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2 Responses to “Dads in Twin Shock! Yes, They can get it to. How to Cope, Ease Fears, and Help Your Spouse Out & Vise-Versa.”


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  1. charlie

    hey my girlfriend sent me an ultrasound that looks exactly like the on on this page. i believe she is playing me. would you compare it to the pic she sent me? please

  2. Twinpossible

    Sorry for what you are going through. The easiest way to compare is to ask her to send you the entire image with her name and such not cropped out. I’d assume she wouldn’t crop it in order to send it to the father of her babies. That wouldn’t make sense. I do it for privacy reasons since my pictures go all over the internet, which is understandable. It would not be in her case. That being said, ultrasound pictures can look very similar to others taken at the same age and stage. I hope she is NOT playing you. Nobody deserves that. You should just ask her for the complete image IF she didn’t send that to you. Then if she doesn’t, I’d have severe doubts. Good luck!!!! ((HUGS))

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