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2 Responses to “Communion Hair: Why So Expensive? Can We Do-It-Ourselves?”


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  1. Enza

    Funny??? That is my daughter in the top picture?? Crazy how perfect stangers use pictures of your kids to post on their blogs. Guess it was taken from FB before i made my settings private—scary!!!!
    Lesson learned!

  2. Twinpossible

    This photo was actually from a search I did for communion hair on a website last year, not on Facebook at all. I’m more than happy to remove it, if it truly is your daughter. First, please know..I don’t ever ‘steal’ people’s personal photographs off of Facebook or otherwise. I use picture of my own kids or off of actual websites (models, stock, etc.), not family based personal blogs, etc. Public pictures without copyright on them, not social networking websites EVER. If I happen upon the source again, because this was a year ago, I will certainly let you know. I have my pictures stolen, sometimes with surreal stories to go with them to boot. Stuff that blows my mind. I guess being a blogger it is bound to happen. I never would intend to do that to anybody, and apologize, and am replacing it for you STAT. Please do know again the source of this photo was NOT Facebook, so while yes, you do have to be catious there, it was used on an actual website for communion hairstyles. Sorry again. ((Hugs)) Shelly

    PS- I put too many public photos online, but I know some bloggers and others who do do this to avoid any problem. You can put your own copyright or logo across the photo, or a simple watermark which can be done with Picasa, Photoshop, etc. however, on FB I wouldn’t think to need to do that, but apparently if that is the only place you posted the photo, it was taken from there by someone originally. I just wanted you to know it was NOT me, and I apologize once more. No intention of harm here. Just was showing off a lovely hairstyle. xoxo

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