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2 Responses to “Domestic Violence. Ending The Pain. Statistics, Stories, Inspiration, + My Special Poem & Video.”


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  1. Paula Ford

    Thank you. I finally stood up for my self, but he has money and has hired a big attorney. He no saying that because I am bypolier that it’s my fault. They put him in jail he bonded out the next day. I feel that are system is set up to protect them not the victims. I have applied for leagal aid but it takes 10 day for them to process.

  2. Twinpossible

    Honey, I am so sorry. It does definitely seem like victims become even bigger ones very often in the justice system. I mean I didn’t have the strength and nobody helped take action for me when they would all out visibly witness the abuse, not even my own family, but I was always scared. I knew he didn’t care about his own life, had nothing really good in his world, so without me, I could see him going haywire and making good on all of his threats. Looking back when he would threaten to kill himself and I would feel bad and chase him crying to stop him from doing so, I should have said, ”Go ahead’ and not have cared less. It’s amazing the spell that these awful men can put a women under.

    You are a good person, and I hope and pray you stay strong and protected. You have gotten further than I have, and I applaud you for that, and pray that somehow justice will prevail. For me, my justice was starting over a new life. I relocated and (did so multiple times out of fear, but I didn’t see him after the initial move.. I was just scared with kids and all.) Have you thought about doing that? You don’t have to go super far just enough to throw him off track and give you freedom of independence which you need to build your life back up again, and find true happiness, as one day I PROMISE this will happen.

    I think the courts, cops, etc. need to protect women far more than they do. Too many women wind up in horrible situations that could have been prevented with proper criminal punishment. Hitting a woman should carry as high as an attempted murder charge. Maybe then more women would come forward and feel safe about it, and start over far easier. The slaps on the wrist just don’t do a damned thing, and I really hope you get legal aid quickly and find a way to send this SOB to jail for years. Enough time to start over, and you can do it. I have faith in you. One day you will look back on this man as a bad memory.. nothing more. There will be no love AT ALL.. only anger. But eventually you have to let that go as well, or it eats you up. Just know you have a friend here who is on your side.

    God bless! Thanks for sharing your story!

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