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One Response to “Endless Bottles, Baby Belly flips, & Postpartum Hair loss. When, oh when, will it end?”


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  1. megs

    Good for you in enjoying evey second with those beautiful girls. I wanted to comment on your hair loss concern. My identical boys will be 2 years old in October and my hair is still falling out…not in clumps any more, but still more that I would like. I nursed the boys until they were one year old which I did not do with my 2 daughters whom I nursed for only 4 months each (they are now 9 and 6). So the falling out seemed to double with the boys. My hair has regrown but it is a slow process and the hairs are whisps right now. Just know that everything will be OK. Also, don’t worry that your girls seem to be developing at different paces…We thought that identical babies would deveope at the same time and it is not true. One of my boys was walking 2 weeks earlier that the other who was simply not interested in walking. He preferred to crawl…he eventually discovered that walking was way faster, but they have to decide to take those steps on their own…and they will. Just be patient and know that at whatever pace they seem to be developing…they are doing it right on time…for them.
    Enjoy those babies!

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