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  1. Sunil babu

    Thanks a Ton, Superb review and wonderful choice of words. I was looking to find more information on Cole bros circus on folks who already visited.
    Your review made me to take a decision ofcourse not.

  2. mary curci

    My son and I took my 6 year old granddaughter to the show (her first circus)in Sebring, Fl. We expected to pay approximately 10.00 each for the tickets, since that was the online price. We had the free ticket for my granddaughter. It was 20 a ticket for adults, we bought the vip seats at 25.00 each and had to pay 5.00 extra to upgrade the child’s seat. Since they didn’t take credit cards, we had to use the ATM at a cost of 5.00. We paid 60.00 to see the lousiest circus ever. The only animal in the circus was one dog. They had a few ponies, and one camel and a zebra outside. It was 10 for a very short ride on the pony. There was one ring, one clown and a few street performers. This, in my mind does not make a circus. A complete rip-off and certainly not a circus. A big disappointment.

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