free smash cakes for both our girls. I found dresses on clearance. I ordered from Birthday Express with a coupon of course. Also, made the invites from Vista Print, which were on sale! I made books for them from the entire first year as their gift from My, also on sale! (see a trend :)!) Bought other party stuff (table cloths, plasticware, cups, plates, etc.) I also made a playlist for music using Spotify! (again free!)

    Aldi is where I will be getting the ingredients for finger foods.

    The most expensive thing will be the helium tank to blow up the balloons!

    I look forward to hearing/reading more ideas!

    Cheers and Congratulations to every parent of multiple surviving year one!!!

  9. Twinpossible

    YAY! Congrats to them. Mine just turned two now, and I STILL am celebrating bigger then my husband would like…it’s the same cost as last year really. (Maybe more if everybody shows, lol.) I had the little thing here on their actual Bday because we needed to wait due to money, and on the 24th..let the fun begin, except this year we need our own room in the resturant that keeps these suckers caged in, lol! Enjoy yourselves:) You are right, it’s a big year and so will be the 2nd lol (my excuse), so enjoy it and enjoy them. Twins isn’t something you do every day. It’s a very special thing.

    I have to go and pick up the helium tank, thanks for reminding me. I have a toys r us $10 off coupon which helps. With two other kids none of the helium ever goes to waste! I got my stuff from Birthday Express last week (how funny). The unicorns with the two on them. I can’t believe it’s been a year since two peas in a pod *tear*. It goes so fast. Have a wonderful day and yes..congrats to all multiple mommies who survived the 1st year and beyond. Celebrate and enjoy.

    xoxo Shelly

    PS- You are so funny. We got the vista print invites last year to on sale. This year I did Walmart. Cheap to. I’m not one that doesn’t bargain hunt to the death, nor one who gets my invites and such at JC penney:) I am no fool! xoxo

    PSS- Send me a pic via email after the big event:)

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