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33 Responses to “Do fraternal Twins Share That Special ‘Twin Bond’, As Do Identicals?”


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  1. Michelle Davdis

    My twins is also fraternal twins. Very close to one another. Wants to dress the same and everything must look the same. They are now 6 years old. When one get sick the other one is crying to stay with her and she dont want to go alone to school. I know in a few days the other one will have the same symtoms. But i really adore them’ All the best! Michelle

  2. Amy A

    I enjoyed your article. I myself am a fraternal twin. I have a twin brother and he is one minute older than I am. We are 27 yrs. old, and I can tell you from personal experience that we have always been and will always be extremely close. We share a bond that will never be broken. I also have an older brother who is 3 1/2 yrs older than us, we are all close but not like how me and my twin are. I loved having a twin brother growing up. He was my best friend. We did everything together pretty much all the way throughout school. In junior high is when I started doing more of my own thing. But we grew up with the same friends, and actually our best friends since we were 4 yrs old were identical twin boys. The 4 of us were inseperable!! Even now as adults we are still close. When I was pregnant with my son, my twin got my cravings, he got my morning sickness (which I did not get) and even my labor pains. It was crazy seeing my brother going through the same things I went through. In fact, he knew I was pregnant before I had even told anyone. My sons father is not in his life, so my brother being the good man he is, has stepped in to be that “male figure” in his life. I couldnt ask for a better role model for my son. My son even looks like my brother, I never hear that he looks like me. EVERYONES comments are “He looks like your brother”, never like me. So if you are wondering if your fraternal twin daughters will have the same bond that identical twins have, I strongly believe they will just like my brother and I do… maybe even closer being that they are both girls. My brother has always extremely protective of me, its like I had my own personal body guard throughout my whole life. I wish you the best of luck with your beautiful babies!!

  3. sue

    Wonderful article! Where did you find a bassinet that reclines like that? I see that it’s made by The first Years but can’t find it anywhere. Help please!

  4. Carrie McManigal

    I have 13 year old fraternal twin girls. They are absolutley best friends, do the same sports, have the same academic grades and even have the same best friend (who we call the triplet :). Even now they will go to bed in thier seperate bedrooms and in the morning I will find them together in one or the others bed!!! They will never live apart they can barely handle being away from one another even for a day (if one is sick or goes to a sleep over) they will call and text each other constantly. One is much taller than the other one looks just like me and the other looks just like her dad…we call them Mut and Joe :)-absolutley the best thing that has ever happened to me and by the way they are great as teens because they bounce eerything off of each other and “call” each other out if they are having a hormonal moment -so funny! Good luck and enjoy each and every moment because they grow so fast:) Sincerely Carrie McManigal Colorado

  5. Shelby

    I’m the mother of one-year-old triplets (identical sons and a daughter). Our sons are best friends and playmates, while our daughter is more independent and seems to prefer my husband’s and my company. Each one has a very different personality. We’re hoping that they all stay close throughout their lives; they share a wonderful bond.

  6. Nicole

    I am a 28 year old female and have a twin brother who is 10 minutes younger then me and while we may not look alike I have blonde hair he has dark brown he is built like our father while I am built like our mother we do have the same chin nose and eye color but other then that we have had to show ID to prove to people we are twins. We have a sister that is 2 years older then us and I’m close to my sister it is my twin I go to for everything!!! And he does the same. We have had weird instances where we feel each others pain, fear, or joy (different then watching someone and “feeling” their emotion, sometimes we weren’t even in the same house didn’t even know something was going on). My “twin vibes” seems to be a little stronger then his but I wonder if its because I voice it more. Also we think a lot alike finish eachothers sentences laugh at the same thing and sometimes don’t even have to talk to eachother to know what we are saying.

    When we were younger my mom said we had our own language and sometimes would just look at eachother andstart laughing. My mother said it freaked her out
    several times. As teenagers we went our own ways bound and determined to be our own people and not be referred to as “the twins” but as we grew up we become closer and closer.

  7. Nicole

    Also when we were babies we HAD to be touching eachothers or we wouldn’t sleep!! I dobt care what anyone says about fraternal twins not having that bond my brother and I spent years trying to deny it as teenagers and we can for certain it is there like it or not lol

  8. Twinpossible

    This is REALLY awesome to hear. My girls are now 22 months and there is some bond, but more fighting then friendship it seems right now, which can be a bit disheartening. Reading this gives me much to hope for, despite them being fraternal. I wish I had a twin myself:) God bless and thanks for posting.

    – Shelly

  9. My twins r 8 months old n the had a minor corrective surgery yestersay. The girl seems to wake up feeling his pain so i have to give her a small dose of Tylenol as well. Seems strange but it works.

  10. Author-I am curious to know how your girls are now! Based on the original date of this post, your girls should be 2 1/2?? So are they still close? My b/g twins are 3 1/2 years old and are SO close. One was throwing up a couple days ago and the other sat in bed crying uncontrollably saying “I need to throw up because he is throwing up!” She was never sick, but she hurt so bad because her twin hurt. Broke my heart! They do other stuff too, like sleep in the same position with arms the same way…or watch tv sitting in the same position. They have a bond that transcends “normal” sibling bonds!

  11. Twinpossible

    Honestly, they are less close then I would like for certain. I don’t see much bonding going on. Some tender moments, but many more fighting moments. It makes me sad. I do at times feel like one can feel the other’s pain, but they won’t sleep together, play nicely least not for long. It’s just not what I had expected. I thought maybe it’s a fraternal thing, as I do see more ‘closeness’ with the identicals that I meet. I ask all twin moms I meet this very question. But I hope it will grow and they will survive toddlerhood and beyond, and turn out to be BFFS. It hurts to see them not getting along. We are at 28 months now. You sound like you got it made. That is awesome. Hopefully, we will get there! xoxo

  12. Anthony Walton

    Definitely, fraternal twins share a great bond. I’m 25 today and am very close to my fraternal twin bro. It’s truly a blessing and its really hard to explain the great bond. God is good… Jesus is Lord…

  13. Katie S.

    I am a fraternal twin. I don’t think a twin can explain things from a twin viewpoint to a single person. You’d have to come in a pair to understand. But yes, the bond is extremely strong. I lost my twin to a hit and run drunk driver 3 months ago and I feel his presence often. Before he passed we had major twin telepathy. People wouldn’t believe it until they experienced it when him and I were not even together under the same roof. When you’re with someone for so many years and you started out with them from conception that is your life. You know no different. My twin was a minute older than me, and he never let me forget it. There are so many stories I could tell of our twinship, but it’d take a very long time. Twins are special.

  14. Twinpossible

    Thanks so much for sharing this with me. My twins are 30 months old now and they fight a lot but I’m seeing the love and caring now to. I am so so SO very sorry to hear of the loss of your twin 🙁 I hope they throw the book at that terrible person who took her away from you and robbed you of your best friend. That is so tragic. You are welcome to share your twin stories here at any time. Many moms would love to hear them, myself included. Again, my condolenses. As I know you feel, your lost twin will always be there by your side. God bless you both.


  15. Alexis

    I have 16 year old fraternal twin girls. They are extremely close. They don’t dress alike anymore, but they insist on doing everything together. They are in a large high school and ended up in all of the same classes because of their course schedule; they have the same interests; they have the same friends; they play the same sport; they are in the same clubs, etc. They are each other’s best friend. It is such a blessing!

  16. charita

    I have 16 month old fraternal twin sons. They look alike but different at the same time if that makes sense. The oldest by 1 min looks like me while my youngest looks like their dad with some of my features. I must say they already have an incredible bond. And no I have to disagree the secret language is not just amongst identical twins. My boys have a language all their own and they speak it to eachother and understand. They will even talk in this language and both bust out laughing. My sons also always find a way to be near eachother while sleeping and from a very young age would hold eachothers hand. They fight eachother but also defend eachother. They are very sweet and protective of one another. I can’t see this bond ever changing.

  17. Kristin

    My sister and I are fraternal twins now we are twenty nine. She is two minutes older than I. And we are as opposite as back and white. she came out screaming I came out sleeping. She has very dark brown hair and eyes, i have such blonde hair I look bald when it gets wet and blue eyes. Although we have the same shape eyes,hair texture and figure. shes a bit heavier and I a bit slender. Personalities also very black and white shes very serious and Im more playful. We played on a tennis team and we were always partnered together to play doubles because we were twins. And oh boy she hated that! I would always reply “aw common serena it will be fine” dragging her by her wrist with a big smile on my face. We would leave that tennis match with her clutching her fists and tears in her eyes and saying you could atleast try. and it wasnt that I didnt try but maybe joked around too much. Id feel bad and usually got her laughing by the time we got home.but if you ask me now I pronably can beat her in a game. Now to the question if we can feel or communicate in a special way, I definately think so. In the fourth grade we were playing a vocabulary game where the teacher divided the class into two sides and she would whisper to a student a word that student had to say the definition of the word and a teammate would then say the word that was given I was whispered a word didnt know the definition so left my teammates just having to guess any word from our vocab list and my twin who was on my team blurted out the correct word everybody was amazed I think even I was a bit amazed. So whats the lesson, dont be on my team! Nah just joking.we love eachother and are very close we have two older siblings but our bond between eachother is truly unique and special and I just dont know how to describe it.right now she lives in boston moving on getting her doctorite and has her masters in astrophysics and biochemistry! we grew up in hawaii where I love and will never leave and although I have three college credits im art and very happy as long as my twin is okay.

  18. Kathy

    Just to put my 2 cents worth in….my mom and my Aunt were identical twins and my mom had fraternal twins. She always says there is a difference…fraternal twins have a bond but it isn’t quite the same as identical twins. My mom and aunt, even when apart, always seemed to dress alike, they bought he same make , model and color car, same hair style, etc. My aunt lived into her 80’s and my mom will celebrate her 90th this year and takes no medicine. My mom misses my aunt every day….she said she lost half of herself.

  19. Twinpossible

    I think I would have to agree with you there after 2.5 years in. Are my twins more bonded then they were when I wrote this? Yeah, but not the way I have seen identicals up close and personal. I ask moms wherever I go and while they all say their fraternals are bonded, with the identicals you can easily visualize the bond. Most identical moms say it was right there from the start, and is always present. With my fraternals it was not there from the get go at all. I still think they’d be fine as singletons, and one beats up on the other while the other is very sweet and pleasant to her. Nevertheless, they still look out for each other, and are friends, but I wish they were identical so they would be the way your mom and aunt always were. Thanks for sharing, and I am sorry for yours and your mother’s loss. I’m sure that is very traumatic :(.

  20. I’m an identical twin and our bond was extremely close as kids. In later years, less so. But the reason I opened your interesting blog is to learn if fraternal twins have a strong bond, also. I’m writing a book with the main character, 13, being a fraternal twin. I just needed to verify my thoughts that frat twins share a bond similar to identical twins, so I’ll know how to write about them in my book! All of your comments are interesting. And heartening. By the way, my twin and I were born a whopping 45 minutes apart!

  21. Amy

    I also got here researching for a story character, and all the comments here have been wonderful and insightful. Thanks to everyone for posting. 🙂

  22. Michelle Malone

    I also have a twin brother and as we where growing up mum use to say how we where always got sick together, like I would be throwing up in bed my brother would be sic in the yard at the same times and when I was pregant my brother got sick with pains many times and even had labour pains when my son was born, mum said she knew when I had given birth becasue my brother shut up , we where very close growning up but hes interstate now and have lost contact with him which is sad I think of him every day.

  23. Bel

    Hi my twin boys r fraternal and r 11yrs old , and they look nothing alike, one has red hair and freckles, and the other dark hair and olive skin. Last year we bought a bigger house so all 4 kids would have their own room(I have 2 other girls). The twins lasted not even 2 months apart till they started sleeping together again! Lucky we bought them a double bed each ! Sometimes they nit pick at eachother and sound exactly like an old married couple! Then tell eachother”your not sleeping in my bed tonight “, but bedtime come around and all is forgiven.

  24. Annie

    I myself is a fraternal twin. I was a twin to a brother, the one who stayed with me just for some days in this world. But was really…really special to me. You might be thinking I didn’t spend much time with him…so how can I say much about twins? Actually my parents, my siblings told me many things that we did together such as crying, smiling and getting ill together. When he died, I just started crying and got faint but survived. Now I’m 16 and honestly I feel some emptiness in my life and I know that is my twin. I just cry at moments that why he’s not with me. And at times I think that every human is strong except me because I’m a twinless twin. But he’s always in my heart and forever will be. Anyways God bless your twins and keep them always together happily without any quarrels. 🙂

  25. Marilyn

    My twin brother and I are now 62yrs old, and Yes we still have a bond.
    I feel I was blessed to have been born a twin (fraternal) you always have someone
    Who understands where you are coming from, we have always looked out for each other.
    Our younger sister, realizes this too., sometimes this has been difficult for her., now she
    Just understands.
    If I had not heard from my brother for awhile, I would just know the day he was going to
    Phone., there are many incidents too numerous to mention over 62 yrs of mental telepathy.
    I hope parents of twins enjoy raising them, my parents never knew we were two – no ultrasound in those days, it was quiet a surprise.

  26. Lorraine Moyes

    My situation is probably not typical, but I’d like to share it.
    I’m 66 years old, a fraternal twin (sister is 7 minutes younger than me) and we are totally estranged – for about 5 years now. We’ve never had a healthy sisterly relationship. My theory as to what’s behind that is we were born at home, no medical support, and Louise was breach. I believe by the time the midwife (who arrived after I was born) turned her and she was born there was some oxygen deprivation and as a result my twin has had social (and other) issues since birth. I believe my mother gave me some kind of responsibility for my twin, which I willingly assumed, leading to a life and sisterly relationship where I was the “parent” and she was my “child”.

    She got pregnant and married before the age of 16, had a disastrous short marriage and a string of similar relationships after that. Three marriages, to successively less capable men (last one was alcoholic and spend two terms in jail for social security fraud), currently now living alone in a rented space and with no apparent friends. Her son from her first marriage (her only child) was mistreated and whilst I was close to him for nearly 4 decades (trying to provide what his mother couldn’t) we too are now estranged.

    After many years of me being the caregiver and her being the “child” in our “sisterly relationship”, the relationship came to a crisis point 5 years ago, and since then we longer are on speaking terms. After my initial anger started to dissipate I attempted to make contact and try to reconcile, but she’s having none of it. She hangs up the phone if I attempt to speak on the phone, and is very abusive verbally.

    So I’ve kind of given up.

    My sister didn’t finish school, has many health problems, drinks and smokes heavily, is considerably dependent on prescription drugs, her health is very poor, she is on welfare (has been for many years even prior to being eligible for the old age pension). And she looks at least 10 or more years older than me. It used to really irk her (and who could blame her?) when friends (or people we’d just met) asked if she was my mother, or older sibling. Much resentment there. I have university (college) qualifications, have had a professional career, own my own home and am self funded in retirement.

    What I’m trying to point out is that there are no guarantees that just because you’re a twin, that you’re going to have a “friend for life”. I certainly have never had a friend in my twin sister. And there are times when I feel quite sad (and even a little resentful if I allow that emotion to creep in), especially when I read comments made by other twins with regard how wonderful their relationships are.

    I feel very envious at times of those twins (and siblings in general) who obviously do have very close relationships.

    Perhaps for me in another life ??????

  27. I am also a fraternal twin my sister is one minute older than me and we are both 25 year old and our birthday is on the sameday which is really cool!!!

  28. Gemma

    I have twin girls 11yrs old none identical…they fight you get involed they turn on you…they laugh at each other with out saying anything n when they was little they used to talk baby talk n understand each other n always pine for each other when separated…there my life i love every step with them…have fun with yours x

  29. Tiffany

    I have frat twin girls. 15months old. They very close. They have their own language. The comfort eachother. They laugh at eachother. They wake up at the same time…poop at the same time. When one is away the other cries and as soon as she sees the other smiles. Yes the pick on eachother, but they would be lost without the other.

  30. Tiffany

    My girls look very similar…strangers cant tell them apart. Same eye color, hair color and everything. The o ly differance is one is a bit bigger, has dimples and a birthmark on her shoulder.

  31. Lissie

    I am a fraternal twin, and my sister and I are super close. Personally, I believe that identical and fraternal twins do have that special bond. However, I feel as though identical twins (or twins that look alike) have a slightly deeper bond and connection.

    I’m fraternal, but growing up, my sister and I looked identical. People have a connection with people that look like them, and I think that’s why identical twins have that extra connection: they look the same. Looking at my twin sister, not only did I see her, but I saw myself in her. I think that’s what gave us an even more special and unique bond.

    I’m not saying fraternal twins don’t have that twin bond, because they do have a deep bond with each other. It’s just that there are many factors that influence a bond between twins, and every twin is different 🙂

  32. Mathea

    I’m a fraternal twin. I’m 13, and me and my sister look completely different. I’m blonde, she’s a brunette, and she’s also taller than me. Me and my sister has very different personalities, but we have a really special bond. There are some things that we do have in common, we both love horseback riding, and we have the same best friends. She’s my best friend, the longest we’ve ever been apart would probably be about 12 hours. I don’t think our best friends could ever understand what it’s like to have a twin sister. If me and my sister fight, we forget about it almost instantly. I’m honestly very glad that we’re not identical, because I feel like I may not have been that special if there was another person that alike me. I don’t think that way about real identical twins tho. I just really like being so alike to a person, but yet so different.

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