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  1. I have resorted to a dipes'n'wipes in my purse for the quick trips out. My car is stocked with extra emergency clothes, diapers, etc – just in case! I use the Vera Bradley diaper bag and it's fine. Never looked at the Ju Ju one though, now I'm intrigued!

  2. Twinpossible

    Oh…once you go go Ju Ju ..I sware. I'M CHEAP, so it was tough for me to go for that and convince the hub. I brought him down to the store to look and imagine a man feeling up a diaper bag…YUP, that was him, lmao. He was impressed, and he's not gay, so that was HUGE! Non staining fabric, which I am out daily so everything gets good and dirty but not these bags, and like I said above..I'm a packer and an 'in case' type of person, so the zippers on these could be bulging and they never part and split open. I've been very impressed, plus I love the optional stroller straps you can use for your double stroller. It's a godsend. Go check one out at a local shop. NOT babies R Us, but look it up. You will look at it and fall in love. NO HURTING SHOULDERS…THEY ROCK! I say a diaper bag and stroller are the biggest investments you can make because you use them both so often. Car seats are important to, but they don't take THAT much of a beating. xoxo Shelly

  3. Twinpossible

    Oh yeah…especially in the Be Prepared model. I'm a great packer:) I never was organized before I had twins. I guess God was trying to force me to get with the program and grow up, lol.

    Anyway, you don't need ALL these things unless it's a all day, maybe overnight trip. I just enjoy being thorough, but in a Ju Ju be, you'd be shocked at how much you can fit. HOLY SMOKES. Even the smallest one in the video. No busted zippers, and I would have gone through 4 other bags by now. (I always bust zippers. It's a curse, lol.) So worth it.

    Some on the list are 'weather applicable.' lol.

    Thanks for the love.


    PS- OH YEAH…You just reminded me. Hand sanitizer is a must. I try to stick with the purse size though, but once in awhile am forced to take the big pump:)

  4. Holy crap! you put a lot of stuff in your diaper bag! Can you really fit all of that in your bag? I have a bag that isn't quite big enough. I've been debating about getting a Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe. I hear that mother is H-U-G-E.

    What I normally pack: 2 onsies, twice as many diapers as I think I'll need, a ziptop bag with lots of wipes in it, a burp cloth, and a sling or mei tai. For mom I bring my makeup kit, hair brush, cards/ID/money, lotion and hand sanitizer. Doesn't sound like much but my bag is always overflowing. As the weather gets cooler and I need to take sweaters and extra soft pants I don't know what I'll do! Not to mention snacks, toys etc (my boys are only 4 months now, so they don't need those).

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