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16 Responses to “First Communion Dresses Getting Too Fancy?”


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  1. Dear Shelly

    You are NOT alone in this quandary. I am the owner of A Little Indulgence and we specialize in first communion. I’ve met thousands of moms shopping for first communion dresses and your instincts are dead on. You want to balance special occasion with over the top. My advice is to find a first communion dress that is festive but not embarrassing. Each parish is different and you can always ask the RE instructor what other girls have worn previously. Sometimes you can “tone down” a dress by shortening it. Also the more elaborate the dress play down the other accessories such as shoes and hair.

    Good luck and I’d be happy to chat in more detail if I can be of assistance.

  2. jennifer

    I am looking for the exact dress you have on your website for my daughters communion Sears had 1 and it was completely stained! 🙁 where did u find it ??? its the one that you wrote bad pic soryy but cute dress???
    thx so much!

  3. Twinpossible

    What size is she because I have two Muneca dresses in size 7 hanging in my closet, including the one in the photo..perfectly new w/ tags on. I got it awhile back at Sears. I’m going to have to sell them off, so if she’d happen to be able to fit in a 7 or close you may have just gotten lucky. It ties in back for a perfect fit. She definitely has decided on something else. (Naturally more epensive, but very pretty..though either of these dresses at home were perfectly suitable..grrr. lol.)

    Let me now. You can write me at contact@twinpossibleDOTcom if you wish.

    xoxo shel

  4. Jenny

    Actually the old-time dresses were formal gowns and long sleeved and quite fancy. They were to be an imitation of being a bride of Christ until if and when they became a wife or entered a convent when at that time they would also wear a new bridal gown. Modern dresses are actually less formal than they used to be….but now they are becoming more gawdy and glamorous instead of being a symbolic wedding gown to Christ.

  5. Christie

    Dear Shelly,

    I feel the same and am having similar problems. I love the pic of that dress with the spaghetti straps that you think is pretty for $100 including bolero. Can you please let me know where I can get it?


  6. marjory

    Our daughter is 8 and will be making her first holy communion this may and her great aunt,who is very staunch catholic,is buying her entire required out fit.the girls have to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants under the required white tights so their dresses have to be some what poofy to accomadate the diaper and rubberpants.they have to wear mary jane shoes also with the dress and veil.

  7. Twinpossible

    A diaper and rubber pants at 8 years old? I’m trying to see if this is serious or a joke comment, because I have never heard of such a thing. No offense if it is real, but it sounds quite odd for children of this age group.

  8. Twinpossible

    This was a year ago, so I don’t have the link anymore to exactly where I found it, but I didn’t search much. It was one of the bigger sites when typing in the search term ‘fancy communion dresses.’ You could type that into AOL search or something and click on images instead of web. Then you will go through images, and I am certain you will fairly easily happen upon the photo and then can click on it to visit the site. This is what I do when I am looking for something :). I hope this helps.

    Thanks for writing and GOOD LUCK!

  9. Magnificent issues altogether, you simply received a new reader. What could you suggest about your submit that you made some days ago? Any sure?

  10. Stefanya

    Hi , i am in same boat as you, my daughter will most likely grow up into a fashion designer , she is a fashionista and i encourage it everyday, y cant life be a fashion show? we only live once:) thing is i want her to shine and for her dress not to be the event lol she always gets her nails done at the spa anyhow but i am going for big curls hairstyle, “she wanted a tiara” im looking for a crystal headband instead 🙂 i think ill give her three dress option and she will pick the one that her heart desires out of those three, fancy but not glizty

  11. Chickie DeLange

    Would love to know where the dress with the girl blowing a kiss can be purchased… any ideas please email me at… my granddaughter loves it, and she has a event coming up, can you please gelp me maje her wish come true… Thank you

  12. wow beatiful dressess woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  13. i wish there was dresses for me and my boyfrien so we each could put one on.

  14. Jaimie bertie

    How do we purchase these dresses my daughter wants the 2nd one up from the bottom for her holy communion this year please and price?

  15. A.C.

    Hi. I’m not Catholic and so I can’t really be a big help with the communion dresses, but I noticed the comment about cloth diapers and rubber pants and I wanted to say that as far as I know, that is NOT TRUE. No diocese of the Catholic church I know of requires diapers and rubber pants under the dresses. There are a few people, I’m pretty sure they’re the same people every time too, that have a fetish for diapers and they go posting about that supposed requirement ANYWHERE there’s a discussion about communion dresses.

  16. Twinpossible

    THANK YOU for this comment. I appreciate that, and I agree with you!


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